Saif Ali Khan: Taimur looks like Chinese or Mongolian version of Kareena Kapoor

Taimur Ali Khan has already become a social media star and is surely paparazzi's favourite.
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At every platform, Saif Ali Khan has been asked about his little munchkin Taimur Ali Khan who has already become a social media star and is surely paparazzi's favourite. During a recent interview with a leading online portal, when Saif was asked if Taimur looked like him or Kareena, he laughed and replied, ‘’Somedays he looks like her, somedays he looks like me. He looks like a Chinese version of her. Let’s say Mongol. ‘’

In an earlier interview, he had said to a leading daily, "Taimur will have to be aware that he is being watched all the time. He will have a lot of privileges as well. I think life has a wonderful way to balance it out, so if he has all the wonderful privileges he will also have certain responsibilities."
"There will be certain expectations out of him. Maybe all that will force him to become an actor. I hope that with the right guidance, maybe he will find his calling in another field," said Saif. 
The actor went on to add, "I’m worried about him in the sense that he has already become a star, and that people love him so much. There’s going to be pressure on him. Bad luck he’ll have to figure out himself."

On the work front, Saif was last seen in Chef. The actor had had earlier said, “I’m truly excited about Chef, I’ve enjoyed every moment shooting for it. Raja has adapted the story beautifully for the Indian palate, underlining a relationship between a father and son. A film with such a universal appeal deserves the right release date. We, as a team, are doing our best.”


YoUr news is tiring Saif. Your family has become annoying, till I refused to watch chef.

hes adopted guys right?

Hope he has good up bringing , good moral and values

chubby little butterball cutie! little cupcake this little boy! muaaah

Baby is adorable no doubt. Taimur name is from Uzbekistan. Mongolian tribe. Perfect name for perfect look. Saif can’t you find any better name for the baby?.

Not racist at all.

im sorry if I disturb you to an extent you felt annoyed but I really admire you... I will just stalk then

im so happy that you comment again

He looks like Raj Kapur

Saif seems desperate for media space. Giving bites everyday involving the little one is going to backfire big time and kid will have to face the brunt. People are starting to get annoyed by the couple' histrionics. Try some other means to stay in the media and let the child be for god's sake. He is too young to go through the scrutiny.

He has saif's eyes. And Randhir Kapoor's face.

Shut up Saif. Just shut up.

He’s the only star kid people want to actually see! Love you Bebo and Saif for bringing this bundle of joy into this world

No he is not. I'm tired of hI'm.

I miss taimur

He is a just a kid ,he should have given a simple answer rather than going into these ethnic terms

He is just looking like a white baby now but he is a child , afterwards he will look different

Saif the historian strikes again!

so tired of taimore and misha! and their parents writing the comments lol

It's Taimur!!!!!

I think the last day of 1st schedule of vdw has finished yesterday or today might be the last day so hopefully we'll get to see taimur soon with his mom. Can't get enough of him I'm always browsing through instagram and pinkvilla hoping to see taimur new photos. He's such a cutie his photos always brings a smile on my face.

Y is media so obsessed with taimur?

Haha true dat

He looks like a rosogulla!

OOOH, when is this baby coming back......miss him so much. Love his airport spottings. Want to see a new pic of him and his beautiful mom everyday.

Taimur baby is my sweetest cutest Rosogulla....... So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Saif should just shut up

He looks like Mira

No he is like Shahid.. lol

No he is like Shahid.. lol

Saif we are just happy he didn’t your 10 feet long nose

Saif is sexy and he nose it

The Kapoors do have small eyes. Kareena even had a brow lift done, look at her eyes when she debuted.

SHUT UP, her eyes are still small and she's still a natural beauty, not plastic, bleached mother Indias like the two of you.


No Saif, his eyes are just more squinty, like yours.

disgusting comments. hes a baby

That kid looks like Gurkha Nepali.

UGH. in poor taste Nawab.

His movies dont work taimur is the only thing they talk about for publicity

Khan is a Mongal name and the Mongol's empire extended all the way to East Europe. The mongols occupied parts of modern Pakistan and Punjab for decades. The Mughals had Mongolian blood mixed in with Persian and later Rajput thru marriage alliances.
Baghdad, the center of Islamic empire at that time was sacked and captured by the Mongols.

Saif got his eyes from his mother, who is of Assamese/Bengali origin.

Chinese Indian, African, European, this potatoe is the cutest. Soo sweet looking. Love him

Who are these disgusting people who are trolling a boy as beautiful as him?

uff, too cute PV

We want his pics!

chinese indian or russian, this baby is my JAAN. god, you little butterball

he looks like his nanu..randhir kapoor...&does look a lil mongolian..

which proves they are the invader clans.

not really, the last name is mongolian but has been borrowed by many cultures. The mongols history and shamanism is older than hinduism itself. learn facts before talking.

He looks European and has more of Kareena's looks!! His nose is more like his grandpa but he is still a baby so his looks are changing!! Plus, isnt' Kareena's grandma (mom's mom) British so he definitely got British in him!!! His blue eyes come from grandpa (Kareena's dad) side!! So not Chinese or East Asian but European!! Thank god, he didnt get Saif's nose!!

Actually Saif is right. He does have smth mongolian, especially his eyes. Not all kids with white complexion have european features.

OK, troll, it's end of the world then, if someone has different opinion...

Wrong...his grand pa's eyes are greenish from where bebo's get her eyes colour frm, she even accepted dis at some interview.
Taimur got his eyes colour from his aunt kariahma kapoor and his great grand pa Raj Kapoor.

You idiot, it says grandpa's side so Karishman is included and Raj Kapoor, understand the context...Does it say he got eyes from grandpa NO, it says, he got the nose from grandpa....the kid is more White than anything else, too many trolls here!

his last name is mongolian, which is cool and has a very long history

He's a cute

Yes he definitely has strong central Asian features . Adorable baby.

this boy is a superstar- pls dont launch him- but he is!!!

soooooooooooooo cute. GOD. i want eat him up

WHAT A CUTIE PIE. uff kareena pls give him to me

Seek help, nutjob. What will you do when you travel abroad. Fall on your knees for every white baby you see. haha

Lol he does

His son has Mongolian blood. Mughal who Invaded India had Mongolian blood as their ancestors were from Mongolia. I hope historian saif knows that. And yes his kid looks like Mongolian baby with colored eyes.

lol the baby and saif's eyes are from his mother sharmila, who is of Assamese/bengali origin,north east indian

Beautiful baby

pinkvilla have wrote article on one quote he said about taimur from one of his interviews. People are going to bash him again for talking about taimur.

Cutie pie

Saif never says anytjin diplomatically luv him for that

loll, India chinese

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