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Salim Khan reveals Salman Khan's reaction to Priyanka Chopra backing out of Bharat

A few days ago, director Ali Abbas Zafar revealed that Priyanka Chopra has left his upcoming project, Bharat. There were reports that Salman Khan is upset with PeeCee.
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Priyanka Chopra was supposed to play the female lead role in Salman Khan starrer Bharat. However, the actor backed out of the project amidst reports of her engagement with beau Nick Jonas. 
Director Ali Abbas Zafar confirmed the news of her exit from Bharat on his Twitter page hinting at Priyanka and Nick's wedding. 
Soon after the news of PeeCee backing out of Bharat came out, it was reported that Salman Khan is upset with the actor and vowed to never work with her again. However, when Spotboye asked Salim Khan about the same, he said, "It’s okay whatever happened. Priyanka is not doing Bharat, let her be. Such things happen in our industry."
Salim Khan stated that Salman Khan is not upset with Priyanka and nor is anyone else. "Nope, it’s not the nth hour. And I repeat, such things happen- sometimes they happen for date issues, or the role, or even the money aspect. Aur kabhi aadmi ki kuch apni majbooriyan hoti hai (People have their own reasons). I haven’t yet got into the details of why Priyanka left Bharat, but we shall soon cast someone else. We are not upset with Priyanka. Salman Khan is also not upset," said Salman's father.
When asked who will replace Priyanka, he said, "Koi bhi aa jayeja (uski jagah par). Bahut saare log hain. (Anyone can replace here. There are many people)."
There are reports that Katrina Kaif will be playing the female lead in Bharat that also stars Disha Patani, Tabu and Nora Fatehi.

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guys, check out: www.

Watched mission impossible 6 ysterday.
Its real experience.
Pls bring talented back.
Otherwise people like me will stop watching Hindi movies in theatre.
Wake up call

This was a bad move by Priyanka. Now she'll only get smal roles with mediocre directors. Otherwise who cares? ;)

PC is Unprofessional

Tabbu in the film, why would PC wants to be in this film, plus, tabbu, had been in top HW films, with a leading lady roles and get critical acclaim ! I think this is the reason, pc did not care about dissha, who cant;' act, but tabbu, she did not want to be over shadow!

lol a priyanka chopra quote comes to mind funnily enough in this situation - i remember her saying in an anupama chopra interview that she wanted to be irreplaceable.

I never understood why PC even signed the movie opposite Salman.. I mean his movies are for launching actresses or reviving actresses or for actresses who can't act or get roles by themselves.. PC is far beyond that stage now, she should focus on getting meatier roles and running her production house..

not a pc fan but i think she was upset bcz her role was cut .they signd movie first then after that you sign disha and tabu!
pc is not katrina that is okey with two minut role as long is she is getting itum nr in movie

Priyanka took a great decision..
She should come back with Sahir ludhianvi biopic.. Or any other meaty role..
Even if she would b in the movie..she would have 30min role...due to ensemble cast..
But she missed 100cr movie..

Why is daddy taking for a 50 something man. He should stay away from making statements.

He is not Rishi. Dad Khan wise always was. He is gracious too. No wonder if hothead Salman gives pause to respect his father. Let them be well anyway. Wish Bharat good luck

Rishi also doesn't hold his mouth shut, he already embarrassed his son enough and will do more of this stuff. At least Salim sounds rude, but sane enough.

If the role wasn’t good enough for PC why did she sign it? She is obviously unprofessional and delusional about herself. Let’s hope her marriage to her little toy boy lasts for a year atleast! I’m not a fan of Salman Khan but PC is annoying and hope she gets lost after marriage!

"Anyone can replace here. There are many people." That was exactly the problem with the movie , any of Salman's twinkies could do the role as it's not too demanding . Shonali Bose has already put out pics of Priyanka working on TSIP so the Bharat walk out can't be blamed on Priyanka's love life. Here , Salim Khan is irked & it shows in the statement above though he does take care not to be nasty about it.

Lol its not about the role... Priyanka is not irreplaceable, there are other actresses and stars. and yes twinkeis too.

I mean she quit bcos the role is not challenging or significant ( which is definitely important in PC's scheme of things) , thus any actress can fill it easily . You do have movies with actresses who are not so easy to replace as only a rare handful of them can carry off certain crucial roles . For example if Kangana walked out of TWM2 , she can't be replaced by the likes of a Daisy Shah or Zarine Khan .

She quit coz of pesonal reasons and not coz the role wasnt challenging enough. Why would she sign it in the first place.eh? There are several other A- list actors/ stars who can replace her.

Good luck to Priyanka, sometime you need to prioritise your personal life, expecially when you have financial freedom and that's exactly what shes doing.

Then how come she's doing the movie with Farhan Akhtar ? Personal reasons vanished there miraculously ?

Why dont you go ask her instead of giving rather than calling poor Zarine and Daisy twinkies?
And actresses end of day want critical acclaim and commercial success. So a Salman Khan movie was not exactly going to harm Priyanka's career.
I dont think Anoushka, Katrina, Asin. Sonakshi had roles of eye candies in recent movies...

" And actresses end of day want critical acclaim and commercial success. So a Salman Khan movie was not exactly going to harm Priyanka's career. "
My friend , u should say this to Priyanka who walked out of the movie , not me .Daisy & Zarine are a part of Bhai's harem ,these are ladies whose meager career depends solely upon him & act like he's the second coming or something.

Nargis irreplaceable in Mother India, PC and Kangana - replaceable, it's more their carriers politics, strategy, than irreplaceableness.

Very insulting to an actress like PC ... if anyone could have been in the routine movie , then kat jackies of the world Would already have been signed

Salman is 53 and his dad is still aways talking for him

How old Ranbir? And for everyone it's better to banned his father from making any statements through ANY public platforms. Take his phone away, mute mics - do anything to prevent catastrophe.

you seem to be commenting everywhere where there is a mention of Salim khan and bringing 'Ranbir' into picture unecessarily.....Atleast Ranbir is not a KID , a man-child & a BULLY like Salaman Khan....looks like u r a fan of this 'Khan-dan'

exactly. These are the kind of roles pc doesnt do anymore, where anyone can replace anyone

Lol... Koi bhi aa jaaega. Bahut saare log Hain... Idiots!
PV please post.

Anybody can replace her. Haha. Sure..

Everyone commenting but I love how Priyanka said nothing and just walked out of the movie and country. I know she will be back in the couple days to shoot The Sky Is Pink but it’s funny!

NO, it's not okay! It only confirms that she uses all this BS to stay in the news. Pathetic!

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