Sanju: Rajkumar Hirani reveals Anushka Sharma's look; BUT keeps her character a mystery

Sanju's director Rajkumar Hirani has revealed the first look of Anushka Sharma's character, but hasn't told about what role she is going to play in the movie.
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Rajkumar Hirani, the director of Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Sanju, has been teasing all the fans with the posters of the movie. Today, he has revealed the first look of Anushka Sharma's character, but hasn't told about what role she is going to play in the movie. 
The director tweeted, "And here is my dear friend Anushka. It’s a special appearance....but she worked on every nuance of the role for days together. Can anyone guess who she plays?....Will reveal tomorrow at the trailer launch."  
Check out the picture: 
In an earlier interview, when asked about her role in Dutt's biopic, Anushka said, "I play a fictional character in the biopic. I play someone who actually didn’t even exist in Dutt’s life. That’s all I can say right now.”
It'll be interesting to know about her character tomorrow!
Sanju’s trailer will be released on May 30, but the film is already making all the right noises. “It was difficult to play the young Sanju. There were more faces we had to show; the drugs and his mother’s loss. The fun was the Munna Bhai phase,” said Ranbir at the film’s teaser launch.
Written and directed by Hirani, the movie also stars Sonam Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Karishma Tanna, Manisha Koirala, Jim Sarbh, and Boman Irani in important roles.
Sanju is set to be released on June 29, 2018.


She looks so pretty with curly hair.

she's a lawyer. all the cast and their roles are listed on wikipedia.

Someone is really blind saying this is a remnicent of her Pari Poster! Hatred really blind jealous haters

Is it not very reminiscent of her Pari poster? She's just a nothing actress.

U need glasses

Is it not your jealousy talking? You are just a nothing hater. Pv please post


Loving this luk.Anushka lukin awesome

She looks cute. Dia is definitely Manyata, they said it. Sonam is Tina Munim. She could be Madhuri, that character is open, but when does Madhuri ever dress like this? She is some kind of professional. I'm going with lawyer too.

Karishma Tanna is playing Madhuri. They have shortened or cleaned up Madhuris part in the movie hence its just a cameo.

What's the need to take Anushka and put Kangy's hairstyle? Hirani might as well opted for Kangy. Atleast he could have cut his budget for that wig. LOL

It was the 90's, everyone's hair was like this. Anushka's is too short to do the big long curls.

Not sure if it looks like 90s curly hairstyle, but she clearly looks like Medusa (search for Medusa's pictures online, and tell me what you think, LOL)


She looks like Manyata and probably is playing her. So that means Sonam's RIcha Sharma.

She must be the Rhea Pillai or something totally cooked up.

she does resemble madhuri..maybe they have the same plastic surgeon

Her nose looks so different compared to her first movie . Lip n nose surgery has worked for her .

Nush looking Nice :)

Kangana ranaut

Kimi Katkar

She looks more like Manyata Dutt here. The casting is really funny. Dia as Manyata? Only Ranbir has to look like Sanju aur baki cast jaisa bhi dekhe chalega. Lol

She's wearing glue contacts which is unlike madhuri so she's probably just playing a side role like a lawyer etc

A side role doesn't gets featured in a poster. She defo got a pivotal role to play.

Kangana looool

His lawyer


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