Sanjay Dutt on Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘I have had less than 10 girlfriends’ comment: I bet his count must be more

At the trailer launch of Sanju, when Ranbir Kapoor was asked about his relationships, he had said that he has had less than 10 girlfriends. Sanjay Dutt commented on it in an interview.
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Sanjay Dutt’s biopic Sanju starring Ranbir Kapoor has done phenomenal business at the box office. The film showcases Sanjay Dutt’s life from his drug addiction phase to his days in the jail.

In the film, Ranbir Kapoor who plays Sanjay Dutt claims that he has slept with 308 women. When asked about this in an interview with India Today, Sanjay Dutt said, “I just felt that the count must be 308. Now, I don't know their names and I don't know their... I haven't kept count that way. Even in the film, it's like that. He says, 'Maybe itna hoga.' It was quite a big score.”

This line was a part of the film’s trailer. At the trailer launch, when Ranbir Kapoor was asked about it, he said that he has had less than 10 girlfriends. He was quoted saying, “Well, my girlfriend count is less than ten.”

Sanjay Dutt responded to Ranbir Kapoor’s comment in the interview and said, “I bet his count must be more than 10.”

He commended Ranbir for his performance in the film and said, “Ranbir was much much better than the real Sanju. He is really come across so well that I couldn't find any flaws.”

When asked about critics’ questioning the film and calling it an attempt to whitewash his image, Sanjay Dutt said, “I don't think anybody would spend Rs 30-40 crore to change his image. That is too much of money. Whatever they say is their point of view. I have told the truth. The truth has been accepted by India. I am happy that people have accepted my life and learnt from it.”


Dumb old man and his mini-me in the making

Do Swara, Sonam, Twinkle and Kareena not feel like vaginas when their friends Sanjay and Ranbir are talking about women as commodities. Hypocrite nepo kids

In the movie, Anushka's character asks him "How many women have you slept with other your wife?". And he says 308 including pro$tit#tes. So the number 308 was not of his girlfriends but of the number of women he has slept with. And showing off that count as an achievement is damn cheap and disgusting.

big whoop, you still ended up in jail

Shame on you both! And shame on their fans

“I don't think anybody would spend Rs 30-40 crore to change his image. That is too much of money."
But one must have had expected a huge return on investment after investing 30-40 crores which eventually, the movie managed to fetch it i.e 280 crores so far. Therefore, I think that statement is not so convincing or valid.

Tinder will sue

His 'count' must be more? What is this, high school? And what are women, some commodities that you sleep with and add to your 'count'?
This is misogynistic and disturbing on so many levels. And the fact that the media and most of the country doesn't find this downright disgusting and offensive is even more disturbing.

what they learn from your life both of you are filthy

he is a liar

Misogynistic beasts! They claim to be modern n liberated but they only get a high by counting the number of women they have slept with?? And they are icons of this generation! Wow!! No wonder this country is the rape capital of this world! If an actress had said the same thing about sleeping with multiple men, she would have been labeled by now

They both are disgusting womanisers

Gfs may be 10, but one night stands he may have lost a

Ranbir is on the right path to qualify for his own biopic in a couple of decades!

With the acting talent he has, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a biopic on him.

Oh gawd

Ranbir will never marry .he is next Salman In making nor Neetu will let him marry.and Ayaan is also there:)

That could be correct as Ranbir was talking about girls whom he's had an actual relationship with . Making out with random women doesn't qualify and this is a man who admitted to being on Tinder .Give him time to beat the Dutt record . We all know that Sanjay's own "308 girlfriends" is only a polite euphemism for something else .

But I thought Ranbir was going for image correction these interviews is only spoiling his image more .in his own interviews he is saying I do nicotine,I did drugs,I hv drinking problem why is he limelightin dear things.if he want image correction?

This statement is only about the 'love life' (or whatever word u'd use to describe it) . Ranbir at some point must have realized that he was being talked about only for his merry-go-round with DP, Katrina , Mahira and all the others. The movies were flopping & he needed to be taken seriously for his work . The booze ,ciggies & drugs were mistakes he's owning up to . Now he's trying to correct the Casanova image by projecting Alia as the real deal.

Even with Alia the real deal he's being talked about his love life more so what's new

Image correction, he should learn to respect women, and people in general. Be a good person, be real, this should be it, womanizer, playboys, are 1950's mind sets, there is a Me to Movement going on world over!

We all know Ranbir lied! Lol

buhaha so much for ranbir's image correction


He only likes daal chawaal.

Ranbir liked biryani's neetu wants him to like dal chawal and currently he is dating aloo paratha

This aloo paratha comment is super funny

Wow! What next? measuring penis sizes?

Oh, come on, chill. What is wrong with you these days.

Did the P word offend your sensibilities? How is their talk of girl friends better than measuring dicks contest?

He had less than ten girlfriends because he doesn't count all the random hook ups and girls he made fools of because they believed they were in a relationship with him but he just viewed them as casual toys. That's what Neetu has taught him.

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