Sanju: Ranbir Kapoor & Sonam Kapoor bring back the 80s romance as they lip-sync to this feel-good song Badhiya

Sanju's first song Badhiya featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor is out. The song gives a feel-good vibe and is designed to take you back to the 80s and convincingly so.
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The first song titled Badhiya from the highly anticipated movie Sanju is out and it features the quirky romance between Ranbir Kapoor aka Sanjay Dutt and his girlfriend (played by Sonam Kapoor). Badhiya intends to take us to Dutt's Rocky days bringing back the 80s feel like never before. 

The video has been shot terrifically and Sonu Nigam's voice just adds to the nostalgia. The song sees Ranbir Kapoor lip-synching to a woman's voice as he romances with his ladylove on the streets of Bombay, now Mumbai. Ranbir looks adorable as he aces the 80s look of Dutt and his dance moves throughout the song will leave you awed. Not just that, the innocent romance of the 80s is best shown and we are sure to reel under nostalgia for some time after watching this. 

To why Ranbir is seen lip-synching to a woman's voice? Well, at the beginning of his career, his father Sunil Dutt had serious doubts of Sanju's lip-synching abilities and in order to prove himself to him, Dutt had pulled off this stunt. 

Let us know your views on the song in the comments below till we return from our nostalgia trip. 

Can we also take a moment to mention how adorable Sonam looked in the song? Their expressions throughout the song are on point and the hook step has won us over. 

Sanju which releases on June 29, 2018 has been helmed by Rajkumar Hirani and also stars Anushka Sharma, Paresh Rawal, Vicky Kaushal, Manisha Koirala, Dia Mirza, Jim Sarbh in pivotal roles. 

This Day That Year


Sonam looks good.

People stop commenting wait till movie is out

Sorry hirani Sir..... usually ur movie trailer will make us egar to watch movie... all ur movie I used to watch with in a week in Chennai... still rember pk Iam 9 month carrying still don't miss us movie in theaters.. but sanju lots disappointed

Just google Sanjay dutt young pictures and you will see this really handsome but troubled man. Ranbir is too effeminate to play the masculine raw with vulnerability or weakness whatever you may call it Sanjay dutt

May be Hirani wants the movie to flop. May be he was arm twisted and he hated directing this film. Hopefully this will crash into the ground headlong.

Tina munim was so talented. Why they cast a talentless star kid for this role. Its an insult for the character of tina munim to be played by this garbage actress.

Sonam looks so pretty and more natural acting than ranbir

It's like a song from Barfi which was cut out from the movie and now they using it for Sanju. Ranbir is a good actor but he is not as versatile as bollywood people believe. He has three type of acting which he has shown in Barfi, Rockstar and Bachna Ae Haseeno. When he is doing a comedy scene then he is playing same as in BAH, when he is playing an agrresive one then it's same as in rockstar and his weirdos are all barfis. In Sanju trailer you can see all three types together. I don't know maybe he can do more and surprise us but Bollywood has spoiled him too much and he decided that what he does is enough

This song doesn’t belong in the 80’s, it is more reminiscent of the late 60’s and 70’s. That is the first problem. Ranbir looks more like he has Rajesh Khanna’s mannerisms going here and yes, it’s a mashed up version of Barfi/Ved. It’s not working, I actually liked Sonam better than him here, Ranbir is over acting waaay too much here. Sanjay was that doped up guy with the long hair who walked liked a slug (I guess it was his swag) but had that ever so charming lopsided smile which never actually reached his eyes. There is none of that in any of the scenes shown so far. I see no depth of sorrow in Ranbir’s eyes that was always visible in Sanju’s face and eyes no matter how much he smiled. Ranbir’s hand gestures are too feminine, Sanjay would actually have made fun of this actor in real life for being too effeminate and that’s the reality of why this is so bad. Sorry but this is the first time I am feeling that maybe Ranbir really is overrated as an actor. So sad.

Why judge before seeing the movie? Maybe the song is taking place in a 60s themed club. I am sure Hirani knows 60s vs 80s styles.

Even Sonam is not dressed for the 80s.

i remember the rumours coming out that rk was not happy with the way the film was shaping up. NOW we know exactly why. this is not a sanjay biopic. I have no idea who he is playing here

Jim Sarbh in the background and the two singers were better

jim is so talented

I think sonam look really good with him,he even let her go! There is something wrong with him! Who let go of beauties, for ... Less said the better! I do not get this song, the dance was cute!

What actually happened between them.Were they dating?

it seems ranbir has forgotten he was supposed to play sanjay dutt. it looks like a deleted song from Tamasha. he plays Barfi Ved and now Sanjay Dutt with the same approach. the 'happy go lucky' character. the cutesy dance moves and OTT expressions. the dialogue deliver. This is how nepotism devalue's bollywood. the big production houses, the experienced directors technicians, best PR agencies and entertainment media are all putting their energy towards these kids and not even looking for better talent


Seriously they should kill the lyricst

I couldn’t watch more than 10 seconds pure disaster

its pure pleasure watching ranbir on screen

Ok Alia..! 1st u say he is very pure and made us laugh, niw pure plasure to watch,ha ha ha

The song itself is kinda cute. The movie overall seems a bit weird and hotchpotch I can’t put my finger on it.

rk is very limited actor

Hirani's music has always been bleh, but this song was unwatchable. WHAT IS GOING ON?

The lady singer's outfit is more out of the 60s / 70s , she's dressed like Babita & Nanda in their movies . But are they not going to use his real songs - like the ones from Rocky (Kya yehi pyaar hai?) . As an anonymous writer had once pointed out to me ,it's deliberately been written in a off hand ,meant- to- be -witty way . I think Gohar is right too about Sonam playing Tina Munim . Song itself is nothing great .

no shes not. she playing Richa Sharma or Rhea Pillai

Yes , it could be Richa too though the hair style is more reminiscent of the young Tina . I think this song is meant to depict a raw , young & enthusiastic Sanjay Dutt. He met Rhea Pillai much later in the mid 90s .

But Tina wouldnt be saying the mangulsutra line. wouldnt that be one of his wives?

Could be ,unless he wanted to marry Tina & it all fizzled out . Sunil Dutt had blamed her for leaving Sanjay when the chips were down whereas it could be that he (Sanjay ) was too zonked out to have a normal relationship.

this sounds more like ranbir than sanjay life what you wrote

I have never seen Sanjay Dutt acting like that. Too much focus on looks that they forgot to work on his mannerisms and dance style.

Ranbir forgot he is playing Sanjay Dutt here completely.

This is not badhia , this is ghatiya.

Everyone should boycott Bollywood movies until they stop giving work to non talents like Sonam. Even Ranbir is mostly hype imho. Without the Kapoor tag where would he be? Skinny awkward Sonam doesn't even fit the 1980s, 90s at all. Ranbir's hair and makeup...well the less said the better.

Are you dumb? Did you not see Sonam in Neerja? And if you don't like her acting, don't watch her movies. It's simple. And Ranbir has natural talent, even if he's a star kid. Boycotting Bollywood movies just because YOU feel like they don't have talent is very extreme.

You can only name that one movie because sodumb can’t act. Even then an actress like Kangana would’ve blown Sonam away if she was in Neerja.

Having an opinion on acting is not dumb. Sonam and Ranbir’s “acting” doesn’t appeal to many people. Most people don’t watch their films judging by the many bombs they have given. If you think they are on par with Merly Streep and Robert De Niro in acting good for you. We don’t. End of story.

Hello kareena good luck for your new movie.

Foxstarindia Twitter account is torchering is by stalking on our every post. Can't use utube dere also dese people hve irritated us. Result is we are running away ffrom this movie and dis actor called ranbir

This movie is sanjay dutt's Parody :)

Sanju is not a CHAMAL CHALO!! PLEASE

lol funny part is sanju was never this expressive in movies. ranbir is too talented to play him

no the funny part is rk is too feminine to play him. sanjay was a macho guy. What is this song?

thats the point you cant play him properly

what a boring song..yawns...ranbir and Hirani can do way better..sonam also compared to this disaster.

They should have reused his old hit songs instead of this.

i have never seen sanjay act like this at all. how is this even a biopic?

where is sanjay dutt in this? is this a parody of his life?

What is this???

clearly not sanjay dutt

Seriously what is this. Is this Sanjay dutt biopic or SANJANA biopic. Hirani is gone mad. Ranbir looks feminine version of Sanju. People are gone nuts., yeh Dutt parody hai kya... Cry cry cry...chii

yes...he looks more short haired fair neetu dancing and singing...jesus...

I can't wait for this movie to release so i can stop seeing the updates everywhere.

I agree.

Epic comment


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