Salman Khan’s fans disowns fake fanclubs’ memes targetting Amaal Mallik; Urges Mumbai Police to intervene

10 months ago  |  2.2M
Salman Khan’s fans disowns fake fanclubs’ memes targetting Amaal Mallik; Urges Mumbai Police to intervene

Singer Amaal Mallik, who is known for singing several soulful tracks, recently grabbed the headlines after he was apparently trolled by Salman Khan’s fan army as he called Shah Rukh Khan as his favourite actor. Ever since then, the renowned singer has been facing a twitter war with Salman’s fans on micro-blogging site Twitter for quite some time. Recently, Amaal shut the trolls and stated that while respects Salman for launching him, he will not tolerate any negative behaviour from the Bajrangi Bhaijaan fans and even referred the as ‘Bhaitards’.

In fact, he even shared screenshots of the death threats which he had apparently received from Salman’s fans. Needless to say, this heated war of words on Twitter is grabbing a lot of eyeballs. But as per a recent development, Salman’s loyal fanbase has disowned all the memes targetting Amaal and claimed it to be a publicity stunt. Several fans of the Ek Tha Tiger star also asserted that a fake account has been spreading the negativity and even shared proofs in their defence. This isn’t all. Salman’s loyal fanbase also urged the Mumbai police to intervene in the matter and take stringent action against the perpetrators.

Take a look at Salman Khan’s loyal fans reacting to memes targetting Amaal:

Meanwhile, Amaal has given his last word in this war of words and wrote, “#SalmanKhan made me a music composer YES, I respect him for that & always will.

Disturbed fans who are abusing me for liking another actor’s work, threatening my fans and family needed a little hard schooling & that’s all this was. Stay away #Amaalians , seedha report & block.” He also shared a message for his fans and wrote, “Reject negativity, embrace creativity.”

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Anonymous : Amal is an idiot and Salman is even a bigger goon! Salman go burn in hell u loser!
REPLY 1 10 months ago
Anonymous : Cannot stand this Biggest goon of Bollywood Salman Khan he has killed people he has killed animals and we worship him and make him a star. Being Human is fake thing just a mask to clean up his image. Wake up people and Boycott Bollywood and Salman Khan.
REPLY 3 10 months ago
Anonymous : Look at idiots defending a man who ran over people, killed a black buck, bribed and threatened his way out of cases.This 55 year old "Bhai" who ends careers and with his extreme arrogance and anger still commands so many idiots as his followers. And not to mention domestic violence he perpetuated against women in his life.
REPLY 6 10 months ago
Anonymous : arman is like mommy look he is making fun of me. people please stop giving them attention in any form whether its trolling or sharing memes.
REPLY 2 10 months ago
Anonymous : Looks like both sides are still in kindergarten. Why are you people fighting unnecessarily for them?
REPLY 10 10 months ago
Anonymous : Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan both are born in Dhanistha Nakshtra. Subconsciously they both are very similar. Both are wise, charitable and vibrant. These people lead a good and rich life. You can hate them for there superstardom but that is there destiny, like being a loser is yours, Amaal.
REPLY 3 10 months ago
Anonymous : Hey listen you fool, we ain't gonna let Salman Khan go down.... Just because you think its trendy to do so. #LoserAmaal
REPLY 7 10 months ago
Anonymous : Sorry but who the eff is Amaal Malik.
REPLY 3 10 months ago
Anonymous : So when you want a lift up in your career you go to Salman and then diss him when the job is done. F**ing idiot.
REPLY 5 10 months ago
Anonymous : When celebrities call themselves fans of superstars and famous people, there is only one reason they want some favor from them. Salman and Shahrukh should not entertain people like Amal Malik. He is an opportunistic fool.
REPLY 4 10 months ago
Anonymous : This Amal Malik's timing is so rotten. Wtf . Why do celebrities start fighting with fans who are strangers. I don't get it. He started it and now crying foul. Also people who pit salman and shah rukh on the basis of fandom are right idiots. This Amal is stupid goon.
REPLY 3 10 months ago
Anonymous : Going to expose Amaal Soon, He’s asking for nudes on Instagram. Feeling Ashamed of you.
REPLY 3 10 months ago
Anonymous : I absolutely hate Arman Malik You stupid guy I love Salman Khan Arman Malik go in hell
REPLY 4 10 months ago
Anonymous : It's salman paid PR ,implicating salman will make him dissapear like he did with vivek and sushant.
REPLY 11 10 months ago