Saif Ali Khan: Watching Taimur walk for the first time is like watching a drunk baby

Taimur Ali Khan is the most popular star-kid. Saif Ali Khan spoke about his son in an interview while promoting Kaalakaandi. He said that Taimur is a very cute kid.
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Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s little one is the most popular star-kid. His cuteness and charm have made the nation his fan. There are countless fan clubs of the one year old on social media.

Saif Ali Khan who is currently promoting his upcoming film, Kaalakaandi spoke about son Taimur and the attention the media showers on him. Saif said, “It would be a little arrogant to hide him. The press- they only want a picture, because people are interested in what this kid is like. It’s fine, it’s not such a big deal. You go to the airport and they take your picture. They’re not chasing your car or doing anything.He will grow up to understand that his parents are quite down to earth and are privileged people. He will not get away with certain comments and remarks in front of us. My parents and Kareena’s parents insist that children learn the values.

He also said, “He’s a very cute kid. Watching him walk for the first time is like watching a drunk baby. It’s hysterical and so cute. So, it’s a wonderful part of our lives.”

Saif and Kareena were blessed with Taimur on 20th December, 2016. They celebrated his first  birthday in Pataudi. Earlier Saif had said, “I think he will soon get used to being clicked and hopefully, he should get comfortable with it, too. If he grows up to be like me, I think at some point the poor chap will wish no one was watching him. I am afraid; all this just goes with the territory.”

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Lol! Too funny

Bebo and Saifu miyan are dumb to the core!!

SRK never talked about Aryan and Suhana the way he talks about Abram everyday. Why don’t people complain about this? Why so much double standards? Getting fivorce is way more dignified than staying in a marriage but cheating and having affairs. Saif has been with Kareena for more than a decade but we have never heard any rumors about him having affairs. But what about SRK, Aamir, Akshay, Hrithik, Ajay?

For haters information, Karan

Karan kapoor who is her late uncle (shashiji) son is a photographer he was at the birthday party probably took all the birthday photos. He posted 2 photos of the pataudi palace along with 2 of saif and bebo with taimur. He's posting photos that he took how is this saif or bebo fault not as if they told him to post it if they wanted they would have told him to release it on his birthday. He just posted another photo of them and he may post more that doesn't mean saif bebo are using their son

These articles are ALL taken from Saif's super long interview with Rajeev Masand and Anupama for KAALAKANDI where he talked about a  SACRED GAMES, STYLE OF ACTING, BAZAAR, and other projects. Obviously the irrelevant things get picked up by the media and printed out. How is this his fault? Taimur is popular and that is solely because Taimur is frikkin gorgeous. You are free to listen to it too. Its on saavn.

If he left amrita before Sara was born where did Ibrahim come from. Did he fall from the sky. Gosh just coz he's expressing his love for his youngest child doesn't mean he forgot or he's neglected the older 2. There wasn't such media obsession with star kids back then, they were asked more about their work than their family/kids. Now every interview, screenings, promotional events stars are asked about their family

Taimur is a very beautiful and cute baby. He has Charisma. Yes we want to see Taimur pictures and videos. He is fun to watch. Please post lot of pictures and videos.

Taimur should do some commercials too. Good looking baby who have charisma and love the camera are hard to come by.

He was an immature boy when he married and had babies. We all know how men are immature in their young age.
But now he is a 46/7 man, why don’t people understand this.
He has faults, so is Amrita. Both made mistake. She was a mature woman. She shouldn’t marry a young boy, she could predict how her life would be.

I can imagine, lol

This flop couple has nothing better to talk about !!

wht do any BW couple now a days talk abt, srk abt kids only, kjo abt kids or nepotism, jr/ash.B always abt daughter only, anushka abt marriage only, its only few ppl who keep their private life private, rest all in news for personnel details than movies

Saif, can you please upload Taimur walking for the first time. we are dying to watch it. HE IS TOO CUTE FOR WORDS, that's why everyone goes gaga about whatever he does. Never mind the trolls, they wont understand that or they pretend to be

Seriously? he has seen two kids walking by now.. need better stuff to read

Where was he when his other two kids learned to walk? Both he and Kareena are just using their kid to stay relevant instead of making good movies

Come on, leave him alone. There was no such paparazzi culture and endless interviews during those times when his other kids were born

why do you act like he's your first child ? Or is this the first time you witnessing this moment ?

Yes because he left Amrita before Sara was even born.

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