Sanjay Dutt leaves fans upset as he ignores daughter Trishala Dutt in the National Girl Child Day wish post

Trishala Dutt's absence in Sanjay Dutt's National Girl Child Day post has left his fans fuming.
Sanjay Dutt leaves fans upset as he ignores daughter Trishala Dutt in the National Girl Child Day wish post
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On the National Girl Child Day, Sanjay Dutt posted a sweet message for all daughters with a lovely picture of himself with daughter Iqra. While the post was indeed cute, Twitterati couldn't digest the fact that Trishala Dutt was not a part of the post and trolled Dutt heavily for the same. Twitterati called Sanjay out for the apparent partiality. Iqra is Sanjay Dutt's younger daughter with Maanayata Dutt while Trishala is Dutt's eldest daughter with first wife Richa Sharma. 

In the photo shared by Dutt, his adorable little girl is seen all smiles while he kisses her forehead. Sanjay posted the photo with a caption stating, "My daughter is my treasure. I pray that every girl child is given the love and care they deserve! #NationalGirlChildDay" It is no secret that Dutt's life has been full of controversy which was shown in his biopic directed by Rajkumar Hirani. 


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The movie saw Ranbir Kapoor play the role of Dutt and while a lot of questions were raised on the intentions behind the movie, Ranbir's performance as Dutt was applauded and how! Dutt has always had a family man image in media in the last couple of years and this post came as a surprise to his fans. Here's how Twitterati reacted to the post:

Meanwhile, on the work front, Sanjay has been juggling between the shoots of his two upcoming films - Shamshera and Panipat. He will be seen as the main antagonist in both the movies. 


I want to know what happened to other Sanjay from years ago who was affectionate about his daughter and sisters- it’s like a new person emerged in recent years

In old 90s interviews of Sanjay , he expressed so much affection for daughter, even trishala mentionehe missed

I don’t know what makes him neglect Trishala, if I were him I would have brought her to India and spent the rest of my life with her, or at least try to be with her more often if doesn’t want to move to India. I feel all his life someone or the other controlled him, now his wife controls him. So Trishala is kinda out of his life. PV please post this.

I feel bad for Trishala but she’s a strong woman..

She doesn’t know how lucky she is that she far away from this irresponsible n terrible man. She has an amazing life far away from all this drama.

Trishala doesn't exist. Watch Sanju. Imagine a biopic is made on your father and he literally decided to cut you out of the movie, your very existence out of his life, because it makes his image look bad with Richa and all. That is DISGUSTING. I know a lot of people in situations like Trishala here in the states... I'm sure she is much happier with her grandparents than she ever would have been stuck with the criminal actor father as a little girl as her guardian.

Nothing new.He's always neglected Trishala

The comment about Trishala not being a “girl child” is wrong. She is a child! She is her father’s child and no matter how old she turns she will always be his child.

I feel Trishala was neglected. She is so emotional if you see her talking about her dad. The girl lost her mother and dad was not there. It’s so sad.

I watched sanju there was no mention of Trishala and her mother.. I think it's not fair.. If I was her I would have heartbroken

well actually he did nothing wrong, because it's girl CHILD day, and Trishala is not a child!

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