Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi's infamous fight clocks 16 years; Oberoi wonders if Khan believes in forgiveness?

Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi had an infamous brawl with each other in the year 2003. Vivek brought up the matter again in an interview. Check out what he said.
salman khan,Vivek Oberoi Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi's infamous fight clocks 16 years; Oberoi wonders if Khan believes in forgiveness?
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Back in 2003, everyone heard about the so-called disaster between Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi. Vivek Oberoi had called a press conference to accuse Salman of drunkenly calling the actor and threatening to kill him. Following the press conference, the Masti actor saw his career crumbling into pieces in front of his own eyes. Post that, he was not offered many films and he vanished from the industry for some time. The actors were in the headlines for quite some time, but the issue went cold after some time.
Recently in an interview, Vivek was asked if Salman Khan was given a truth serum, what would he ask. He replied, "Do you (Salman Khan) truly believe in forgiveness?” This question has already created a buzz around and people are wondering if Salman will give him an answer or not. On the professional front, Vivek Oberoi is busy in promoting his upcoming film 'PM Narendra Modi'. The actor is the main lead in the movie, essaying the role of Prime minister Narendra Modi. Directed by Omung Kumar, the film was earlier scheduled to hit the screens on April 11. However, the Election Commission has put the release of the film on hold. 
Talking about the same, Vivek said, "Even though our date has been delayed, but we are undeterred. There are powerful people who are standing against us including many renowned lawyers of the Supreme Court. But we are certain that they can delay us, but cannot deter us." While Salman Khan aka Chulbul Pandey is shooting his upcoming film 'Dabangg 3', beside Sonakshi Sinha. This movie is the third installment of the Dabangg franchise. 


If Salman bullied n abused him, why is Vivek asking for forgiveness?

Because obviously he didn't bully and abuse him...I used to believe all that about Salman but the more I learned about him the more I realized I was wrong..go and read the article about vivek recently (it's on HuffPost India) and u'll know that Salman didn't do that and didn't destroy his career either..vivek even said that aishwarya pushed him to do that and when it backfired she washed off her hands completely..clearly vivek regrets that as he later realised that she wasn't worth it and just so u know Salman actually did forgive him back in 2011 and the video still on YouTube even but the media doesn't constantly write about it because it doesn't fit their narrative of Salman being a bully and never forgiving person so clearly they have some kind of an agenda against the man.

it was an obsession for aish then. now vivek has realised that he should not have spoken about salman as asihwarya is not worth the trouble of quarrel.he is feeling guilty and hence wants to be forgiven

it was a fight for aish


Aish destroys the careers of all the men in her life.

More like they destroyed their own careers while in the process of following her with their tails wagging.

What about abhishek?!


Salman will never forgive Vivek for making him appear like a drunken besotted loser in public. This is a man who will be human only on his own terms.

People are missing the root of the problem here I. E. Aish. She got them to fight who really loved her and married a rich man's son when she was done playing the field.

Delusion is the root of the problem, as you've displayed brilliantly.

Salman doesn't even care. But this loser Vivek always takes his name for fame.

for all his sincerity and hard work vivek deserves appreciation

vivek oberoi is intelligent and has good speaking abilities . he will become a good politician he could change the profession

vivek in recent movie Lucifer has been well appreciated, he should move out of bollywood and do films in other languages. He is very intelligent and has good oratory skills and he picks up languages very fast. Where he is ignored he should stop seeking attention.

vivek is more patriotic he does lot of philanthropic work since beginning. his family too is dedicated in serving humanity

vivek oberoi is a simpleton he needs to forgive himself and move on for impulsively speaking before the media

his claim to fame and fall was and always will be Salman Khan . Naam mein dum hai Bhai ❤️ He could gave just graciously avoided this question but that 2 penny movie needs to run in theatres for a few days

Vivek is far much better than this criminal both as a human and as an actor. Criminals much be punishment, no matter who and what they are.

Just move on, everything is fine with everybody, you are the only one stuck up, come out of it, let it go!!! Wish you well.

Salman wants people to forget about his criminal records, but can't forget a junior challenging his status quo. #hypocrisy

100 % true

Only in India it can happen that the victim has to ask for forgiveness from the culprit. Period.

It's about the fact that Vivek went about the whole thing in the wrong way. Vivek admitted that what he did was wrong. Salman's brother Sohail who was close friends with him at the time was happy to intervene, but he still had the press conference. he lost credibility and also I believe did it to kill Salman's career. everyone at that point thought Salman was over.

That's an unfortunate truth. Too much importance is given to this arrogant and proud criminal. Hypocrisy of Bollywood.

Vivek....wonder to your wife, never to the press. Move on man. Stop taking the bait.

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