Salman Khan said THIS when quizzed about the Aishwarya Rai's meme posted by Vivek Oberoi; Read on

The steam over the Aishwarya Rai meme posted by Vivek Oberoi on Twitter just doesn't seem to blow over and is only getting thick with time.
salman khan,aishwarya rai,Vivek Oberoi Salman Khan said THIS when quizzed about the Aishwarya Rai's meme posted by Vivek Oberoi; Read on
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The steam over the Aishwarya Rai meme posted by Vivek Oberoi on Twitter just doesn't seem to blow over and is only getting thick with time. This time round, its Bollywood's megastar Salman Khan, who said he is not aware of any meme based on former beauty queen, Aishwarya Rai being posted on Twitter by none other than Vivek Oberoi. Salman and Vivek's not so cordial equation is rather public knowledge. And now, Salman Khan in an interview to Bombay Times, has denied having any knowledge of this meme which created a social media frenzy, when it was tweeted by the PM Narendra Modi's lead actor, Vivek Oberoi.

The tweet in question, shows Aishwarya Rai with Salman, as opinion poll, with Vivek Oberoi as exit poll, and lastly with husband Abhishek Bachchan and daughter Aaradhya. Many twitteratis, called out on Vivek Oberoi for posting such a picture, in poor taste. Bollywood's very own fashion diva, Sonam Kapoor, who is known to be very vocal about her opinions on various issues, said that the tweet by Vivek Oberoi was disgusting and classless. Badminton champion, Jwala Gutta also said that the tweet in question was absurd.

This only proves that the controversy surrounding the Aishwarya Rai meme, will not die down anytime sooner. The National Commission for Women, had also issued a notice to Vivek, for posting such a meme, that drew comparisons between an election result and a woman's personal life, terming his tweet as offensive and unethical. Although, Vivek has apologised for posting that meme, and has deleted it, the post has left a lasting impression on the minds of the social media users. On the work front, Salman is busy promoting his upcoming film, Bharat which releases on Eid. Katrina Kaif will be starring alongside Salman Khan, and the film is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar.

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Love Salman hate reshma shetty

Salman should have asked why Subhash Ghai wasn't included in the meme.

This comments are so funny. The Salman haters I do t think he can hear your hate over the sound of all that money dropping that he’s making. Salman is the biggest superstar in India. Deal w it. Your hate for him isn’t changing that ! All of Bollywood bows down to him Bc they know he is the most profitable star in the country. Money talks honey. And I don’t see any other Indian star making that type of money for his producers.

Such a clickbait article!

It's quite late to ask him about this, news cycle has moved on.

I thought the vivek oberoi joke was funny. And AR was friendly with both SK and VO earlier. It is Sonam Kapor's fault for pouring petrol on the issue.( But then she was always jealous of AR's beauty and poise)

Beauty and poise? Hahahaha. It should have been AR's fakeness and manipulative behavior.

Salman is intelligent, never talks too much with media... Only jokes around with ppl who matters

He should avoid other controversial topic like this.

salman is certainly media savvy. he's got a film opening, so any/all trivial coverage is welcome. it's movie-marketing 101. nothing controversial about choosing his pockets over anyone else's side. (...but you better believe he has an opinion and he'd probably express it if vivek actually mattered.)

It's good salman baba dumped her, she was bad luck for him. Salman baba ki jai zor se bolo mere saath

She was bad luck for not only Salman but also Vivek and Abhishek. All these men were doing well until manipulative Fakewarya entered their life. Salman bounced back but look at Vivek and Abhishek. Vivek seems to be doing fine but Abhishek has no hope. He should leave Trashwarya to get lucky again.

Yes only autowalas will watch bharat because you guys are dumb and brainless enough to watch whatever talentless buddha salman makes. Pathetic

Indian autowalas produce 350 crores? The crores earne dby this " Budha talentless" will help Bollywood save money for art movies. Salman chappati deta hai and talent too.

His fans across the globe watch his movies and make them 300-500 crores. No one goes to theater to watch Vivek Oberoi, Aishwarya Rai BACHCHAN, and Abhishek Bachchan.

So true. He looks and acts horrible.

His movies are for entertainment and they make millions. Abhishek also looks and acts horrible and his movies don't make any money. He doesn't even get movies.

Salman baba ki jai

Wanna hear a joke?

Stop hating on salman baba, he's kind hearted person not like evil witchwarya. Salman baba ki jai zor se bolo mere saath !!

Why even ask him about this?! And especially now?! It's good that he didn't give them anything to make a huge deal out of.. I wish he'd just answer other stupid controversial unnecessary questions the same way.. I must say US, UK and Indian media/press r the WORST.

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