Salman Khan REVEALS the one condition on which he will work with Priyanka Chopra again

Bharat actor Salman Khan has agreed to work with Priyanka Chopra in the future but on one condition. What is it? Read on to know more.
Salman Khan REVEALS the one condition on which he will work with Priyanka Chopra againSalman Khan REVEALS the one condition on which he will work with Priyanka Chopra again
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Salman Khan is currently gearing up for his upcoming movie Bharat which is going to be released next month. The movie has made a lot of news since the beginning as Priyanka Chopra had made a last minute exit from it owing to her marriage with Nick Jonas last year. Post that, Katrina Kaif was being roped in for playing the female lead in Bharat. Since then Salman Khan has never left a chance to take a gibe at Priyanka Chopra. 

Priyanka Chopra had exited from the movie Bharat just five days prior to the shoot. In a recent interview, Salman Khan revealed how Priyanka met him and told him that she wouldn't be able to do the movie. Salman further added that he had offered to adjust the dates but she was not sure about the time that she would take for her marriage preparations. The Kick actor also said that Priyanka did not call him even after the release of the trailer of the movie.



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However, Salman Khan might still work with Priyanka Chopra again in the mere future, much to the delight of the fans. The actor has revealed the one condition on which he is willing to work with the Quantico actress again. Salman has revealed that he will definitely work with Priyanka in the future if she gets him a meaty role. He further said that he just needs to love the story in order to do the film. Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra have been seen together previously in numerous films such as Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, God Tussi Great Ho and Salaam - E - Ishq. 

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The power of Queen Chopra they all use her name to promote Bharat even they knew she chose her personal life that time n wouldnt be able to give time if she was doing the movie

They r using priyanka name for publicity

aha! tables have turned...PC, kangana are the biggies vs salman,

PC was Unprofessional

PeeCee was never unprofessional she informed them n didn't knew she will get engaged n married so easily before signing the movie

Come on PV stop this desperate Chopra PR here finally! No topic gets same comments 24/7. It's too obvious.

PV please fix your like/unlike buttons. You are manipulating the truth about reader's opinions

Oh shut up Salman

The only buzz this movie has is when they connect Priyanka’s name to it. Otherwise the music sucks, leads can’t act, nothing memorable so far

I is one hundred percent peecee pr.She is trying to stay relevant.And after few months her own film is going to release and that time she will talk day and night about her film.

Drunk? How Salman is PC PR? Its Bharat Pr who is using her name to stay relevant. Use brain Katrina PR if you have any.

pfffffff, no one needs home breakers name to promote a film! PC fans are really weird, get it that her career is at an end and move on! obsessed ppl!

Grow up loser hater she doesn't need salman to sustain like other do need she has her own career in Hollywood n Bollywood n at that time she chose her personal life which she has a right to after working so hard many years n salman wont understand that as he isn't in love or ready for marriage

If team Bharat wanted they could ask interviewers not to ask about Priyanka but they’re not doing that. I also watched a press con where Salman brought up Priyanka on his own numerous times saying “thank you Priyanka.”

Does no one notice here these fake topics? Created by Priyanka and her PR only to stay in the news. All these comments here are from her PR. Otherwise no one would take care about her in India. Too obvious. May be a move by her lover SRK King of promotion.

I am sure this is PC's pr doing to stay in Bollywood news. She is using Bharat and Salman Bhaijaan to stay in Bol;ywood news. PC can stoop to any level for her name in PCbecause she pays them heavily. You cant even use the arrows up or down when she is in the news

No one is forcing Salman to constantly talk about Priyanka, he’s doing it himself. Priyanka can’t care less.

He wants meat. Someone please, biryani for the man.

Salman is definitely jealous of Priyanka, she got a young man as a bridegroom while he cant get even someone of his age to get married to him.

PC’s movies were mostly just stupid movies until she started taking it a little more seriously from Fashion. Now, she’s almost repeating it in Hollywood where she’s doing small roles or forgettable roles in big movies. Don’t understand why this lady who had such a big role in Quantico would agree to do such irrelevant roles.

That’s how you work your way up in an industry be it Bollywood or Hollywood, she’s on the right path, will eventually have a breakout role like Fashion in Hollywood too.

He's talked about his film, he's talked about the work he put in it, he's talked about playing different characters, he's talked about how it was to play characters in different ages BUT PV only posts about him talking about Priyanka and make it seem as if he's spending the ENTIRE promotions talking about only Priyanka.. pv I kindly request u to be fair and post other parts of his promotional interviews.. please post my comment.

Salman is insulting Katrina every other day but she has no self esteem and shamelessly smiling and throwing herself on him. This promotional events made it crystal clear that Salman has no feelings and respect for Katrina. He is just helping her but she and her over active PR making it like he is not over her and still loves her.

I get it. PC left the film because she did not get meaty role. Now dadajan is just taunting her.

Hope this movie (that priyanka chopra left) FLOPS

Since it was her wedding couldn't he spare her?! Now it would be weird if he doesn't take digs at her lol

Ugh both pc and Salman together in a love story - no thanks

What's wrong with you man salman?

Arre yaar, he's playing the same tune again... After Ash, he has become obsessed with PC...

lol your comment is so right. He's obsessed with PC now after being crazy about Ash for years

Since when did he started looking for "meaty" roles, given his poor acting skills???

Now I get why Mataji fans are so pissed and jealous of PC. Katrina fans are spewing hate on every PC posts.

Salman is ignoring Kat during promotions. He didn't posed with her yesterday and looked so pissed when she is around. She is trying hard to get close while he is irritated and not giving a damn about her.

Stop using her for promotions. Get a life Salman.

Why do they keep bringing up PC, she’s not in the movie, get over it and move on.

The entire promotion of flop Bharat is PRIYANKA

Proved he never wanted that user and expressionless Katrina kaif.

hahahaha how insulting is this to flop and talentless Kat . Director and actor cant stop raving about Priyanka Chopra.

God Priyanka. Using next fake topic to stay in the news? Enough! Get over your failed career finally!

jealous Katrina its not fake like your desperate photo. Salman did said it . Its his words not Priyanka's . She is ruling HW and Cannes. You need to get over your EX and your failed career.

How desperately he wanted Queen PC in this movie.

Salman is only talking about Priyanka. in every interview. Not a single ting about his role, his mistress katrina or WC clashing.

Salman is only talking about PC . He isn't talking about Katrina. Proves he wanted PC in the movie.

You know, even as they list them, PC's movies with Salman were all stupid. Terrible copy of Bruce Almighty, terrible copy of Love Actually, and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi is a fun watch just to see Salman and Akki trolling him, PC is a useless item girl.

Salman needs to calm tf down and stop using her name to promote his movie. If he has any confidence in his 'entertainer flick' then he just needs the movie to shine on its own merit! Imagine how awkward katrina feels that he brings up priyanka again and again smh at this man

I’m so sick of him, imagine how annoying he would be to work with

She doesn’t care, move on!

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