Saif Ali Khan opens up on why didn't he do Race 3

Saif Ali Khan says he chose to not work in the 3rd part of Race series because he didn't feel the connect with the role that was offered to him.

Actor Saif Ali Khan says he was offered a role in the third installment of the "Race" franchise, but didn't take it up because he didn't feel the connection with the part he was offered.

"(Producer) Ramesh Taurani said I'm making a completely different movie this time with a totally different story. I was offered a part but Salman Khan is the best thing to happen to anybody. He's the biggest star in the country," Saif said at a press conference here.

"I didn't feel a connection myself with the part I was offered. So, I decided to do something else."

Saif was seen playing a protagonist in "Race", which released in 2008 and was also a part of the "Race 2" in 2013.

The "Phantom" actor was here to promote his forthcoming film "Kaalakaandi", which will hit the screens on Friday

Credits: IANS

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Race 3 won't be the same without Saif..Salman is already making changes to the script. I personally would not watch it because I prefer Saif in Race3.

I loved Saif in Race. He was great. He is a better actor than Salman and has come along way since he started. He is vastly underated, SRK and Aamir are considered the best of the Khan's but I think he is on par with them both. Salman is considered a bigger star but Saif is more talented than him.

this new race cast is just salmans entourage. its going to bomb

I don't agree with saif. Salman is one of the biggest stars but certainly not the bigget. It is the festival's like eid and Christmas which are bigger than Salman himself. Without festival's Salman is jai ho.

what race would be good without saif.I am not gonna watch race 3 at all as saif is not in it and there is no point watching salman in race 3 with a terrible cast

Race franchise is all about Saif! Salman will ruin it and make his own demands etc

Good choice. This will be awful, good BO or not. It's just Salman and his second-rate entourage of bad actors. Katrina, Bipasha, Deepika, Akshaye, John, and of course Saif... this movie will be such a downgrade from these guys.

he didn't want to play second fiddle to sallu

Saif is just too cute...he has his own charm n grace....wud have luvd to c him in race 3 again bcoz he's d backbone of d race franchise....but i luv salman too....eagerly waiting to c a new avatar of salman in race3

And that's how Saif was out of the race.

Good. We liked you in Race. Salman will do great too. There is a season for everyone. Respect to both actors

Would have flopped just like his other movies

refreshing honesty..class shows

He is so grounded

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