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Salim Khan: Salman Khan is not a character actor, he is a STAR

Salim Khan opens up about the Tubelight debacle.
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Veteran scriptwriter and Salman Khan's father Salim Khan is known or being brutally honest. His partnership with acclaimed writer Javed Akhtar gave Hindi cinema come best-known movies like Sholay among others. 

In an interview to a news portal, Salim ji spoke at length about Tubelight's debacle, Salman's superstardom and why today's writers fail to deliver good movies. 

When asked what really went wrong with Tubelight, Salim Saab said, "Tubelight was a good film, which would have done well if any other actor had starred in it, but to have an action hero like Salman getting constantly beaten up and crying all the time just didn’t work with the audience. Someone like Raj Kapoor could do any role, the common man, the lover, the comedian, but Salman doesn’t have that sort of an image. The audience kept expecting him to fight back and when he did retaliate a bit towards the end, the entire audience cheered for him, but it never went beyond a couple of blows. Also missing was a love story and in fact, the little you see was added later, there wasn’t any initially."

Elaborating further on why they chose to compensate for the losses, he said, "The reason for compensating the distributors was that the price it had been sold at was in expectation of it making Rs 250-300 crore at the box office like most Salman films, which it didn’t. If Tubelight had been sold reasonably, it would have been a hit.'

When asked if being popular as action hero limits Salman as an actor, Salim Saab said, "All over the world, leading men of stature have had images. Actors like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood have done the same roles all their life. Raj Kapoor was always a simpleton. If Tarzan wore clothes or James Bond didn’t romance women, they would not be who they are."

"As for Salman, it’s not as if he is a character actor so he can fit into any role. He is a star, so he has to live with his image," he added. 

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Tarzan and James Bond are characters and not actors, like Chulbul Pandey is character - you can't change them. James Stewart did action, comedy, suspense thriller, western, biographical, political and war movies. He was also a war hero. Clint Eastwood has many genres - romance, western, crime, thriller etc etc. He is also a director, producer, and music composer. In fact, Raj Kapoor was an excellent filmmaker too. Each one he compares to Salman is multi-talented and exceptional.

I always keep wondering why people give so much credence to Salim Khan. Half of what he says he factually incorrect and the other half is exaggerated. At best, he's a good conversationalist and an exceptional hustler. How many are aware that he is not the screenplay/dialogue writer for Sholay etc? He and Javed hired another person to flesh out their story. I mean, seriously!

But it could work if it has a meaningful story like Bajrangi bhaijan...

Raj Kapoor was able to fit into any role because he was a good actor who worked on his craft...he lived and breathed acting. Salman Khan is a star which translates to he can't act, period! Which is why he does the same roles again and again and again. Only in Bollywood you have terms like 'character actor' which is laughable because isn't acting all about portraying different characters and emotions convincingly?

Yessss, he is a damn superstar!

A actor who didn't know acting

The entire interview was actually good.... He spoke facts

The entire was actually good.... He spoke facts

Is he really comparing his son to an Oscar winner like clint eastwood really? Dear lord! The whole returning money is an eyewash! They only returned 10% of the money while distributors lost 60-70 % of their investment. They made their profits and returned a paltry sum.

After MSG I think someday Salman will go to jail

Hope So.

Sorry the amout of good works which Salman does we people can't image to do that .He is a good human being and if people are comparing him with hit and run case stop doing that .it has been prove that he did not run from the site .He was the one who was helping the injured.

He's the money maker that's why

Not for long.

after MSG i have some hope that his case will be reopened...please God!!!

he said true he is STAR no doubt

Star of brainless people...

were you there ? you saw he was drunk and was driving?

lol look how conveniently is dad supports him...
i bet when he killed those ppl on road he was like its okk u did it by mistake... it happens...

He's a star who's also a criminal

What about him being a murderer who killed people because the so called star was drunk

True it is

His family needs salman''s money, so they will talk only good things about him.

Which family with values back stabs in crisis ?

Exactly what I thought

Just like Katrina. And being a star doesn't need to have good acting abilities.

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