Saif Ali Khan REVEALS he wanted to return his 2010 Padma Shri award; Here's why

Saif Ali Khan recently appeared on Arbaaz Khan's chat show and replied to some comments made by netizens on social media. Check it out below.
News,saif ali khan,arbaaz khanSaif who keeps away from social media was recently asked to respond to some comments made by netizens on a chat show.
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Actor Saif Ali Khan took his fans and almost everybody by surprise last year when he made his web debut with Sacred Games. The actor's steely performance in the drama series won him praises and put him back in the spotlight. Saif's son Taimur and wife Kareena Kapoor Khan are the paparazzi's favourite and the actor is often snapped when he is out and about in the city with them. Saif who keeps away from social media was recently asked to respond to some comments made by netizens on a chat show.

The 'Bazaar' star was asked to read comments out loud and react to them on Arbaaz Khan's chat show. The very first comment was an extremely negative one and in poor taste. However, Saif took it sportingly and replied to the comment which called him a 'two bit thug who bought a Padma Shri award'.

Saif had an epic reply to it and said, "So, a two bit thug? Am not. Bought a Padma Shri award? Am afraid it is not possible. It is a bit beyond me to bribe the Indian government. You will have to ask more senior people." Recalling his Padma Shri award acceptance, Saif revealed, "I thought I didn't want to accept it. There were people in the industry who deserve it so much more than me. There were more so many senior actors who had not received was very embarrassing."

He added, "I wanted to give it back. My father said to me, 'I don't think you are in a position to refuse the Indian government'. So then I said okay and very happily took it. I hope in time when people look back..they will say, 'I think he deserves an honour for the work he has done'."  

Saif Ali Khan was honoured with the Padma Shri award in 2010 for his achievement in Hindi cinema by then President Pratibha Patil. 


saif getting padma sri for what purpose...the value of this award is gone to streets. he never deserve this award. He is a buffoon.

Mammy Sharmila lobbied her MP friends to get Saif the award at that time.

umm please return it. You were never deserving of it anyway.

Ummm who are these paid anti-SRK trolls??? SRK most definitely has the Padma Shri (and more success and money than you will ever see but that goes without saying ;) )

Well obviously it cant be bought by money because flop SRK doesnt have one. The “King” without the most honorable award, hahahaha.

He knows deep down in his heart that he did not deserve the seat at all. Something or someone brought unduly influenced the government to give him the award. Maybe it was someone extremely close to him. Fact is him receiving the award was a farce!

He should have returned his national award Best Actor award for hum tum too, completely undeserving it was! Sharmila is so biased and blind

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