Salman Khan speaks on Radhe & facing competition from the younger generation: ‘If a film flops, I work harder’

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Salman Khan speaks on Radhe & facing competition from the younger generation: ‘If a film flops, I work harder’

Salman Khan starrer Radhe almost met with an existential response from the audience. Some of his last films including Tubelight, Race 3, and Dabangg 3 failed to get etched in the audience’s memory. Radhe has now garnered the worst score for any Salman film on IMDB by being as low as 1.7. Perhaps audiences felt the need to express their disappointment from the mega-star who otherwise delivers stratospheric blockbusters. Radhe’s trailer was a blowhorn to the film that seemingly got disliked by the fans and some even wrote on social media that it was a long time coming. 

According to a report in Dainik Bhaskar, Salman spoke about facing competition from the new generation and said, “Now at the age of 55-56, I am doing what I used to do at the age of 14-15. That's because the young generation has Tiger Shroff. Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh, Tiger Shroff, and Aayush Sharma are coming now so we will have to work harder." Salman spoke about attaching himself to the work ‘24x7’ and understanding that audiences appreciate the hard work as they can see the blood and sweat pouring on-screen with honesty. 

“I have taken it as a 24x7 job. I just work. That's all I want to do. If a film flops, I work harder. I realised that when you put your blood and sweat into something and give your best, the audience understands your hard work. And it appreciates it, too," added Salman to further elaborate on his point. No official announcement has been made so far but Salman will reportedly be seen in Pathan and Tiger 3 playing the same character. He is also acting and co-producing Aayush Sharma starrer Antim: The Final Truth.

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Anonymous : He should leave Bollywood and film industry and sit home.
REPLY 4 2 months ago
Anonymous : Salman should not change the ideas of director, it affects the movie, he just need to focus on his acting don't worry fans kyuki Tiger Abhi Jinda Hai. He will roar back like Tiger.
REPLY 5 2 months ago
Anonymous : The Tiger is now old and toothless. Time to hang boots and walk in sunset. Philanthropy is the way to his redemption.
REPLY 3 2 months ago
Anonymous : Salman cannot act cannot dance and too old gor certain roles. Radhe movie is absurd.
REPLY 9 2 months ago
Anonymous : Its time for you to reinvent and do age appropriate roles for f*ks sake, raadhe was a cringe fest sorry
REPLY 10 2 months ago
Anonymous : Work hard at what??! He literally became lazy and took his audiences for granted. He rightly deserves all these rotten tomatoes being thrown at him and this movie!!
REPLY 11 2 months ago
Anonymous : he surely works hard on daily basis.when he was filming Radhe he was also doing bigg boss which was running way longer than his planned schedule.he juggles so much from this commitment to that,from this shoot to that shoot,from this event to that event in 24 hrs.he sleeps less which sometimes reflects visually on screen. you can easily see his variations from bajrangi bhaijaan to sultan to tubelight ( though it was disappointed for many including his fans where he was getting beaten helplessly opposite of his image that he has of macho man) to tzh. mostly he tries to convert script in to family oriented audience. wherever he goes never seats ideal.he is a fitness freak but still for sultan he gave up on fitness to look out of shape person for portion of sultan. he is someone who don't want give up easily when it comes his job. you can see even a film federation looks at him during difficult time for financial help tells what place he holds in entire industry. he has earned so much goodwill even there are forces who wants to pull him down.there is unnecessary negativity is being created in last few months or year. he never claimed radhe is a masterpiece still all Albert Einsteins,master of physics degree holder of social media got offended and ran towards IMDb to register their fake 1 star rating some even rated without watching movie to just look like greatest keyboard warrior of centuries out of hatred.
REPLY 5 2 months ago
Anonymous : No he is not putting efforts. He is demotivated for the last 3 years. Something really wrong happening with him. As soon as he realize that’s better for him or he will be ridiculed just like SRK is being ridiculed for the last 7 years. Audience is no more forgiving. They have now access to world cinema all thanks to Netflix and Amazon. Even most uneducated people are now able to make educated choice about films. I think I wasted my 249 Rs for Radhe.
REPLY 13 2 months ago
Anonymous : Right!!
REPLY 6 2 months ago