Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor Khan dine with Soha, Sara, Taimur & others; check out the family portrait

Soha Ali Khan recently shared an adorable family photo with Saif, Kareena, Taimur, Sara and Ibrahim; captioned it ‘branches of a tree’
News,Soha Ali Khan,saif ali khan,sharmila tagore,Sara Ali Khan,Ibrahim Ali Khan,Kareena Kapoor Khan,Taimur Ali KhanSaif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor Khan dine with Soha, Sara, Taimur & others; check out the family portrait
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The Pataudis are highly family oriented. Be it glamorous birthday parties, festivals or simple warm, cosy get-togethers, they strive to be together despite their busy schedules. A few days ago, Soha Ali Khan celebrated husband Kunal Khemu’s birthday with Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan and friends. The pictures shared were adorable and definitely made fans wish they could join in on the fun too.

On Monday, the family held yet another get-together at Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Taimur’s residence. Ibrahim Ali Khan was spotted entering their house with aunt Soha Ali Khan, Grandmother Sharmila Tagore and sister Sara Ali Khan. Sharing an adorable family photo from the day, Soha Ali Khan lovingly captioned the post: “Like the branches of a tree #family #familygoals #missingafew @saraalikhan95”

In this picture Soha Ali Khan, who is sporting a simple ethnic outfit, has her arms around Ibrahim who looks casual and cool in a grey t-shirt and shorts. Veteran actress and head of the family, Sharmila Tagore is standing at the back wearing a floral kurti. Saif and daughter Sara are twinning in coral outfits while Kareena Kapoor Khan looks radiant as ever, with sleepy little Taimur on her lap, wearing a blue checked night suit.

Check out the family photo here:



Like the branches of a tree #family #familygoals #missingafew

A post shared by Soha () on

On the work front, Sara Ali Khan will next be seen in Imtiaz Ali’s next opposite the handsome Kartik Aaryan whereas Kareena Kapoor Khan will be working with Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani and Diljit Dosanjh in the upcoming action comedy Good News.

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Sharmila ji, Soha, Saic and Ibrahim have exactly the same face and they all including Taimur and Sara have Sharmila ji’s eyes.

Love how they all have their own individual lives and are not overbearing on each other.

Oh what a beautiful family!!!

Beautifull family. Like that kareena didnt make sure she sat with saif and have him hold taimur. She truly a great women

whatever but it is a good-looking family

Looks like Taimur didn't like the closeness of his dad with Sara..

veryone looks good&taimur the best obvio

I know its off topic but whoever marries Sara is a lucky man, sadly it's not me. Sara is the perfect wife material, that smile

What disgusting regressive mentally. Wife material?? Sara is a young beautiful actress working to achieve her dreams, a woman job is not only being a wife

who is this Saba? never seen one picture of her? did she do something wrong?

Saba is the sister of Saif and Soha. Sharmila and Mansur have 3 kids: Saif, Saba, and Soha. Saba owns a jewelry business and she also looks after Pataudi family's ancestral land, business, legal matters. She's usually in the background and doesn't come in public often.

Honestly a divorced family has weird dynamics usually. It seems like they have a great relationship. It’s natural for Saifs kids not to be around him 24/7 but he seems to be doing great considering he was a young parent and Kareena also looks like she is warm towards the kids as well. Honestly if it wasn’t for my dads wife I wouldn’t have a relationship with him. Is she my mom no, but I accept her and her kid. So kudos to Kareena for being a good wife. Look at half the other celebs with second marriages.

The credit goes to Kareena for keeping the family together or it can't happen.

Ibrahim is young Saif and Sara is Amrita’s clone, Taimur looks like baby Randhir Kapoor. What a good looking family!

Sara got Saif's skin color and smooth texture. Ibrahim got his mom skin color and thick texture. Taimur features are very much of Saif and his dad.

Saba isnt seen here coz shes in delhi

Pataudi have strong genes
Sara forever the beautiful princess
Ibrahim handsome
Taimur cutepie

we want a picture with the three beautiful siblings Sara Ibrahim and Taimur

So Sharmila is now interacting with Sara and Ibrahim?

As Kareena puts it...amrita Singh has done the best job in bringing up Sara. So bebo the question is as u can’t handle taimur can u go in hiding and let Amrita do the job.

Mashallah beautiful family forever.

Sharmila has her arms around Sara...time really changes fast, last I remember she hated Amrita for marring Saif, now she gets to play the loving grandmother

Maybe she didn't get to play grandmother before because Amrita hated Saifs parents? Either way grandchildren should not have to bear the consequences of adults. We don't know anything about this family, so please don't be too quick to pass out your judgement by looking at photos.

Would a 35 year old woman have married a 21 year old kid ( who had not started working yet) if he wasn't the heir to such a large estate? And after a very short romance and hardly knowing each other at that?
Saif was a kid who didn't know any better but Amrita knew exactly what she was doing!

Amrita was engaged to Ravi Shastri. Saif was the one who stalked her and annoyed her until she agreed to get married to him. Amrita and Saif have told this story many times. Amrita wasn't happy getting married to a 21 year old. She was at the peak of her career and didn't want to settle down with a boy. Also, Amrita is pretty rich herself. She comes from a rich, land owning family. Her family owns a large estate in Punjab and Delhi.

If Amrita is so rich why did she take alimony from SAif?

Peak of career at 35 lol... and she had broken up with ravi shastri, he was actually seeing someone else or probably married by then. So she was "forced " to marry Saif. Who forced her ha ha

thanks for the clarification Kareena now go back to raising your kid instead of giving him o the nannies....oh I forgot you have another vulgar party to host

You're using vulgar to make it sound like Kareena holds nude, drunk parties. She hangs out with her friends, just like many women do. Kareena is raising Taimur herself. He does have a nanny but so does Nitara (Akshay and Twinkle's daughter), Abram Khan, Iqra and Shahraan Dutt, Yash and Rohi Johar, and other star kids. Not to mention the full-time nanny of Aaradhya Bachchan, daughter of Mother India who lies that she does everything for Aaradhya herself and has never had a nanny but the nanny is seen in the background in all pictures.

Kareena and her Aishwariya Rai obsession - poor thing - Kareena is treated like the dumb one in the family - Sara, Sharmila, Saif and Soha all laugh at her for being the bimbo that she is! I’m sure Saif got the nanny for a reason!

that's not an excuse dear, so many couples are happily married everywhere with huge age difference wither its an older man marrying a younger woman or an older woman marrying a younger man
Amrita is a beautiful woman, a great actress, and woman with a strong bindass personality, look at Sara every pit her mother's daughter....time for Sharmila Tagore to apologize but honestly I dont think Amrita would care, her children are her world and she must very proud of them

And you know the inside details of the happenings in this family.... how?

Saif should be thankful day and night to Amrita for raising Sara and Ibrahim to be this good humble well-bahved kids, now he gets to take pictures with the final product of her hard work

Sara is the spitting image of Amrita

Then we have the likes of Raj kundra and shilpa shetty who have nothing to do with Raj's daughter from his first wife.

Saif you are very blessed with three beautiful children. Ibrahim and Sara are very well brought up. Amrita Singh raised her children well she must very proud of them, Sara is lucky to have Amirta by her side...lovely family picture

It really surprises me that Saba Ali Khan is never seen with the family!

Wow, so beautiful to see such a strong family bond with Saif holding his children too. For people saying Kareena’s outta place and does not look belong, let me tell you, she’s the glue that keeps it all together. Had she been a selfish and insecure stepmother, all this would not be possible and she would have kept Saif to herself and his family out. She’s doesn’t need to prove anything by orchestrating to be the center of the pic with her kid.

oh what an explanation Kareena/kareena's social media team ! Keep it up and chillax.

This is not Kareena’s media team, this is her fan. Why so upset when she gets a compliment, chillax! Anybody with half a brain knows what I’m saying is true.

Kareena looks totally out of place. lol I am sure Kareena has nothing to do with those books at all.

Happy to see this pic. Lot of respect to Sharmilaji and Saif. Pray they love each other and stay together forever. Good to see Saif holding his kids affectionately. Cutie Taimur mama’s boy

Beautiful family ...plz more family pica

beautiful family picture. They really do look like a loving family everyone looks so relaxed and happy

beautiful family picture. They really do look like a loving family everyone looks so relaxed and happy

love taimuur's pyajamas

Kareena and Taimur do not look like they are accepted by all in the family. look sidelined !

When you have guests in your house you don't sit glued to people you live .
You seem intent on finding negative things in a warm family photo just for the heck of it.

Of please post

feels like Saif is a caring father. love the way he is holding Ibrahim n Sara..almost giving them reassurance.

Omg the bookshelf!!

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