Sara Ali Khan had 'rolled doobies', I've smoked the same with her: Rhea Chakraborty in NCB chargesheet

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Sara Ali Khan had 'rolled doobies', I've smoked the same with her: Rhea Chakraborty in NCB chargesheet.

Content Warning: This article includes references to drugs consumption.  

A part of Rhea Chakraborty's confession to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has now come forward as Zee News gained access to the chargesheet. The document which dates back to September 2020 includes references to 2017 when Sara Ali Khan and Rhea Chakraborty used to hang out together. The duo were also snapped time and again by the paparazzi after their gym sessions.

The accessed document of Rhea's statement to the NCB makes some startling revelations. In the NCB chargesheet, Rhea admitted that back in 2017, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter, actress Sara Ali Khan offered her marijuana and vodka. The statement was recorded in connection with the Sushant Singh Rajput case.

Reportedly, in the statement, Rhea confessed that in 2017, there were "some conversations related to drugs, which she was suggesting as a remedy for a hangover." Rhea further stated that Sara spoke about "ice-cream and marijuana" that the Coolie No. 1 actress uses and was offering it as a suggestion for "pain relief". She, however, clarified that this was merely a WhatsApp discussion and never actually happened.

Apparently, in the second half of the document, Rhea wrote about some other conversations which involved the word 'doobie'. As per Zee News report, Rhea's statement read, "Sara used to have rolled "doobies" with her. Doobies are marijuana joints. On a few instances, I have smoked the same with her. She used to provide me with the 'doobie'".

Towards the end, the statement also mentioned that Sara offered to "bring vodka and marijuana". Last year, under NCB's drug-related charges, Rhea spent close to a month in a Mumbai jail. As for Sara, the actress was also summoned by the NCB alongside Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh.          

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Anonymous : share a doobie, share a boyfriend, no big deal
REPLY 10 1 month ago
Anonymous : Now she is the times' most desirable woman of the year 2021 ahead of disha, dipika, katrina etc.
REPLY 6 1 month ago
Anonymous : And Bollywood still wants to support these girls?? Boycott Sara & Rhea, seriously if you don't think there is something wrong in this industry OPEN YOUR EYES! #justiceforssr #bullywood
REPLY 19 1 month ago
Anonymous : SSR and Disha were murdered, it's not a simple suicide!!
REPLY 14 1 month ago
Anonymous : I don't think that Sara is a bad person.. She is a young person who dates.. and who sometimes rolls joints.. it doesn't make her a bad person.
REPLY 7 1 month ago
Anonymous : murderer, gold digger. die in hell
REPLY 12 1 month ago
Anonymous : Bottomline , SSR was messed up mentally , used drugs and medications to resolve it.Failed and ultimately took his own life.Happens daily to hundreds of people all over the world.Lets not make it too complicated.
REPLY 20 1 month ago
Anonymous : Bottom line, Sushant was surrounded by people who contributed to his messed up mind and world is watching for courts to decide if this amounts to abetment of suicide.
REPLY 22 1 month ago
Anonymous : Exactly you made my point, he was mentally weak and fragile so people around him contributed but ultimately he is the one who used it . If you are mentally tough, no one can force you to use drugs, He is not a 3 year old, people could through real tragedy like the death of a child with out using drugs , thats real pain, Karan johar doesnt like you is not real pain.
REPLY 2 1 month ago
Anonymous : arrogant Sara getting her karma
REPLY 26 1 month ago
Anonymous : If sadhus do it then it's legal but celebs do it then illegal? What a banana republic.
REPLY 16 1 month ago
Anonymous : Sick of this silly argument! Hinduism is not some mockery you can manipulate just so you can then misuse it for your ayashi. Understand why Sadhus are allowed! At least according to religious rules, Hindus must follow dharma (duty). Those who give up ALL material pleasures in life and go on sanyaas can try hallucinogens for spiritual purposes, as long as they have no family to support and have truly relinquished all comforts. You think Bollywood gang or even silly college students have given up all material pleasures to do drugs in the name of religion?? Hindu religion wise, if your dharma and life does not align with that of a Sadhu, then don’t take advantage of weed. Legally, that is up to the courts to decide, but STOP using our religion as a means to justify your drug habits.
REPLY 16 1 month ago
Anonymous : A religion with caste at its heart .
REPLY 3 1 month ago
Anonymous : As opposed to a religion with terrorism at its heart and another one with insecure conversions at its heart. Nobody doing any better,
REPLY 2 1 month ago
Anonymous : Ms.Khan has done it, so did many of them females. What about the male stars-superstars? Do they get a privileged pass?
REPLY 30 1 month ago
Anonymous : Whats new?all old allegations we are lissning from last it even related to ssr.she is only making false if she is the only innocent person and all others are devil
REPLY 13 1 month ago
Anonymous : Marijuana is legal is many countries now. I doubt SSR died because of marijuana - this is plain distraction.
REPLY 22 1 month ago
Anonymous : Ummm so? I’m not into marijuana or alcohol. But marijuana should not be illegal. There’s a reason cancer patients use it. Also cigarettes are scientifically proven to reduce your life yet those are legal in India
REPLY 19 1 month ago
Anonymous : This Sara is s playgirl it's well known.the likes of Karthik or SSR are just her play toys .
REPLY 23 1 month ago
Anonymous : she will take everyone down with her
REPLY 69 1 month ago
Anonymous : As she should..
REPLY 43 1 month ago
Anonymous : Can she, these people have a lot of money, Salman is still roaming about after he mowed down people in his jeep and he has not even been fined for the black buck incident.
REPLY 22 1 month ago
Anonymous : It was a car accident. And he has paid his 20 years for a deer.
REPLY 2 1 month ago
Anonymous : It is not really a surprise.. When I went to Amsterdam, I had space cakes.
REPLY 31 1 month ago
Anonymous : Just curious - what are space cakes.
REPLY 14 1 month ago
Anonymous : This is not about you and amsterdam and space cakes. This involves a death.
REPLY 6 1 month ago
Anonymous : Why do Indians live to brag about their silly Amsterdam visits?? I have cousins in India who think foreigners will be happy that they went and did drugs and went to red light district. LOL are you 16 to be bragging about such things.
REPLY 6 1 month ago
Anonymous : I am not bragging about it, you dunce. While I can imagine the nincompoops your cousins are going by your style of writing. Anyway.. the point is that if Cannabis are legal, people will consume it without abandon. Also, you must be really messed up to have had cannabis at 16.. seems to have really touched your head.
REPLY 4 1 month ago
Anonymous : The death happened because a Bipolar person stopped taking his medication.
REPLY 9 1 month ago
Anonymous : I think the OP was emphasising on how normal it is to consume Marijuana if it's legalised. I don't know why Indian Americans sitting in Nebraska like to take potshots at Indians.
REPLY 3 1 month ago
Anonymous : Not to mention, for people of a certain age group, Marijuana is not that big a deal. It is not viewed as drugs.
REPLY 3 1 month ago