Salman Khan's safety is our priority, for now, says Salim Khan on death threats to superstar

Salim Khan confirms that Salman Khan has received death threats and that their priority, for now, is to ensure his safety. Salman has been asked to remain cautious by the Mumbai police.
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It was only recently that the news of Salman Khan receiving death threats had gone viral. According to reports, Rajasthan gangster Lawrence Bishnoi had threatened to kill Salman while the superstar was in Jodhpur for a hearing. 

“Salman Khan will be killed here, in Jodhpur…Then he will come to know about our real identity,” he was heard saying. 

Post that, Salman returned to the city and had already resumed shooting for Race 3 along with Jacqueline Fernandez. However, the shoot of the movie was stopped by Mumbai police on Wednesday and Salman was taken to his home after threats continued.

A source from the sets of the film told a leading tabloid, “The police arrived at the Race 3 set in Film City and told Salman and producer Ramesh Taurani that the shoot had to be stopped immediately as the actor needed to head home as soon as possible. Salman was escorted in another car by six cops, while his own car was driven back to his residence by another group of cops.” 

A senior police officer told the tabloid, “We are taking Bishnoi’s threat seriously but we have assured Salman that he will receive maximum police protection. We are also investigating the motive behind Bishnoi’s threat to Salman.”

Now, a leading daily has Salim Khan confirming the news. Salim Khan was quoted saying, "While I don’t know the exact details about when he left the sets, I do know that there were some threats. But Salman has a good team of security personnel. This is not the first time that he is getting such threats. In this industry, people keep getting such threats a lot.”

He further added, “The only action we are taking is to make sure that Salman is safe. He is going to the shoots normally right now.”

It is said that the death threats are related to the blackbuck poaching case which was brought up by the Bishnoi community. 

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Salman is getting threats, left, right centre in last few years... Whether from big boss candidates when they get eliminated, which is part of the format, which then media plays at full volume or now from such groups. Health of the country does not sound good when you are constantly hearing such things.

Country will have to work very hard to bring in safety at work place, on streets.. N restore the confidence that such things are not repeated or encouraged.

We will target him in febinshAllah

LOL it will be funny if someone traces this trolls IP and drags him out.... This is a threat and theres ground to take charge

Jesus always protect my brother from all problem and keep him safely..
Have marce on him. Amen

Stay safe Salman !

Don't famous people get death threats all the time? This one must be serious.

Karma is hitting u for killing innocent in footpath..n kiiling animals for fun

Now karma is hitting back at this murderer

Of course! He is their cash cow. Entire family including his brother in laws enjoy a luxury lifestyle because of him.

Because he is our ATM machine and we are all jobless people in the family. We need to protect our money bag

Stay safe Salu

May God always protect Salman! Amen

Please pray for all his victims as well; the endangered animals he killed and the few homeless people he killed as well. Thank you.

You are sweet...

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