Sara Ali Khan on Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh: They are happier now than they were when together

On Koffee With Karan 6, Sara Ali Khan spoke at length about Kareena Kapoor Khan and parents Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh post their separation.
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Sara Ali Khan is a proud daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. Now, Saif has been married to Kareena Kapoor Khan for more than five years and the latter shares a very warm equation with Sara. The trio is often seen having dinner together at Saif and Kareena's home. Moreover, they even come together to celebrate festivals together and the photos circulating on the Internet are a visual delight. On the latest episode of Koffee With Karan 6, Sara spoke at length about Kareena and the changing equations in the family.

She stated, "You know everybody has been very clear with me. It has never been confusing. Kareena herself was saying and she still says that 'You have a mother and you have a great mother at that. What I want is for us to be able to be friends.' My father also never said, 'This is your second mother' or made it anyway uncomfortable."

Sara also spoke about how she earlier had confusion about what to call Kareena. Talking about the same, Sara said, "I think Kareena would probably have a nervous breakdown if I was gonna call her, 'Choti Ma'. She would be like, 'No!' I used to be like, 'What should I call her? Kareena, Kareena aunty' My father's like 'You don't want to call her aunty. So you can call her 'K' or 'Kareena''. "

Sara went on to add, "I don't think there was any confusion about what equation, you know. I also feel that somewhere down the line it's very important to respect what other people want. I see my father and mother today and they are much happier than I think they would have been together. I have now two comfortable homes as opposed to one uncomfortable home."

The newcomer concluded by saying, "Mom is happy, Abba is happy and Kareena is happy. We all are happy!"


Who are the two debutantes dating the two brothers in Karan's building?

Sara is the best among all Nepo kids. Only best thing Saif made in his life. Iam her loyal fan now on

Amidst all this maturities, clarity and no bitterness, there is something uncomfortable. Amrita has not married again. She chose to remain single, probably not to confuse her kids further and convey to them that they are her #1 priority.

This girl sara I am in love with her... I really really want to her to be a big thing in Bollywood.. I am her official fan now.. Such a beautiful person she is... She's so funny and intelligent.. I was like oh only 49 min... We all can relate to her... Sara love love love you are so good girl

Sara is lovely to watch. What a difference good education makes!! Wish her the best.

Sarah is quite mature speaks well. She is well educated and has a good upbringing. I have a strong feeling as long as she chooses good movies she will do better than Alia Bhatt.

Go for it Sarah.

I like this family. No drama , no fakeness. They all are happy and that’s what matters, rather than playing happy family drama and being unhappy

Dim witted Saif must learn from his daughter how to speak intellegent and mean intellegent...

She spoke well

Saif is proof that just because one speaks English it doesn't mean that person is intelligent. What a messed up dude. Married someone way older than him (when he was emotionally immature), then married someone way younger than him (cos women his own age realize he doesn't have his act together).

At least Sara is emotionally mature and sensible.

If all happy that matters only. Its better to live separate and have good equation than living together
And have miserable life.

the episode was awesome , and sara is such a beautiful girl , she talked so well and her answers were honest and intelligent , and i think she will be a nice actress too , because her perormance in kedarnath trailer seems interesting .

Rehearsed answers. Scripted show. Nepotism sucks

This girl is the best one, personality wise, in the new lot. She articulates her opinions and feelings very well; uses humour, is witty and at the same time very mature. I hope she acts well too, I really really do. From the new lot - Aalia,Jahnvi,Sara and the rest- Sara is already my favourite. More real. Sad but true, comparisons will be there. Well, since nepotism is not going anywhere, and these girls (plus Aahana, Tara and prolly Suhana someday) we might as well like the more sensible ones from among the platter ;)
Go chhoti Bibi!
Please post PV

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