Salman Khan: I don’t have enemies; it’s just that I don’t like a few people

Salman Khan is all set to entice his fans with Remo D'souza's film Race 3. Just six days are left for the release, fans can't control the excitement.
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Salman Khan has been in the headlines all through out, be it for good or bad reasons. The actor is all set to entice his fans with Remo D'souza's film Race 3. Just six days are left for the release, fans can't control the excitement. 
In an interview with DNA, Salman was asked that he is racing against himself. On this, Khan said, "The only person you should ever race against is yourself. When you do that, you take your own level up. That is the most satisfying yet the most painful thing. Until the audience sees your pain, the hard work that you have put in to look your best, to fight and still appear effortless on screen, they do not appreciate you. I’ve always believed that instead of putting someone’s level down, one should continuously attempt to raise that of your own. One is in a race to raise one’s level higher. Everyone is building their own quality quotient. You are encouraged by watching your seniors to rise to their standard, while the juniors motivate you to raise the bar, so the table doesn’t drop."
Salman's action movies have always made him mint money at the box office. Race 3 is also an action entertainer and how different is that from Tiger Zinda Hai? Answering this, Salman said, "TZH’s action was rustic. In Race 3, there are cars, bikes and physical jumps from greater heights, etc. The action is not only hand-to-hand combats but is also stylised. When you’re fighting for your family, it’s a different emotion altogether. You know there will be twists and turns at the end of the film, but you don’t know what they will be when you’re watching it. You will be guessing who is with whom and when that opens up, you go into flashback and understand kisne kiske saath kya game kiya hai. That’s also the film’s format. This is also different from the previous Race films. It’s a whole new movie. I wanted this to be a U-rated film, but we got U/A due to the action scenes."
Salman has a perfect comeback when he was asked if he worried about Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan or other contempories. On this, he said, "Salman Khan is worried about Salman Khan every single day. I’m not the most politically correct person you will meet. And, I think it is important for one to be right. It’s the best thing.  You are called the grassroots man. Why do you think you got this tag? That is the upbringing given to me by my parents. I spent my childhood with my family and friends. I have lived on farmlands, with kisaans till the age of 16 in Indore from where my father hails. All through my growing up years, for a few months each year, I’ve seen the metros as well as rural areas. I know the language of the city and the heartland. That is my plus point. I’m fortunate my father was from there. It’s important to sit with people who are a lot more intelligent and experienced than you are, instead of those who just praise you. Sometimes in life, it is important to listen rather than trying to win every argument. You may not get it at that point of time, but a few years later, you understand the value of sitting with more informed and intelligent people who have compassion. That has been my journey." 
In his 30 years of career, Salman has come a long way. Who does he see as his friends and enemies? "I don’t have enemies. It’s just that I don’t like a few people. It’s very obvious because I make no bones about it. Just because someone is born a few years before me, it’s no reason for me to respect him. If that person keeps on disrespecting me or any member of my family, I refuse to give him due regard. There are one or two families from whom I have not got that respect and love. That’s where it ends. Some people from the industry will never be welcomed in my home," said Salman.
"I definitely believe that whether someone is a senior or a junior, you shouldn’t be disrespectful to them. Especially, if you are working with them. However, if that person is taking you for an idiot and is being disrespectful, then that’s not done," added Salman. 
What do you have to say about Salman's viewpoints?

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You have to admit what Rishi Kapoor did was low, going after SK's SIL like that... I'd be pissed too.

haters have problem, look at your own families before blaming salman

Flop bhai doh saaal badh baap kah role kareh moteg

I dont like this criminal

Its u who create promblems

I think thats capricorn. Diplomacy is never their thing n hate. Manipulative people
But i like salman as he is what he really is unlike other khans n kumar who have double face

Salman is soo bizarre....He's riding on a high....but he's getting older...once his star crashes..he'll be eating humble pie

he takes every heroine he works with for an idiot and teases them horribly and fool doesnt know how much he disrepect people.

if he hadnt got box office success... then he will know. even if aamir doesnt get box office success, people will say the same thing about him.

anyway, childless will die with no loved one around him, just family he financed.

vivek/abhijeet all disagree.
you would destroy ranbir's career iif you could. horrible person. he is never going to learn about being human

He is talking about those who disrespect his family. That's obviously Chintuji. Family is Sohail's wife because Katrina is not his family or girlfriend.

Nothing to do with Katrina. He's referring to Rishi Kapoor. He insulted Sohails's wife Seema recently because Salman refused to talk to him.

Uhhhh Ranbir Kapoor????

Liar, Salman would probably do anything to have people like Rishi and Ranbir and Aish in his corner, he has that "I need the world to love me" complex, that's why he's even saying "I have no enemies", maybe hoping they'll end up on his side eventually.

salman gets off on intimidating people. and everyone calls him large hearted and what not. Its shows in his body language--- walking around with his chest out and arms spread like he is claiming space.

He speaks his truth. Wrong or right.

I don't find your attitude likeable either salman. Pipe down please.

Bhai suffers from a God complex and he is nasty so much for being'human'...

Rishi Kapoor

Salman khan and katrina-kaif are back together again they target Rishi_Kapoor badly while with Karina and kashrima salman khan relation is normal like a family

No, they are not. Iulia is still living with him in his apartment. Katrina is trying hard to make it look like they are back together but that is obviously not true cos if he had broken up with Iulia, she would have gone back to Romania.

As for Rishi Kapoor, recently it was reported that he was nasty to Seema khan (Sohails's wife) at a party and Neetuji apologized to her on his behalf. That's why Salman says I won't talk to anyone who doesn't respect my family. Katrina is NOT his family. Seema is.

Egoistic Salman he spouts lines but have you seen his arrogance it pulsates from every inch of him. But us Indians idolise and make start our Gods and give them this pedestal so we are to blame. India is full of star Struck millions

Hi rishi

the difference is Salman supports his entire extended family financially meanwhile Kapoors keep milking the goodwill their grandfather created, I think the only Kapoor who worked really hard and was successful on her own terms was Karishma

Every Kapoor has made it on his or her own. Raj Kapoor or Prithviraj Kapoor, for all their fame did not have many connections or wealth. Rishi Kapoor alone made it in his generation, Shashi Kapoor ji struggled.. Despite their struggles, they never sided with or engaged in criminal activities or took money from the mafia in the middle east., like you know who...

rishi kapoor

True it's one and only one Ranbir Kapoor because he left katrina-kaif for Aliya bhatt and most importantly he was in the same condition of Vivek_Oberoi sence

So much hates Alia is getting, once her movie flopps she will leave the rat kapoor! Karma !

The older man he's talking about is Rishi Kapoor who insulted his sister in law Seema because Salman does not talk to him and Ranbir. He should've dared to tell this to Salman on his face. Somebody tell him to stop complaining to women and tell his son to not chase other people's girlfriends.

Why should Rishi Kapoor tell his son to not chase his girlfriends...Btw, Why do all of Salman's girlfriends leave him and chase others...SImply becoz Salman is a BULLY and a very ILL-MANNERED BRAT....

Which one or two families is Salman talking about ??

Oberois (Except suresh maybe) , Rishi Kapoor family

I love Salman. Difficult but straight up. Brash but full hearted. That's the way I see him.

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