Salman Khan: I'll never play a villain as I don't want my fans to follow me and indulge in any wrong-doings

Salman Khan is in no mood to play the role of a villain in his films as he doesn't want his fans to follow his wrongdoings and crimes.

Salman Khan has never played a villain in his career span of 30 years. He has played a lover, a friend, a fighter and even a prince, however, he has never donned a villain's hat. There were reports that he will finally play a baddie in Dhoom 4, however, his recent statement squashes all the rumours. While talking to Deccan Chronicle, Salman said that he doesn't want to play the role of a villain and also gave a reason for the same.
The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor said, "Having worked in the film industry for so long, I have noticed that the youth often follow whatever a hero does. They blindly ape their favourite stars. That’s why I have decided never to play a villain on screen because people can get impressed by my actions. I don’t want my fans to follow me and indulge in any wrong-doings."
Currently, Salman Khan is busy with Ali Abbas Zafar's Bharat. He stars alongside Katrina Kaif in the film. The team of Bharat recently returned from Malta. They are currently shooting for Bharat in Goa. The film also stars Tabu, Disha Patani, Sunil Grover, Jackie Shroff and Nora Fatehi. The film will hit the screens next year during Eid.
Salman will be back to hosting the controversial and popular reality TV show Bigg Boss 12. He recently launched the show in Goa and announced the first celebrity pair - Bharti Singh and her husband
Haarsh Limbaachiyaa. The show will air on Colors TV from September 16, 2018.

Credits: Deccan Chronicle
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Comments really brain washes people. You all are dumb for judging him based on what you read about him. None of you have witnessed all the things he was accused with.
And what about real life? Shooting endangered animals, drunk driving and running over people, abusing ex girl friends? All of em pretty villainy stuff if you ask me.
Salman has so many fans that no other Bollywood star every dreamt of and they eat breathe drink Salman. They are totaaly Salmanholics, his every move iand dance and dialogue on screen is copied by million of fans So Salman Bhaijaan I know what you are talking about.. You are great!!
Salman and Kareena can match each other brain cell for brain cell.
hahahaha!! Best comment.
Hahaha.Uncle sathiya gaye hau
What he's saying is actually good but nevertheless let the bashing begin...
What he's saying is actually good but nevertheless let the bashing begin...
I can't tell if Salman is serious or if he is just messing with everybody because he knows he can get away with murder-literally.
Irony died a thousand deaths. Salman is a bully, a criminal, a womanizer and a talentless nepo kid in reality what is he even talking about. This fake being human naathak cannot be dragged forever
In real life you act like a Villan only. Hahaha
Even Salman admits he has dumb fans. LOL
.... someone needs a reality check
look who is talking :P
Won't play a villain on screen but would not think twice before being one in reality. Makes sense.
Which is a good thought do that in real life.
Look who is talking!
Your the Villian in real life bruh