Salman Khan: I am sure that Katrina Kaif will win a National Film Award for Bharat

In a bold proclamation during the Zinda song launch, Salman Khan predicted that Katrina Kaif could win the National Film Award for her role in Bharat. Read below to know more on what Salman had to say.
Salman Khan was all praises for Katrina Kaif's performance in Bharat.Salman Khan was all praises for Katrina Kaif's performance in Bharat.
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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are one of the most popular Bollywood onscreen couples who have delivered some of the biggest hits in the past decade. They plan to recreate their magic yet again in Bharat, which marks their reunion with director Ali Abbas Zafar. Bharat is inspired by the Korean film, Ode To My Father (2014) and also stars Jackie Shroff, Tabu, Disha Patani, Sunil Grover and Nora Fatehi in pivotal roles. The trailer and a few songs have already amped up the excitement for Sallu's film. 

Today, i.e. May 17, 2019, Salman and Katrina were present at the song launch of Zinda, which gave us an inner glimpse into the man that is Bharat. At the song launch, the pair were at their goofy best, especially Salman, who has quips throughout the entire event. When a journalist asked Salman about his reaction to Bharat, the actor spoke fondly about Kat's performance in the film. "She (Katrina) is very good in the movie, and I am sure she’ll get a National Award for this," Salman quipped.

Furthermore, Salman has his funnybones in full gear as he proclaimed that he is not Katrina's "bhaijaan". Instead, Kat is "meri jaan!" 

We love this Bollywood duo and how!

Meanwhile, Salman revealed that shooting for Bharat was harder than Sultan (2016) as he had to gain weight as well as lose weight, according to the different ages of his character.

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Bharat is slated for an Eid 2019, i.e. June 5, 2019.


National awards are mostly given for performances to those actors/actresses who carry an entire film on their won and give a good performance. If Salman did not do this film, Katrina would not have signed it either. Sadly, she just chooses scripts on who the actor is rather than choosing good content. I like Katrina but, I feel bollywood especially salman did a lot for her. Bollywood needs to give chances to other actresses, such as radhika apte, konkona sen sharma, kalki koechlin, aditi rao hydari, manisha koirala, Tabu (although, she's getting good roles now), urmila matondkar, Yami gautam etc.

Kat is #1 heroine. All Khans want her.

Rofl Katrina is a flop heroine. No Khan and no other actor wants her. It's only her ex Salman who is working with her and giving her movies.

Jealous Alia typing hate comments again..she is going through anxiety attack.

Jealous and insecure Katrina aunty is blaming Alia. She is in depression.

I agree with u but she has improved her acting and don't put some down when they already are down

If sonam kapoor can get a special mention..katrina deserves a national award

Sonam can act unlike Katrina. Katrina doesnt deserves a national award at all.

The world is fed up of you both? Lol funny and it won't flop regardless what you guys say because Sallu have lots of fans. And even if he plays himself in his films no one really cares cause his fans enjoy his films

Many don't understand salman.. He just promote his film and make some publicity with this statement

Sick of this guy! Act your age Salman.

Age is by heart not by a number

He trolls her all the time. He might not be a physically abusive BF anymore, but I'm sure he's emotionally abusive. Anyway, I agree, most of the actors have been good actors but haven't won for their best films, but the actresses have actually. Tabu has zero film fare best actresses, but at least two national awards. If it was all about being bought, wouldn't she have at least one film fare?

What a classic insult. maza agaya

Only dumb katrina and her fans will think he is praising her but in real he is insulting her.

Savage !


He is mocking kangana. Her pr n fans were saying kangana will win national award for manikarnika cause kangana put in alot of effort. N since Katrina worked hard so she deserves national award for it.

Kuch bi. He is clearly mocking Katrina and her inability to act and speak hindi. Every one works hard it doesnt means they will win national award.

Buddha pagal hogaya hai!

The world is fed up of you both. You can't act and all your movies are pathetic. Flop movie


I want this movie to flop. If it does party at my house, the whole world is invited

OK KJo. But u can always throw success party of bharat. Since u couldn't throw one for kalank n soty 2.

What do you expect from a guy who said that he feels like a raped woman? That's why srk and aamir will always be considered more intelligent and wise than him. He never thinks before he opens his mouth

Salman you have crossed the limits with this, you have never said a deserving actor like nawaz, irrfan, radhika or taapsee deserves a national award but you think botox aunty floprina deserves it? For real? Are you crazy? Are you smoking crack? Kuch bhi bolte ho aap. Shut the fu*k up just shut tue fu*k up buddha

Tu Buddha Tera khandan dubha Tere Bache bhi budhe paida honge sale

Salman why are you sooo stooooooopid? I know you aren't serious. Are you?

yes salman but your movie will be a flop

I have depression, I have never laughed so hard in a long time omg rofl hahahahaha

He knows it's stupid to say that, he's just doing it to be in news and draw attention to his flop garbage movie. Just like his raped woman comment during sultan promotions. Despo salman

People are laughing at how stupid you are Mr salman khan, do you ever use your brain before you speak? oh wait you don't have one

I am sorry to disappoint you sallu chacha but this talentless potato face called katrina can only manage a ghanta award for worst actress. The entire country knows she can't act and she will never be able to act. I guess you were just joking so I forgive you lol

Ignore him he does drugs

He's so dumb and embarrassing I have no words.

Well I always expect some dumb statement by this low IQ old man. Now get ready to get mercilessly trolled on social media. Let the trolls begin

Well if Canadian Kumar got one (though he didn't deserve it for THAT film) then why wouldn't Kat get one?! I think Salman is hinting that NAs r no longer what they used to be.. and let's be honest there have been some questionable wins in the past; Saif for Hum Tum, Amitabh for Agneepath, Akshay for Rustom etc while deserving actors haven't won like SRK for Swades and Manoj also etc and more people have been pointing that out on SM.

Please Salman don't predict anything it could bring bad luck to her

either katrina was no match to pc on screen which is understandable. katrina has barely any acting chops.

Okay thanks for the laugh but Salman himself is a big zero in acting. Infact Katrina has been far more versatile in past 10 years to keep up with the talented actress like deepika, kangana, Priyanka and alia. On the other hand Salman is still paying himself in every film. Same acting, sane dialogue delivery, sane look. But national awards are not paid awards like filmfare. Surely Katrina is hardworking and ambitious young women but I don't see her winning a national award ever .

Thank you for making me laugh at you hilarious joke Sallu Bhai

Sallu is so witty.I really love his nature

khan bhai
my mazaak is my mazaak none of your mazaak

Hahahaha this comment got him biggest troller of the century award ...

Haha ... he wins the biggest troller of the century with this comment

He never praised her on her acting abilities. He always said she's so hardworking. And he is talking dig now as always. He still thinks PC was the best choise for the role and Kat couldn't pull this off.

I want whatever he is smoking.

Get married you guys. would be very happy

LOL Bhai is the biggest troller of ALL TIME!!! Who would've thought??

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