Salman Khan fools around with Katrina Kaif, says he is NOT her 'Bhaijaan' at Bharat song launch

Salman Khan was at his goofy best while interacting with the media at a song launch of Bharat. And proof of this was when the actor fooled around with Katrina and the 'Bhaijaan' tag.
News,salman khan,Katrina Kaif,BharatBharat's star cast as well as the maker's of the film came together to launch a brand new song titled 'Zinda' at an event in Mumbai.
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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's Bharat trailer created the right kind of noise when it was released a while ago. And today the star cast as well as the maker's of the film came together to launch a brand new song titled 'Zinda' at an event in Mumbai. Salman was at his goofy best while interacting with the media. And proof of this was when Salman fooled around with Katrina and the 'Bhaijaan' tag. Katrina was quizzed about her character and the reporter while asking the question referred to Salman as 'Bhaijaan'.  

While Katrina did not read much into it, Salman was quick to reply and said, "Paaji, inke liye bhaijaan nahi hu mai (I am not Bhaijaan for Katrina)." This response from Salman cracked everyone up and Katrina, herself, could not stop grinning and laughing. Before Katrina could answer the question thrown at her, Salman again replied saying, "Kya bharosa, bhaijaan bhi bula sakti hai (Can't say, she might just call me bhaijaan)." 

Well, the banter did not end there. Later on during the press conference, when someone asked Salman whether he would like to be referred as 'jaan' instead, the actor replied saying, 'Meri Jaan'. There's no denying that the former lovers and co-stars do have an unmatchable chemistry. Bharat is slated to release on June 5 and fans are already looking forward to the film. Check out the hilarious video below:

Have you heard the new song 'Zinda'? Check it out below and leave your thoughts on the comments below. 


Katrina is such a disgrace and embarrassment for her fans.

Find Ash more plastic than anyone. Maybe this would click. I find the flirting very spontaneous.

Ash looks feminine, pretty unlike most plastic and botox cheap Katrina

Salman says half of the things, just like that , he has a casual laid back personality since ever. He certainly is over katrina ,if he still loved her or was heart broken , he would never have been so normal around her. He had his share of heart break before katrina entered his life. Yes he really liked her then and would have married her even , who knows , but she never wanted to marry him. She found ranbir a better match , so she smoothly left. Salman if were that heart broken , like he was when Aishwarya left , he would have shown it . But he remained in control after that and till date. Maybe its true that , you can only love someone with all your heart once , its not like every other person you like or date will leave you miserable .

Shameless and disgusting man. Despite him having a girlfriend he's hitting on another woman in front of everyone. Can't believe the youth looks up to this. I have no words

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Just like shameless and disgusting woman had that photo shoot with another actor sitting on his lap and wearing only a shirt without pants despite being MARRIED with a CHILD. Can't believe the youth looks up to her. I have no words...pv post my comment.

Katrina cannot act to sve her life I was really excited for Bharat but when I saw a song that was released in this song and found it cringe worthy as Kat just cannot emote and on top of that bring the flovar of that era is too much for her firang personality. SK should have chosen someone more talented like Tabu, Radhika Apte or even Preity Zinta

she is so fake; SK certainly is not her first BF and also not the last however; she had been constantly going on about SK like there is no tomorrow . why not Kazid/terry and his family or even Gulshan and his family ? she dated all of them and and she dated SK for only 6 years that too on and off talks about 10 years ? seriously, telling a lie continuously is becoming the truth is what i see on this platform. i think its the power of the surname SK and his money. i doubt if she genuinely likes SK either ?

Salman's known for flirting with costars during promotions.

Katrina has no self esteem and dignity.

Gosh, this cheaprina is not over him.

It's just for promotions but desperate kat and her fans will mistook as love.

User Katrina pr will use this to get attention now.

Now Katrina PR will here post love dovey comments and beg him to marry her.

Despo Katrina

Yeh he love's her....let's all get married to people who love us then she'd be married to every tom dick and harry

The two most good looking people in bollywood, you can see that love and respect they have for each other.So natural and transparent.They should definitely get married.

I am soooo happy in advance because this trash film bharat will be the biggest flop of the year. I can sense it with my 7th sense

Lol at the age of being a grandfather he is still looking for a girl to marry . Karma for sure. And his fans are still after Aishwarya and talks dirty about her character and spread fake rumours. Atleast she didn't murder someone and won't see hell forever after death as it's consequence.

If he did want to get married he would have already.. as for ur aish, she sure got her karma, her career is over her marriage is dead she has no real friends and all she has left is her daughter and mother.. Salman's fans don't need to spread fake rumours about her, she does that on her own.. Salman didn't MURDER anyone that was an ACCIDENT.. and how exactly do u know that she won't see hell forever after death?! Did God send u his angel to let u know about this?! She has her own consequences of her actions, let's not pretend that she's some flawless angel.. and lastly, why bring her up in here though the article has NOTHING to do with her?! U (aish's fans) r so desperate to keep ur idol talked about so u bring her up in every article even the ones that don't mention her and then u have the nerve to attack Salman's fans for responding and talk rubbish and spread lies about Salman, talk about hypocrisy.

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So cute

I know the comments section will be flooded with hate against Kat but I find Sallu flirting with Katrina very cute.

Ok despo Katrina.

I love them too! Dont know why Kat does not take his love seriously. He loves her. Its so obvious. Say Yes already :)

Because this cunning whore is using him for career.

she loves ranbir she was dumped by him to badly
she doesnt beleive in love
she will reamn single

Katrina got dumped by Rk because she cheated Sallu for him and hurt Deepika. So its KARMA

Because SK has a apparent girlfriend Lulia

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