Salman Khan says Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan & him are the only ones to pull off the stardom

Bollywood has gotten the best in the form of actors like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and Akshay Kumar. Well, looks like Salman thinks the same and he has quite an isnight to it.
Salman Khan says Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan & him are the only ones to pull off the stardom Salman Khan says Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan & him are the only ones to pull off the stardom
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Bollywood has got some of the best actors and while earlier, it was rightly said that the stars are bankable, looks like it has now changed and it is only the content that is the king after all. Even the likes of the biggest stars have witnessed movies failing, and hence, it is now all about what you see, irrespective of who is a part of the film. However, stardom isn't much of a thing anymore because it is the content that works and well, Salman Khan has an insight into this here too.

When Salman was asked how there might not be much of a thing as stardom since the content will rule, the actor said, "It will always fade away. It's a huge task to keep it going for such a long time. In fact, I think Shah Rukh, myself, Aamir, Akki, we are the only ones, who've been able to pull it off for such a long time." And well, most of us might admit to this because that's how it has become now, and let's just say, it is for good after all since that's how should be.



Thank you my fans for all the love... - Apka #Bharat

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Meanwhile, the actor has been busy with the promotions for his upcoming film, Bharat, which will also co-star Katrina Kaif. The movie will be releasing on June 5, 2019, and if there's something else that everyone is also talking about is how there is a constant mention of Priyanka Chopra, who opted out of the film. The actor recently said, "She is not there in the film but she can help in the promotion of the film because it was, you know, she had also loved the script."

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But why did he not include Ajay Devgn? That was unexpected. He has also been there since 28 years. And he is as big as akshay is. So that was not nice to exclude ajay.

salman this time is right, the three khan and akshay kumar are the ones who reached the top and have the luxury of doing any movie they want.

In future there will be less superstadrs as there are just wannabees and self deluded minor media hogs like PC.

Delusional there are female and male superstars who came before him and are legends still and as usual he is nilifying the female stars.

Salman came back after more than a decade of flops so did Amir and it is SRK who has given flopped for the last 5 yrs.

Ummm... before them there was Amitabh( who lasted many decades as well), Rajesh Khanna, and before them there was Dilip Kumar. Social media has made these celebrities more accessible so they can’t hide like they used to, so it won’t be the same anymore. Now it will become even harder as people will have to like them as a person too (cause their personalities are easily accessible) when before people weren’t walking around with camera phones and outing all their negative/ high handed behaviours.

Ajay Devgn??

People watch Salman shahrukh movies out of curiosity once. there movies don't have lasting impression And easily forgotten. Until the blind tapori fans will watch these 50plus actors movies who still play collegeboys. Well they'll make merry. Personally I can't watch these faces any more. I dont watch Salman's movies at all.

Zero, Veer, Thugs of Hindustaan.

Respect their hard work not easy at all

Whoever these losers bringing women leads here talk about one actress who lead? Oh wait that Ash PR CRYING for her name

She should have mentioned ajay as well.

He is right ...they have ruled for so long exclude Akshy

True. These days only content rules. One will never see stars dominating for long periods.

Akshay Kumar is a star only on the past decade, Salman, Aamir and SRK are in a league of their own and AK doesn’t stand anywhere close.

U might not be their fan but he's right, they r the only ones who have pulled it off for so long.. atleast he is aware that it will fade away eventually and it's something he's always been aware of.

Ajay Devgn is so underrated and has had as many hit as them and been there just as long.

Backwards comment from a backwards thinking man. Always men being mentioned, when women are killing it more than you all.

Could u name one woman who's lasted as long as the Khans and carried films on her shoulders for this long and has been as successful?! We're talking about stars who've lasted for more than THREE DECADES which is NOT an easy task.. atleast give them credit when they deserve it.

Akshay is in his own lane, and is a SUPERSTAR

Actually Akshay is killing it consistently and is the biggest star of all these at present.

Yes, none of these young people can pull it off like them

Yes they’re stars but not for long if they don’t get any more good scripts. SRK this last decade has suffered a lot.

That's true btw.

Salman Khan’s ideology is getting a bit archaic and I think he needs to think about his retirement plan.

True and Ajay is somewhere in his own lane.

Agree. All other actors are in the rat race still.

They’re the only superstars, he’s right.

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