Sanjay Dutt on which of his kids Trishala, Shahraan & Iqra may become an actor: Want my 3 children to be happy

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Sanjay Dutt on which of his kids Trishala, Shahraan & Iqra may become an actor: Want my 3 children to be happy (pic credit - Iqra Dutt/Instagram)

For every kid, the bliss of spending time with their grandparents is one of the biggest joys in life. But, unfortunately, Sanjay Dutt’s kids did not get to even meet their grandparents. Sanjay and Maanayata’s twins Shahraan and Iqra were born in 2010 but the PK actor’s father Sunil Dutt passed away in 2005 and his mother Nargis Dutt passed away in 1981. Although the kids did not get a chance to even know their grandparents, they have found a way to stay connected to them, revealed Sanjay in an interview. 

We all got to witness the characters of Sunil Dutt and Nargis Dutt in his biopic Sanju. Well, even the actors own kids like to watch the movie Sanju because it shows their grandparents well. In an interview with Filmfare Middle East, Sanjay revealed, “Their all-time favourite is the film Sanju! Unfortunately, they haven't met their grandparents. Seeing that film, they felt close and connected to them, especially Shahraan has so many questions to ask about his grandparents.” 

In the same interview, Sanjay Dutt opened up about his three kids, the two twins with Maanayata Dutt and his daughter with first wife Richa Sharma. When asked which of his three kids is most likely to become an actor, Sanjay said, “I just want all my three children to be happy and passionate about whatever they do. I am still acting today because I truly love what I do and I want the same for them. Between them- Trishala is a psychiatrist and is doing so well as a counsellor. She loves her work and I am so proud of her. Between my younger two, Shahraan is bent towards football. In fact, he recently fractured his foot while playing. Right now, he's passionate about the game, but I still feel he has all the makings of an actor - he's observant, intelligent, loves dancing and can charm people with his humour. Iqra is more of an artist - her paintings are incredible and so beautiful. It's hard to believe someone her age could paint so beautifully!”

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Anonymous : He would never let his daughters become actors as he mentioned multiple times in his previous interviews in which he said that he 'Dutt girls don't get into acting' or 'I will break Trishala's legs if she tried to become actor' now he know due to widespread reach of social media he can face heavy beckleash for his misogynistic views thus he very cleverly mentioned that only Shahreen has leanings of an actor purposely skipping his daughters especially younger one who still has chance
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Anonymous : if she's a counsellor, then she's a psychologist, not a psychiatrist.
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Anonymous : Yes.. But unforunately psychiatrists love to jump and rule the field of psychologist....
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