‘Sanskari’ actor accused of rape: Celebrities and Twitterati express disgust and anger

Producer and Writer of the serial Tara accused the lead 'sanskari' actor of sexually exploiting her. Twitterati and celebrities like Richa Chadha, Mallika Dua, Swara Bhasker and others have reacted strongly.
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Writer and producer of the popular TV serial in the 90’s Tara has spoken out today against the sexual misconduct of the lead actor of the show. She recounted the horror in a Facebook post. She shared that the lead actor was alcoholic and messed around with the female lead of the show. Vinta Nanda also accuses him of touching the lead actress inappropriately. She alleges that she was raped while returning home from his party. When Tara shut down, she directed another show in which the actor became the lead. He threatened her, harassed her on the show, so much so, that she quit directing it. She continued her association with the serial as a writer. The actor called her to his house and violated her.

Vinta does not name her in the post but writes that that ‘irony is that the man, the predator in question here is the actor par excellence who is known as the most Sanskaari person in the film and television industry’. The lead actors of the show Tara were Alok Nath and Navneet Nishan. Vinta has received immense support from not just celebrities, but even from social media users. Navneet Nishan had given an interview in which she had called Alok Nath an ‘alcoholic’.

These reports have evoked strong reaction on Twitter. Celebrities have expressed their anger and disgust. Richa Chadha, Swara Bhasker, Mallika Dua and Mini Mathur have posted tweets with their reaction to this allegation by Vinta Nanda. Twitter users are seething in anger after these allegations have surfaced.

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times up...now its time for the big dogs in the industry to get exposed...get sacred mother F""k, yure time is up

More power to women who came out

I hope the “B”ig name come out too...

this is false accusation , alok sir is a respectubel family men , i grow up watching him in movies , this women should be pouted in jail for false accusation , did she had proove or did she call the police ?? no she want fame.

Jitendra's cousin sister said he raped her.
Bigb will have many-many people who have complains for him.
Almost everyone is involved in this!!!


Some "nice"side effects of "brilliant" drink named the "alcohol"


Thank god for Tanushree's courage to stand up, speak up - It gave the courage to 100s more to stand up for themselves.

Someone expose Bachchans ...that is going to be a great movement.

I want to see evidence and eye witness to support the claims of sexual harassement. Empty claims holds no legal ground. What happened to innocent until proven guilty.

you're the kind of sick pervert that watches rape videos on their WhatsApp no doubt. You don't need any evidence, even when women in America get rape kits after being raped and swabbed in hospitals those cases STILL don't get convicted. Cases are open for years even when they are opened.

Wow! Really?! How do you gather evidence of a rape then? Care to explain? Whatever happened to if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything.

How does one exactly get proof of being sexually assaulted and raped ? What proof does aloknath have of not being guilty ?

How does one exactly get proof of being sexually assaulted and raped ? What proof does aloknath have of not being guilty ?

this is tip of the iceberg. now women have been emboldened to come out against the smaller actors. everyone is too afraid of the big stars. for some of them it is their bread and butter so they can't speak out

More power to all the women that are speaking up, others supporting the women speaking up. The world will be better because of this. The work place will be much safer for women. No one will dare to abuse, harass, threaten or disempower a woman.

My friend lives in the same building he lives in. She use to tell me he’s a big time tharki and would laugh off these babuji jokes coz she had seen his behavior and cheap side

This was probably the worst to come out so far. Not to devalue others' experiences (I have been on the receiving end of multiple instances of workplace harassment myself), I know how traumatizing it can be, but in a way we have almost normalized "minor" abuses, be it a brush of a hand, lewd talks or uncomfortable glares. I know it's sad but that's something almost every working woman has experienced at least once in her life. This on the other hand is rape, an extremely violent one. My support to Vinta ma'm and I seriously hope he gets punished. I'm just angry now and I can't let go of this. It's as if every painful memory is flooding back to me. Girls please keep fighting, keep supporting each other. Let's heal together, we've been alone for far too long!

Yeah Babuji the jerk!

OMG. Alok Nath. I won’t ever be able to watch HAHK and Maine pear kiya. Hats off to this women who brought him down. What an a@#*#%

Omg this is really heart breaking, I have no words left, I really hope these aholes get what they deserve, arrest him and put him in jail but hey no proof, so he will not go to jail...makes me feel sick..

I guess this is just the beginning

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