Sara Ali Khan opens up about weighing 96kgs in college: The transition from pizza to salad is how it started

Sara Ali Khan made her Bollywood debut with Kedarnath opposite Sushant Singh Rajput and next, she will be seen in Imtiaz Ali’s film opposite kartik Aaryan.
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For all the Sara Ali Khan fans, we are sure that you are aware of this piece of news that it took Sara years of hard work and de​​dication to achieve the perfect body and washboard abs that she is seen flaunting in films and photo shoots these days. Yes, back in school and college, Sara Ali Khan used to weigh somewhere around 95 kgs and if you happened to watch the episode on Koffee With Karan where Sara had made an appearance with her father, Saif Ali Khan, Karan Johar had shown few clips of Sara when she was in college and just like all of us, even Sara Ali Khan was in shock to see those major throwback videos. 

Now we understand why Sara Ali Khan never misses the gym and works out religiously to stay fit and healthy. In an interview to Vogue, Sara Ali Khan opened up about her weight as she said, “For me, it all started in New York. I weighed 96kg and had a year to go before I graduated. The transition from pizza to salad and from lethargy to cardio is how I kickstarted my fitness journey. I simply started eating healthy and began working out when in New York,” adding, “There were so many different types of classes in that city, from functional training to boxing to cycling. But because I was so overweight at the start, it was more about cardio-heavy workouts like walking, cycling and hitting the treadmill—so that I could lose the weight before entering the intermediate forms of exercise.”

A few months back, Sara Ali Khan made her Bollywood debut with Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath opposite Sushant Singh Rajput, and post Kedarnath, Sara was seen romancing Ranveer Singh in the blockbuster film Simmba. But Sara has a long way to go in the industry and given that the completion is neck-deep, one needs to stay fit and therefore, Sara says that she continues to live a healthy life as she works out everyday- “a combination of functional training, Pilates, boxing and cardio. I like to change things up, but ensure that I work out for an hour and a half every single day—except on Sunday, because that’s my day to chill,” informed Sara Ali Khan. Currently, Sara Ali Khan is shooting for Imtiaz Ali’s sequel to Love Aaj Kal opposite kartik Aaryan and soon, Sara will dive onto the sets of David Dhawan’s Coolie No. 1 opposite Varun Dhawan



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People say Alia looks like a kid. Sara also doesn't look like a woman either. She is looking like a boy. Plus she is fake

Sara Ali Khan is over hyped. She is also a star kid. But only Alia is always ridiculed as nepo kid. Why is this double standards. Sara doesn't have any unique star quality. Also Sara is more privileged than ananya pandey. Yet ananya is being ridiculed. Sara is also overtly humble.

wake up SLB, please make Mugle Azam, let Sara Ali Khan act the role of Madhubala (Anarkli) Vicky Kaushal, role of Dilip Kumar (prince Salim) Amita Bachan (role of Pritivi Rajkapoor (KIng Akbar) . This would be a classic of the century

Time, resources, discipline, determination, and MONEY. You got it , then you can do it.

Millions go in grooming starlets Nepo kid or not . The first hit does not guarantee anything .Most of them faze out within the first few film or start getting into item numbers like Sonakshi , ribbon cuttings like Karisma , private health vedios like Shila Shetty .

Agreed :)

why is her mouth half open always looks like a bird lol

love you Sara love you sooooooooooooo much you are lovelier look angelic than Angelina!!!!!!!!!

Sara thinks she's the only star kid [and person] to have lost weight as if she has done something earth shattering lol

Sara Ali Khan is elegant has poise she is beauty with brains. God bless you beta with all the success you deserve and much more.

The only actress in current gen where I can say who has beauty with brains and humble..

She has pcod issue which is very difficult for anyone to reduce..I have pcod and after kwk..I really felt so good to see how she talked about her...I want her to be top actress not that rat dwarf alia

sonam also had PCOD, google it.
is she brandishing it around?no.

Sabko Chhutti Kar Degi, Sara Ali Khan Bitiya! She is a cocktail of so many ethnicities- Pathan, Bengali, Punjabi etc. She inherited best of all traits. Sara is awesome beauty, voluptuous, exciting, seductive and what not. We wish her all the best in life.

SLB if you have any eyes this is how a leading lady looks like, not avarage rat face crooked yellow teeth shorty Alia
can't wait for Sara to reach the top, full package,
Sara is just beautiful mashallah

Sara is also short. Also only her face is good. Her body is ugly just because Alia is not your type doesn't mean she is ugly and Sara is beautiful

why is it such a big deal?
sonam was 86 pre debut
alia was a fat kid
parineeti lost so much weight
sonakshi was massive
arjun kapoor was like some 200 kgs...

everyone has lost weight and changed up some shit for their debut. its how it works. sara's nothing unique.

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