Salman Khan on working with Alia Bhatt in Inshallah: She is a godown of talent and I have no talent

Currently, Salman Khan is busy promoting Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat opposite Katrina Kaif and the film will hit the screens on June 5, 2019.
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Whenever there is a Salman Khan release- be it on Eid, Christmas or Diwali, the buzz around the film reaches sky high and ditto for Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat. Ever since the trailer of Bharat was dropped online, all of Salman Khan fans have been super thrilled to watch the film on Eid i.e. June 5, 2019. As we speak, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are promoting the film in full swing and post Bharat, Salman Khan will full-fledge start shooting for Dabangg 3.

Ahead of Bharat’s release, another news that has all of bhai fans elated is the fact that Salman Khan will be reuniting with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and share screen space with Alia Bhatt for the first time. In an interview, Salman said that although Bhansali and Salman are reuniting after almost two decades, but when it comes to their bond, nothing has changed. “Whenever he and I meet, there is this connect it’s just not an actor-director relationship. Just because he was working with other actors, it didn’t have to hamper or spoil our equation. I work with other directors too, so should he. Now, we will be collaborating on this very sweet love story,” Salman informed Mirror.

Besides Bhansali, what has all of Salman Khan fans excited is the news that bhai will be working with Alia Bhatt and when Salman was quizzed about Alia Bhatt, he was all praises for the Raazi actor as he said, “See how she’s turned it around, from a student to now, it’s beautiful! And no one can take credit for her growth except Alia herself! Jo bhi bole humne usse banaya hai is not to be believed. It’s Alia who has honed her talent.” But knowing Salman and his sense of humor, he said that while Alia is a godown of talent, Salman has no talent. “A godown of talent will be meeting with a bundle of talent....actually there’s no talent here,” laughs Salman Khan.



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Post Bharat, Salman Khan will get back to the shooting of Dabangg 3 opposite Sonakshi Sinha and while the cast and crew have wrapped up the first schedule of the film in Maheshwar, the second schedule will kick-start in Mumbai and the film is slated to release in December 2019.

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no one can take credit for her growth? really? the fact is that she is the most supported and backed up actress in the industry. the fact that he needs to mention proof that the whole industry knows shes not responsible for her own growth. growth comes from opportunity. without, she would be no where.

Race ws hit
Tubelight ws average
Jai ho ws average
His films better than other stars hit films

Promotion and acknowledgment is good but focus on self and accepting the reality is equally good and healthy. It will increase the focus and awareness and people around you would appear more confident and it shall strike the balance and equally good for your fans and audiences.

Well you may judge yourself with no talent, but the audience knows it otherwise and that's why you get blockbusters and it got proved movies after movies. Talent means God's gift in grace and then you develop on it with hard work. Be humble but not to this extend.

Imagine if Bharat flops, this will 100% flop, he will be worse off than SRK.

Ha ha yeah salman you will go down with her ...line of flops coming. She is the most hated actress- you got to be likable to be a hit or a star- she does not have any qualities. Acting to bacho se bhi karwa sakte hai but to hit the right note with public is hard work.
In recent months she has worked hard to damage all her fake goodie image. Downfall already started.

I love Salman. He’s a superstar and hasn’t been for decades. It’s hillarious when people hate on him and predict flops for him. Even if his movies flop he is still the Salman Khan lol. Also I think he I fond of Alia. He’s mentioned her before. It makes sense Bc hes known her for all her life. Also people Salman has a colorful Sense of humor and not everyone gets it. That’s who’s he is. TAKE it or leave it he doesn’t care and he’s never going to change. ALLlthe reasons why people like me love him.


She may have talent but she is an average looker not beautiful as aish dp kat kreena pc anushka she is not suitable for the insaallah

Alia Byatt as much as they shove her down our throats and we have to put up with all the RK foolishness, is one of the most natural talents to have come out of that backwards industry.

I cannot wait for when she matured and takes over! When she realises her worth and can manage her career and life for herself. And of course, when she drops RK like a piping hot potato, because she is far too good for that guy.

She’s giving actors a run for their money and has achieved in film what they wished, in a very short period of time. She just needs to keep her head strong, and will go so far In’shaAllah.

By all chances this man has lost it .don't worry your film Bharat will be flopping

Bhai ka sense of humour bht he badia hai .hahahaha

Lol. Will like to read Rangolis reaction to this

Papa Jo will be smiling the entire day after reading this

Salman you are the biggest star India has ever produced

If he had no talent he wouldn’t have been where he is now...

Septic tank

Ofcourse you have to praise alia because there is no other option.This year she had 2 releases in first half of the year and next year she will have 6 releases.

You are spot on Salman. You and talent are miles apart from each other. Keep surviving on your stardom. That's all you can hope for.

And you are going down in talent

Never have truer words been spoken. Amen.

That's big coming from Salman Khan. He rarely praises anyone really unless those people are kissing his behind.

Great you finally accepted it.

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