Sanjay Kapoor on Shanaya's Bollywood debut: She has just finished her 12th standard; she's working towards it

Even before getting into the world of showbiz, Sanjay Kapoor's daughter Shanaya Kapoor has a huge fan following on the social media. In an interview, Sanjay was asked about her Bollywood debut.
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Sanjay Kapoor's daughter Shanaya Kapoor is a star in her own right. Even before getting into the world of showbiz, the star kid has a huge fan following on the social media. Not just that, she even has fan clubs on Instagram. Shanaya's cousin Janhvi Kapoor is already making her Bollywood debut and now fans want to see her on the big screen. 
In an interview with DNA, Sanjay Kapoor was asked about daughter's Bollywood debut and he said  she is "working towards it". 
Talking about her Bollywood debut, he said, "Honestly, I really don't know when that will happen. She has just finished her 12th standard and she's working towards it. But she hasn't signed anything till now; she's too young. Hopefully, soon enough."
Sanjay is a protective father but also understand the privacy aspect of his daughter. On this, he told the daily, "I do feel protective about her. She has a private account on Instagram. But few things are beyond our control. She’s a young girl who will go out for movies or to restaurants. We’re not going to lock her up in the house just because a photograph will get clicked."
Sanjay also has an advice for his daughter. He doesn't her to take both appreciation and criticism seriously. "We have told her not to take the praises or criticism seriously. You just have to keep working hard and be focused. However, she has been quite fortunate as most of the times people talk very sweetly about her. So, I am really grateful for that," he added. 
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atleast janhvi's got sridevi's genes... with that there is hope
shanaya kapoor has maheep and sanjay kapoor's genes.
star material totally i guess.

Kapoors are breeding an uneducated race. Go pursue a career on your own two feet and will. Have some self respect and dignity, dont be Karan's muppets who are willing to sleep with anybody and dance on his tunes.

The only talented person in this whole Kapoor family is Sridevi. And the only one who is not a star kid. Take a hint

but of course. If Sonam Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Jhanvi Kapoor can they why n ot her? Some day Bollywood movie watcher will wake up but until then mediocrity and nepotism .rules. Look at Saif's daughter, she hasn't even proven herself but already has two movies under her belt. We've forgotten what true talent and beauty look like. Plastic & photoshop it is.

This is really sad! How can you guys comment on her face? Looks like these kind of ppl in the audience doesnt deserve to watch movies! Sick and pathetic! Have fear of god atleast! I forgot maximum ppl here commenting are the ones got rejected by the directors LOL!!

What do you mean how can we? This silly girl thinks she can be an actress, and will be handed the opportunity PR machine and all to do it. She will be forced up on us and in fact she already is being so. We have every right to comment on her face and whether we want to see her onscreen. IF her face resembles a mule we can say it. She is not a pretty girl. She is fair and her last name is Kapoor. Her little entitled self should get used to to the fact that we as an audience owe her nothing.

please post pinkvilla. if the commentary can dissuade her from wasting space on the silver screen and preferably pursue an actual education it will be worth it.

Because she's a satr kid. They have it all, and in future they will hae a career on a plate. So if they didn't struggle, as any other actors, they should be perfect to deserve and justify the ease with which they have received what others are given with the struggle.

Now we have a cat lady trying to work as an actress

She already acts like she’s a big star. And Maheep acts like she’s Nutan. So it’s already there!

Who is Maheep and how do you know this girl acts like a big star? Paparazzi unecessarily make them feel important by chasing them around with cameras.

please allow her to educate herself in the world. bollywood is not the place anyone should realize their womanhood/ manhood.

everyone from this generation of this family is so untalented...sonam arjun harshvardhan jahnvi and now this girl. only anil and sridevi were good, apart from that noone else

Even khushi has got her nose done see her previous pics. She had a massive nose.

Let’s not forget the lips....2 for 1 special, perhaps

Another nepo kid. Jhanvi, khushi, ananya, shanaya, suhana, Ahaan, Alaana, Aryan, Ibrahim. Oh lord. We have to bear bad acting, and false claims on how hard these kids had to work for a break in the next few years.

Bollywood is doomed

Karan will have to eat his own words after launching her. The 'I only work with good looking people' claim.

Another Athiya

Hey guys these nepo kids may try but now the audience is becoming discerning with Netflix amazon prime at some point theatres will not be our main stay especially for the urban crowd so if they want to make silly mass pleasers we as sure will be turning to Netflix where some read acting happens with actual proper actors .. these star kids will become irrelevant as they are not necessarily talented

Jhanvi is Sridevi's daughter and people will flock to theatres to watch her film but who will come to watch her film? Another Atiya Shetty

Maybe Jhanvi can tell her the name of her surgeon who gave Jhanvi her lip fillers

So far all are praises for her? Who is this 'all'? Are all their last names 'Kapoor'? Please do share with us these praises, i have not had a good laugh in a long time


Best comment so far! Thanks for making me laugh it’s been a stressful day

I applaud Sara for getting her degree before entering in to Bollywood. Ananya, Jhanvi, Shanaya, pretty soon Khushi, all are just 12th pass.

In spite of that degree Sara is using her family and nepotism connections to do lame films. What is the point of education then. Even if this career fails she will never go back to a career using her education. Look at her aunt Soha, she does nothing with her education except try harder to get attention using her personal life, daughter, crap book writing about her personal life

Poor Karan baring the brunt for endorsinf nepotism. Lol

Uh.. try TV, avoid embarassing yourself with films

She will be a bigger fail than her own father

These Kapoor girls are lazy, fame hungry and desperate. They want an easy escape in to everything, do not want to work hard or earn a decent education. Kapoors breeding an uneducated race...

She has got barely average looks Yet she'll get a chance or two as Nepotism sucks

Say it together... KAPOOR!

Nepotism zindabad

Seriously? Another one?

She's too young and then...soon enough!?! Wtf sanjay lol. Obviously she is just waiting for a good offer.

Please no..

Kjo is there for them

Lol he will soon give up just watch.. he may have to take his words back that he only works with good looking people

She is like a fair chapatti! Nothing extraordinary

Another nepokid ready to be shoved down our throats. I hate this world, Where only rich and mighty get everything they wish and the rest of the world is just there to suffer and has to fight even for the basic survival. No one is there to support them. And here these nepokids have all the support in the world when they don’t even need it.

Only the talented and appreciated survive and continue, rest die down

Great, another one! Just what we need.

what the! now we have to see her too?! She's atrocious looking!!!

not one more!

This is getting really silly!!

Nepotism sucks

Just finished 12th ? Woaah looks like she’s some 25 yrs old

having a private instagram doesnt make a person a star

usually people after 12th are 'looking towards' getting into college.
evidently none of the kapoors are smart enough to get to college.. so they all look at bollywood only.
and so mediocre looking this shanaya is!!

Nepotism zindabad

I can't believe he isn't even pretending she is planning a Bollywood career! Already given her advice on not to take fame too seriously?! Sanjay clearly wants her to have a career so that he can also stay relevant as he lost his stardom ages ago. Instead of her finding a steady job and getting married at the right age.

Ok! Another star kid is on the way. Don’t worry kjo will be there

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