Salman Khan goes completely grey in Race 3!

Salman Khan will be seen in a completely grey character – something that he has not done before and very different from who he is.
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Salman Khan has signed some exciting films for 2018 and Ramesh Taurani’s Race 3, directed by Remo D Souza, is one of them. The super star will be seen in a completely grey character – something that he has not done before and very different from who he is. Salman has always maintained that he is not comfortable playing dark characters but the cool, suave stylish character was something he just could not refuse. 

Says a source, “Earlier Salman has always maintained that he won’t do dark characters or do a negative role but then as they say an actor can never say never. The role is very exciting and has many shades. It is not a sequel to Race 2 but very different. The role will test the super star’s acting skills as it’s a complete contrast to what he is himself in real life. It’s something he has never played before but the sheer darkness of the character appealed to him immensely. Apparently Race 3 was earlier offered to Hrithik Roshan but he felt he cannot play such an immoral character. Considering that Hrithik played a professional thief one wonders at his definition of immoral. Maybe he just wants to play do-gooder roles now. This character that Salman plays in Race 3 is completely grey but that’s what Race is all about no – where all the characters are grey and there are only anti-heros? Salman is excited about Race 3 as it’s in a completely commercial genre and neither will his fans be disappointed.” 

Ramesh Taurani says, “Yes Salman’s character is completely grey in Race 3 and it’s an extremely slick, stylish and exciting one – something he has not done before. The Race franchise always has grey characters in them – we are just continuing with that. Like Saif (Ali Khan) in Race or Race 2.” 

What about Hrithik Roshan turning down Salman’s role in Race 3? “Hrithik was never approached for Salman’s role,” says Taurani. 

While on Race 3, Taurani wants to clarify that he knew about his lead actress Jacqueline Fernandez. “It’s been written that I didn’t know that Jacqueline had signed for Race 3 opposite Salman. It is absolute rubbish because from day one I knew we are going with Jacqueline and I announced it also last week. If I as a producer don’t know who the actors are in my film how will other discussions including dates, money, signing of contracts happen? It’s just that I didn’t want to announce it when A Gentleman was releasing and promotions were going on but somebody asked her at a press con and she confirmed she is doing it. That’s how the story came out.” 


Nice race 2

nice race

Without saif there is no race.

Saif and abbas-mastan is d best for race series..both salman and remo they make it disaster.. another flop for salman

oh so natural hair colour then!

Oh please Jacqueline was better than Deepika in Race2

If this movie Abbas - mustan direct then it will be a great and
Wonderful I like how he direction all the movies I don't kown why
Salman khan select Remo d,suza

Saif was best suited for this movie. Mark my words without saif this will be a biggest flop

I like Salman but if Jacqueline is there am not gonna buy tickets for sure.

Ok Kat, but he still won't sign u for it. PV be fair and post.

why?what's wrong with her?

It's good that he cleared things about casting Jacqueline.As he said from day one he knew they will go with Katrina's PR stop dragging her name into this n don't spread idiotic rumours.It will be exciting to see salman in an intense serious n grey character.salman Jacqueline have awesome it pv.

I thought he was going to have completely grey hair. Hence i clicked the article.

Me too

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