Salman Khan on his films: I want people to come inside the theatre and forget about their life

During a group interaction, Salman Khan got candid about his films and how happy he is with the success of Bharat. He said that success of his recent release is the best Eidi his fans gave him.
News,salman khanSalman Khan on his films: I want people to come inside the theatre and forget about their life
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Salman Khan enjoys a huge fan following and the audience goes crazy in the theatres while watching his films. His fans dance and whistle and cheer at every scene of his film. Last week, his film Bharat released which is doing wonders at the box office.

At a group interaction, Salman Khan spoke about his films and what he wants the audience to feel after watching them. The superstar said, "I want people to come inside the theatre and forget about their life. Enjoy the film. Take away the heroism or leave the theatre becoming a good person. These are the things I follow while doing a film."

About Bharat's success which also stars Katrina Kaif in the lead role, Salman Khan said that it is the best Eidi his fans gave him. The Dabangg actor said, "I am very happy with the film doing really well and everyone's work is being appreciated... Success of every film is very important. 'Bharat' is a film that we have given our lives for, like every other film."

His upcoming film is Dabangg 3 in which he will be returning as cop Chulbul Panday. The film stars Sonakshi Sinha alongside him.


His interviews are so funny, helped me recover from my mental tension

also leave logic and brain at home

Pinkvilla is a Salman Khan paid website. Pinkivilla didn't post my candid post. When media is not truthful, then criminals get away

Not everyones life is depressing like yours sallu alu

Becoming good persons ..watching u romancing women half ur age. ..? Wah ! Atleast make movies with MAdhuriDixit/Kajol/ bol sallu !!

I don't like that mentality. If I want to watch nonsense, I have my cartoons. I like to watch things that make me think. My mother got upset at watch Black Mirror, said it was too dark, and I said, don't you want to THINK when you watch stuff, not just watch mind garbage?

If you'd just "think" you'd realise people do need mindless fun cinema to relax after a hard day's work.... I like watching lots kinds of stuff, from chick flicks to drama or news & documentaries ....depends on my mood! how about you let Salman decide what he wants to make and you decide what you want to watch?

And to remind us of his obnoxious behaviour....

Wrong. They actually come to get tortured by the rubbish movies you keep doing. Retire soon grandpa

Bcoz of the trauma inside the theatre for sure


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