Sanjay Dutt's daughter Trishala Dutt upset over omission of late mother Richa Sharma from Sanju?

Sanjay Dutt's biopic Sanju has omitted the actor's first marriage with Richa Sharma as well as his daughter Trishala Dutt. Reports suggest that Trishala is not happy about not being acknowledged in Sanju along with her mom.
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Sanjay Dutt's biopic, Sanju may be hitting fours and sixes at the domestic box-office but many have criticised the movie for overlooking many aspects of Sanjay's life that they would have liked to witness on screen.

One of the main omissions from Sanju's life has been of his first wife, Richa Sharma. For the uninitiated, Sanjay and Richa fell in love and married in 1987. Richa left her career on Sanjay's insistence and the couple had a daughter, Trishala Dutt. However, two months after Trishala was born, Richa was diagnosed with a brain tumour and she stayed in New York until her death in 1996. 

Trishala is now residing in New York with her grandparents but is extremely close to Sanjay as well. However, according to DNA, it seems that Trishala is not the happiest about not being acknowledged in the movie along with her deceased mother, both of whom have played very crucial roles in Sanjay's life. 

On the other hand, Sanjay's current wife Maanayata Dutt has a prominent role in the film. When it comes to Sonam's character, director and Sanjay's close friend Rajkumar Hirani explained that her character Ruby was an amalgamation of many women who Sanjay dated. 

We wonder too as to why Richa, Trishala as well as Sanjay's second wife Rhea Pillai were not even mentioned in Sanju?

Meanwhile, Sanju is soon heading to the Rs 200 crore club at the domestic box-office. Ranbir Kapoor's performance as Dutt has been applauded by the audience and critics alike.

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This movie is nothing but an exercise to white wash Sanju's image so that hirani can revive munnabhai series with real sanju. and Richa chapter does not fit white lies.

im sure she would rather not have her mothers life and the pain her mother went through due to caner and sangay's behavior be put on screen for all to see

So sad he didn't put daughter

Ironic that the caption ends with a question mark. Folks who’ve seen the movie will understand.

It blows my mind how you guys believe this stuff.
You think she’s doesn’t communicate with her dad directly? He probably sat his whole family down and told them about the script to prepare them.
Madhuri was taken out per her request, how do you know sanjay didn’t want to include his daughter to protect her privacy.
Even Namrata and priya had very limited roles.

raju hirani's fake image will come out one day. look how his movies are always about men. women are given least importance in all his movies. His mentor vindu vinodh chopra had strong roles for women. but hirani happy working to clean up images of gundas.

Unfortunately that has always been the trend. How many memorable female characters can you recall from Amitabh or Salman Khan’s super hit films?

Madhuri is now happy with her family but she will pay for her sins!

what sins? any smart, sensible, family oriented girl will want to stay away from drugs and terrorism.

It's a movie to cleanup Sanjay Dutt's image. So those points are purposefully avoided where he couldn't be justified! If Salman is friends with Raju Hirani, he can plan for another such biopic, then Ranbir and so on!

It should not be called a biopic. Even greats like Raju Hirani and Abhijat Joshi can make mistakes.

Greats?! The only great Film Hirani has delivered is Munnabhai MBBS that he himself wrote and directed. Since his collaborated with lame and immature Abhijat Joshi, his quality has gone downhill and they have only delivered OTT content. Three Idiots was juvenile at its best, PK was another embarrassment. As far as Sanju is concerned, I haven't even bothered to consider watching the film. Abhijat Joshi has dragged down Hirani to his level and that's sad. Hirani was truly one good filmmaker.

His daughter has the right to be upset. Richa sharma was an important part of sanjay dutt’s life. It was shocking to know they didnt show her part in the movie.

Yeah, even me as a non fan thought that Trishala and her mom character should have been featured... if they were included with Madhuri affair, the movie because it is a biopic would have made more sense... but i guesses they didn't put it because of then they would had to relate Madhuri into it....

Sonam was Tina Ambani

sonam was maudhri , i guess !!
ruby married doctor in NY same as madhuri married doctor in States! they might have change the story

Sonam was not Madhuri. Sanjay was dating Madhuri when he was a star and married to Richa Sharma. She cut ties with him when he was accused of terrorism.

This is the reason I am least bothered about the movie. Biopic should be of real incidents and show main roles played by people involved in his/her life. Farzi biopic, where they have shown only the ones they want to and just portrayed him as a gem of a person.

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