Sara Ali Khan moving into her own bachelorette pad? Her latest post hints at new beginnings

Just yesterday, a picture of Sara loading boxes of household things in the car was doing the rounds and in a confirmation of sorts, Sara's latest Instagram picture says it all.
News,undefinedSara on Thursday shared a picture of herself and hinted at 'new beginnings'.
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Actress Sara Ali Khan made a successful debut in the year 2018 with two films releasing in a span of one month's time. The 'Kedarnath' actress was not only applauded for her acting prowess but also her refreshing attitude with which she approached her work. Sara's fans grew in no time and the actress already has a large fan following on social media. Post her two films, Sara has not yet announced her next film officially but has been linked professionally to every other director. 

The actress often keeps her fans updated via her Instagram account and Sara on Thursday shared a picture of herself and hinted at 'new beginnings'. Just yesterday, a picture of Sara loading boxes full of her things in the car was doing the rounds and in a confirmation of sorts, Sara's latest Instagram picture says it all. 

Well, it indeed looks like Sara has moved out of her mother's house and brought a place for herself. "Here's to new beginnings!" Sara captioned a picture of herself smiling in her new home, next to boxes that were yet to be unpacked. Check out the picture below: 



Here’s to new beginnings!

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leaf me alone !!!

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Meanwhile, speculation is rife that Sara has been signed for David Dhawan's remake of Coolie No 1 opposite Varun Dhawan. She will step into Karisma Kapoor's shoes and reports suggest that the makers are tweaking the script to ensure that she gets a meatier role in the remake.


She is a product of nepotism, look at it she got two big movies especially the Seemba due to her father and step mom!! I dont know, why people give so much importance to this girl, she is very clever, that's all!!! Only one kid deserves their fame and possibility to work in Bollywood and that's Taimur because he has earned his fans due to his smile, intelligence, curiosity!! This girl is already a millionaire, there is a system where only rich are getting richer!!! And, pretty soon, she'll be indoctrinated into occult, and she'll be making all the occultist symbolisms, her father's film company is :illuminati films, and he talked about during an interview how he is fascinated by occults and rituals, these Bollywood people are disgusting!! Al though, I am only fan of Kareena and Taimur but I even have seen Kareena making those symbolism, stop watching their movies, have you noticed why Ranbir, SRK, Varun, Salman and others have literally dressed in women's clothes and wore makeup some on stage and in movies, that's an illuminati ritual and even if it wasnt, why would SRK straight male actor or Ranbir would wear women's clothes, with makeup on stage, it's all about fame and money!!!! I feel bad for Taimur because he is going to have to go through so many rituals too, he is already so famous, poor baby going to be indoctrinated as well!!! IF you think, this is crazy then do your research, India is already land of weird rituals and voodoo and then there is illuminati, Bollywood is run by the same occult as Hollywood!!

Amrita singh just won a case so she has money n also sara must hv taken loan or just rented

well its smart to invest money in property instead of squandering it away on shoes or clothes etc. She is building equity.

Parents would have helped out too. And its good for her. She can have her private life with no parental interference.

1.5 movies old and she can afford her own place. height of nepotism. there are better actors than her who dont even get a chance

Even if she had decided to be a doctor, her parents would have still bought her a place. Mine did for my older sister. That's family, not nepotism. What's the point of having money if you aren't going to spend it on people you care about?

See it’s upto her. some of us decided to struggle and stay in US rather than come back to India.

Sara is struggling on the sets tough..

And Sara is struggling on the sets..

Where u live in USA also determines how you feel about it, I feel its better than India in many ways, if u think otherwise then u should follow ur heart, it’s one life and nothing is worth struggling, my two cents..

there is no point of getting jealous. am sure she got help from her parents in depositing the money. whats wrong in that?

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