Salman Khan takes a MASSIVE dig at the comment against Hina Khan for her Cannes 2019 appearance

During the release of Bharat song Zinda, Salman Khan was asked about the comment made on Hina Khan for her Cannes 2019 appearance. The actor chose a witty way to comment on the situation.
Salman Khan takes a MASSIVE dig at the comment against Hina Khan for her Cannes 2019 appearance Salman Khan takes a MASSIVE dig at the comment against Hina Khan for her Cannes 2019 appearance
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If you've been following Cannes 2019, you would have come across the controversy involving an acclaimed film magazine editor and Hina Khan. The TV actress made her debut at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival earlier this week. She looked ravishing in a silver embellished gown and we couldn't help but sing Rihanna's Shine Bright Like A Diamond. She looked stunning at the international film festival and made India proud. However, a renowned magazine editor took to Instagram and comment on her appearance. The editor wrote, "Cannes has suddenly become chandivali studios kya?" 

Several TV stars expressed their thoughts and found the comment distasteful. Even Khan took to social media and shared her thoughts on the issue. And now, Salman Khan has come out to show her support to the Bigg Boss contestant. The Bharat actor, who was recently interacting with the press about his recently released song Zinda from his upcoming movie, was asked about the controversy. At first, the actor confessed he had not come across the comment. 

But when he was informed about the incident, the actor sarcastically called the move by the editor responsible. He said, "That's very responsible of that editor to make a comment like that." 

He added, "Very thoughtful of the editor to make a comment like that on Hina. I don't understand kya kehna chah rahe the. Cannes is Chandivali or has Chandivali has gone to Cannes?" 

Check out the video below: 

Meanwhile, Hina took to social media to react on the editor's comment and said, "I was persistent, I m constant n I will b efficient again n again again. Don’t know where I belong, don’t know if I have to, as d Place don’t define me! Bcause as always I will work my a** off n I will make my own PLACE. My promise,a proud outsider from my Chandiwali studios." 

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Jitesh Pillai has apologised for his comment. Thank god better sense prevailed . He is himself from Vashi and must be knowing how SOBO townie snobs look down upon others . Entitlement is always preceded by a sense of inferiority. Respect everyone who has worked hard to get where they are . More power to all women who Rise Above Snobbery!!

WHeter yougo get alife guys like it or not thee is no one more wittier than our Bhaijaan

Who is she? And are they invited to Cannes or go there on their own? If they are invited then what are her credentials? I’m sure there are more deserving people out there. And if she’s gone there on her own, then why care a f**k?

5 stars to jitesh for speaking the offense but she is not worthy of walking international red carpets

She's ugly af

People do understand Salman’s comment sarcastically trolles Jiteah? Thank you Salman for supporting Hina!

what does chandivali mean...plz explain??

I would like to know too as I don't know since I have been living in the States for 20+years

Shameless salman khan, just no how to defend katrina kaif n praise her, without salman shes nothing

if its for tv actresses, there are so many beautiful and talented ones ..then why this average actor?

Jitesh is right after all.

Proved by himself

Men will be men.. they cant take when woman get achievements for their hardwork

Seriously why cant ppl can appreciate someones hard work..

The magazine editor is none other than Jitesh Pillar ( filmfare) ...PV please mention the editor name in this article

Love Salman

True what the editor said
Koi b uthta hai cannes me jaata hai

I bet had Salman been the one to make that comment about Hina, that magazing editor would have been the first one to attack Salman for it and defend Hina.. such r double standards.. BTW, what's her problem that Hina went there?! Did she pay for it?! Mallika goes there almost every year though she has no work so what's the big deal?!

*I just learned that the editor is a man.. but really what's his problem that Hina went there?! Does he have an issue with her?!

Ghanta Witty ..Salman khan is just a woman beater..Not a Witty.

Mummy ko mara tha tere

Get lost. Salman is a proved abuser.

Proved by whom?!

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