Sara Ali Khan is never tongue tied: Sharmila Tagore

"Sara Ali Khan's confidence, humility and charm makes me very happy and it's heartwarming" says Sharmila Tagore.
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Actress Sharmila Tagore, who will turn 74 on Saturday, says that Sara Ali Khan's confidence, humility and charm makes her very happy and it's heartwarming to see the daughter of Saif Ali Khan and his former wife Amrita Singh the way she has turned out.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q. Sharmilaji what are you doing this birthday?

A. Not very much, I'm afraid. Some friends will drop in. Soha is coming.The other children Sabaa and Saif will also come if they can. Let's see.

Q.The one thing that has changed for you in the past one year is the presence of two beautiful grandchildren?

A. Yes, it certainly adds to my happiness , obviously. I do see them as much as I can. But not enough because we live in different cities. But I must say they re-energize me. There's nothing like young children's energy …They are always curious, and enthusiastic about many different things. So yes, being around Taimur and Inaaya makes me really happy. Though like I said, I wish I could be with them more often.

Q. You were quite a phenomenal combination of mother and actress in your heydays? During the shooting of Aradhana you were pregnant with Saif…

A. I don't think I was pregnant during Aradhana. But yes, during Safar and Choti Bahu I was pregnant and quite unwell in the last phase of my pregnancy. Then during Besharam I was pregnant with Sabaa.

Q. You now have more time for your grandchildren than you ever did for your children?

A. Yes that's true. I do have lots more time for my grandchildren,the kind of pressures on time that I tackled earlier are no more there though I do keep myself busy with professional commitments like the random ad here and a cinema conference there. But definitely I now have more time for not just my grandchildren but also my children. I have more time for our ancestral home in Pataudi also.

Q. Are you still keen on a bio-pic on your husband the Nawab of Pataudi?

A. Well, it will depend on who the captains of the ship are , the producers and director. It is a good story, I think, with all the twists and the turns in his life….father's death, losing his eye after which his average came down from 60 to 30. To receive such a blow at such a young age….I don't think anyone else has been able to make those adjustments and that kind of an impact with one eye. He not only batted but also fielded after the eye accident. I think he was a wonderful sportsperson. God knows, what he'd have achieved if he had both his eyes.

Q. We never thought of him as being visually impaired at all?

A. That's because he had a wonderful temperament. He absorbed that loss and moved ahead. Tiger's life was filled with losses, his father, his eye, his privy purse…In her book Soha has written so well about her father.

Q. Any man who wins you over has to be special?

A. (laughs) I don't know about that. But I learnt so much from him. I do miss him immensely. I wish he was here for me. So many of my friends are still together with their soulmates. You see your friends celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary…But it was not meant to be (for me). So what can I do?

Q. But you have a lot to be thankful for?

A. Oh yes! I do practice active gratitude. In my thoughts, actions words I am deeply grateful for what life has given me.

Q. Would you like Saif to play Pataudi Saab?

A. No, let them (the filmmakers) decide. Maybe Saif can be in one phase of the story. His story has so many phases. Even a good documentary is a good idea. Unfortunately there isn't too much footage on Tiger available.

Q. Sharmilaji there is a lot of talk about women's safety going on in our society. What made you so strong, independent and non-vulnerable in your heydays?

A. Probably my family background. We've always had very strong women in my family. Also , I had the self confidence. I wasn't career-oriented. I liked the work and I enjoyed it. But I had other interests. I had a strong sense of self derived from my family, and perhaps that kept me from harm's way. Also, I had a very protective hairdresser Neena who always checked my behaviour. She was always saying, ‘Why are you doing this…Why are talking so loudly?' etc. Neena was my constant companion at outdoor shootings. She also gave me a lot of objective perspective.

Q. How do you feel about the way the MeToo movement is going?

A. I don't want to comment on it. I don't see how my two-bits can contribute to the discussion. I followed a bit of it… But I don't know… Of course I've always supported the feminist movement . But this naming and shaming …I really don't know.

Q. Sharmilaji we cannot possibly wrap up this interview without …

A. (interrupts) Without talking about Sara? Yes, I am so excited about her debut (in the film Kedarnath). I am very impressed by her… though I don't see why her self confidence should surprise me. But whether it was Koffee With Karan, Rajeev Masand, BBC…her confidence, humility and charm made me so happy ….it's so heartwarming to see her the way she has turned out. When asked what she's doing in films after going to Columbia University she said the education was for her growth as a person and not for career. She's never tongue-tied. And how well she stood up for her father on Karan Johar's show. I am really proud of her.

Q. Finally Sharmilaji, your grandson…the biggest Khan superstar Taimur?

A. (laughs) I must confess I'm worried about him a bit. We in this family have all had our share of media attention. They place you on a pedestal and then suddenly drop you. At the moment Taimur is not affected because he's too young to understand what's going on. But later when he's older and if the attention is taken away he might get affected. So we are a little concerned . But as Sara said, what can we do about it?Frankly without the media we are not alive in today's day and age.

Q. Taimur fields the media better than all of you?

A. (laughs) He's innocent and he's young…Let's hope he won't be adversely affected. I'd like to request the media to be a bit more sensitive to him. Otherwise what can we do?



Sara should play her cards right,stay on good terms with family ,all are connected in show bizz! Armita was known to be very blunt, and head strong! She lost lot's of good will! So,,her well wisher should advice her to be niece in her interaction and interviews!

It's nice to hear Sharmila talking about Sara so lovingly seeing as though it doesn't seem like Sharmila is close (or made any effort to be close to) Sara or Ibrahim when they were younger.

Sara just calm down with all the positive comments.So annoying you are

Honestly I find Sharmila hypocritical and her praise of Sara quite fake and forced. Whatever her equation with Amrita, Sara and Ibrahim are her grandkids too and it seems she only wants to talk about Taimur and Inaaya.

well, Amrita never encourages her kids to spend time with their grandmother so obviously, there's no closeness. I think saif said in an interview, Amrita did not let anyone gets close to the kids, there were caretakers and her relatives when she was shooting for a serial.

Sara is getting great reviews for Kedarnath.

AS much as Sara is a product of nepotism, I sincerely hope she does well in BW. Her mother has seen some trying times while raising her two kids, she deserves to see her kids flourish and feel pride that all that work does pay off.

Classiest Actress of Indian Cinema Shramilaji I really like her.

Kedarnath has flopped lets see how much confidence remains.

She speaks like a very proud grandmother and she seems to have watched all Sara interviews like us, so cute

All that Sara is today is credited to her mother like she said in interview the other day yes the father must have paid for her education and other things but how she has turned out to be such a lovely girl is all Amirta I believe. Whether you are rich or poor if your not close to your kids and give them guduince in life and teach them right from wrong and be hands down in their upbringing then no amount of money can shaped them in to becoming good human beings, after the divorce Sara was lucky to have Amirta to fulfill that role, but my advice to everyone is be close to your kids, small things like reading them books and stories and doing fun things together, and as they grow up try to be their close friends and understand them and give them love and guidance, sorry for the long post

Sara definitely isnt fake and seems smart and all but I believe, she has an underlying resentment towards Soha, Sharmila and even Kareena!! On Instagram, she doesnt even follow Soha or Karisma back and yet she follows Priyanka and Shahid's brother!! She clearly is very loyal to her mother and that's how it should be but she should definitely give others a chance at least, Karisma hasnt done anything to her!! Family dynamic is so crazy, I hate when the kids start holding resentments too due to their parents!! I experienced that myself, I love my cousins and stuff, bought them tons of natural/organic food, skin care, hair care, etc but they never even wished me on my birthday and dont follow me on Insta either due to their mother having issues especially with me when I was a kid!! Being too generous even to family members sucks when they dont even wish you on your birthday!!

Yeah you are right. I have same situation. All the same...happy birthday. Be joyful, spread cheer.

Saif once said amrita used to abuse his mother and sisters.she never get along with the family even sharmilaji did not like that's the reason there's some resentment.we never see them talk about amrita as much as they talk about kareena.

I do understand your situation and am
empathetic . However my parents are divorced too when I was 12. My dad still supports financially as per the court laws and very nice to me in public ( that is common relative functions etc) else we don’t have much to talk otherwise. I have not got to spend much time otherwise as mostly he travels. I have seen my mom taking up for me and sister in all manner. I don’t have resentment towards for my dad, what I feel is he could have supported more while I was growing up ( most people pay money and think they can get away) it’s taking responsibility & emotional support which actually matters. So this feeling will not let you be like all “ oh we are happy family” though you would want to. May be in time it will, but it can’t be forced and it’s a process. And sometimes you can’t either but that’s ok. Life and relations ships are complicated especially in today’s world and following on Instagram or fb isn’t imp, they need to be out ther to watch your back. If not, you just be cordial and neutral and move on as no relationships can be forced. Sara feeling for
Mom is fair but she is so
Mature she doesn’t over do it. Arjun Kapoor feeling for anshula is fair and these things don’t have to be proved as it’s all very sensitive and per their perspectives. That being said sara is a good package,
Wish her the best. Happy Saturday you all..

I agree with you. life is short people should love each other, especially family.

Saif's leaving home would be seen as a huge betrayal for an innocent child. Amrita did Ekta's tiring daily soap to support herself , Sara lived with the mother and will see things mainly from the mother's perspective .She may not be intimate with Karisma (who is only the step mom's sister) to follow her. When divorce hits ,sides are chosen ; the change in relationships can leave kids bewildered ,abandoned , hurt and resentful . We don't know what happened with Soha.

Darling you have some underlying issues that you need to resolve. My advice would be to NEVER let anyone else affect your happiness. No one other than you should have that power on you! God Bless, stay Happy!

Are you being kind or sarcastic?? No reason to blast the original commentator about their "underlying issues" because you dont know them and being "kind" isnt an underlying issue!! No need to be mean and rude just because they said Sara has "underlying resentment."

She is so damn classy! Both Saif’s parents were so elegant and dignified! Sara carries a lot of those attributes too...

wish she had spent more time with sara&ibrahim when they were younger &growing up as kids..sharmila never liked amrita..but now she can see&should appreciate the way amrita has brought up her kids..they r so grounded&mature..even saif&kareena dont come across as grounded

If shes tongue tied then why did sara lie ad m lyong about her real age. She's 25 yet claims shes 23

Yes, Sara was born in 1993. That makes her 25 years old. Sara lied in every interview she is only 23 years old. She is only 21 years older to Taimur. Come on Sara you forgot your school companions
or college companions we know how old you are.

Older than not older to.

Credit should go to amrita as well.

All credit should go to Amrita!

Amrita taught her to lie. That's why Sara lies about her age I am 23 when she is 25 years old.

good interview. However Sara is the way she is because her mom brought her up that way. Amrita Singh never went and gave interviews about how Saif ditched her or was unfaithful to her. She also never stopped her kids from having relationship with Saif's new family. That lady is classy. As for Saif when asked by Anumpana Chopra recently who loves the most he said Wife, son and mom. He completely forgot about Sara and Ibrahim. Ask SRK who he loves the most and he will say my children or my family. I feel so bad for Sara and Ibrahim. Sara stood for her dad in KWK but what about Saif? such a disappointment as a father. He hasn't matured with age at all.

Sara is simple smart humble yet classy. And she can act well such relief we have some one like her in Bollywood now. Thank god

Why is there no mention of Saifs son Ibrahim??

Such a sensible,honest and beautifully worded interview

So happy to see Sharmila say she is proud of Sara. Sara has certainly taken her intelligence from smartness from her Nawab genes. Her attitude shows off she is a true begum by blood. She is sure to go far ahead in life. God bless

Do you even know that from her mom Amrita’s side she is khushbant Singh’s grand daughter.

Sara alikhan is khushbant singh’s Great great niece. Amrita Singh was khushbant singh’s Great niece

Sharmila was a classy bomb during her younger days & so talented and comes across learned... I have seen her old films.. and she has aged so gracefully & still sooo beautiful. like the other comment she was married and had kids while doing but there was no self proclaimed appreciation drama. For that matter both Saif’s mom and dad are a class act.


She worked through three pregnancies. Why does Kareena make it sound as if though she’s the only actress to have been busy during pregnancy. Attention seeker. Sharmilaji is a true achiever. No other female in her family achieved as much as she did. Soha couldn’t make it big. Kareena thinks too highly of herself though she has a long way to go if she’s to achieve what her mother in law has achieved.

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