Salman Khan on his marriage: I don’t have an answer; I am very happy right now

An interview with Salman Khan is incomplete without the marriage question. In an interview with a leading channel, when asked about tying the knot, Salman Khan said that he is in a happy place.
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Salman Khan is a superstar in his own right; he has been churning out blockbusters- one after another. He has been reportedly dating Romanian model-actress Iulia Vantur for the past couple of years. But, has always shied away from revealing his relationship status. 

Salman Khan is always asked about his marriage plans in interviews. In an interview on a news channel, Salman was asked the same and he said, “Wo mere paas uska koi jawab nahi hai,mujhe iss baat se bahut khushi hoti hai ki bahut sare logo ko meri shaadi ki chinta hai, pareshani hai, lekin mujhe hairat yeh hoti hai ke meri shaadi se inka kya faayda hoga. Toh aisa koi jawab hai hi nahi, haan ka bhi nahi, naa ka bhi nahi, maybe ka bhi nahi, lekin jis waqt hogi, hogi, nahi hogi toh nahi hogi. Main bahut khush hoon, main bahut zyaada khush hoon (I am happy about the fact that people are concerned about my wedding, but it makes me wonder what good will it to do to people who are so concerned about my marriage. I don’t have an answer, neither yes, no or maybe. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. I am very happy, very very happy. Seriously)!

Salman had earlier said about it to a leading daily, “But it takes two to make a marriage, one difficult partner and the other easy-to-live-with… If it has to happen, it will. It might just happen one night, I’ll wake up in the morning to the thought, ‘Ho gayi hai, ab jhelo isse.”

He has always maintained that he would love to have children. “Yes, I’d like to have a child but the problem with that is with the child the mother comes along. If I can avoid the mother and have a child I wouldn’t mind two or three. Tell me, if there’s a solution,” Salman had said in an interview earlier. 


Salman aap shadi karo ya na karo wo aap ka niji mAtter hai hum ma se kisi ko yeh right nahi hai koi is par tippdi kare maine bhi nahi kari or ma bhi bahut khush hu jo shaadi karne ka baad natak hote hai usse to acha hi jeewan bita rahe hai

Lv u my fav hero.i think Sadi KR Lena chahye ni to budhapa ni ktega koi hona chahyefikra krne k liye

Never get married for children purpose, marry only if you want to marry the person.

Sadi Karo gey to dusra Salman aayega

Hi salman bhai

Salman Bhai apne thik kaha hai

Children will come in any way, for that one need not get married!

Definitely marriage is not the end of all in today's world, but when you are not able to be in a relationship with a person without marriage, then you have to go for it than thinking I may cheat on my wife or I may get divorced or relationship may not work etc etc.

एक छोटा सा सलमान चाहिए

आपके जो सभी शुभचिंतक हैं वह चाहते हैं एक छोटा सलमान इसलिए चिंता करते हैं

He just said he is happy without marriage, he never said he is in relationship with anyone, do not insinuate things.

Wtf, obviously he is in relationship. The world knows.

I think salman knows very well that any girl/women he would marry will be marrying only for name/fame and lot of money he has. He also knows that his entire giant family is jobless and rely on his income for their luxurious lifestyles. Any women would not want his husband's money floating in family like this. and if she tries to control that Salman may not like it and will result in clashes. Even his father doesn't want him to get married as who will support the rest of members. PV plz post.

Salman is in live in relationship with Iulia and he is happy, they both are happy. Nothing else matters.

Both Salman and Iulia don't want to marry but want babies together. Go for it guys. As long as relationship is healthy and both are happy.

Happy place=gay
He can't get more explicit than this.. leave him him alone.

There u go Salman khan himself confirms that he is happy in a relationship and doesn't need to be married. He is very happy with Iulia, well done girl for taming Mr Khan. Now marriage or no marriage, I want to see little khan babies. That's all. Pls post.

marriage is not the be all and end all really..

we need to progress as a society&think beyond marriage..there is nothing wrong with an independent person who does not want to get married..

God bless you Salman and keep you happy and healthy always.

Doesn't look like he will ever get married. Don't know why people keep asking him that lol. He must be gay or he's scared of marriage or he is afraid of hurting woman he marries. It's either one of those. Y'all reporter needs to close this chapter. Don't ask him about marriage cuz that's his issue. If he wants he can get married if not he can remain single

It’s his life ... let him do whatever he wants...

aishwarya best choice of not marrying him bcz like lulia you would been a lulia and salman working/ect with his ex girlfriends..
poor lulia


I think it's better Salman remains single than he gets married and makes the woman's life a living hell by cheating on her. As long as his girlfriend(s) know he has no intention of tying the knot, that's fine.

If someone wants to get married, should get married without wasting time on thinking whether I will cheat on my wife or not, no one knows what the future holds for anyone, life doesn’t work like that!

Absurd, irresponsible, without he taking a decision how does marriage happens, should someone tie him up and get him married?
"If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t" - his family should make a note of it and get him married to a suitable girl, shouldn't consider him at all, he will be fine!

Marry me salman!

He doesn't want to marry, but he marries! Nautanki!!

aww he should be happy

So why wasting life of iulia hah....losser

If you're happy,then I am happy.

Love you Salman my jaan❤️

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