Sara Ali Khan on Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's wedding: My mom dressed me for my father's marriage

On Koffee With Karan 6's latest episode, Saif Ali Khan and daughter Sara Ali Khan spoke at length about the former's marriage with Kareena Kapoor Khan.
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In the latest episode of Koffee With Karan 6, amazing father-daughter duo Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan were the guests. From talking about their relationship with each other to Sara's equation with Kareena Kapoor Khan, they spoke at length about everything. It's a known fact that, when Saif and Kareena married, the former's children Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan marked their presence at the wedding. The photos were a delight to one's eyes and it went viral as well.

Talking about his wedding with Kareena and his children attending it, Saif stated, "When I was getting married to Kareena and Sara was very excited and wanted to come over.. For some reason, before going down I wrote a note to Amrita (Singh). And I said, 'You know this is a new chapter starting and you know, we'have had our history and everything.' Something along the lines of good wishes, I hope for both of us and something, you know to carry on, I sent it to Kareena. And I said, 'Have a look at this, if it's ok, I'm thinking of sending it across whatever.' And Kareena said, 'I think it's really nice.' I sent it across and then Sara called me and said, 'You know I was coming anyway but now I am coming with a happy heart even more.'"

Sara then went on to add, "I must tell you mom dressed me for my father's wedding." 

She even spoke about how people were judgemental. Sara added, "So, a lot of people would have been of the opinion like Kareena was being weird and mom was being weird."

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Who are the two debutantes dating the two brothers in Karan's building?

HAs anyone noticed Sara doesnt even follow her aunt, Soha on Instagram and neither she follows Karisma but they all follow her!! Instead she is following Priyanka Chopra, hahaha!! Even Shahid's brother, strange much!! And, in her recent interviews, she even subtly took digs at Kareena!! And, people are feeling sorry for her because her parents divorced!! I would take her place any day, living in riches, studying at Columbia and now she is movie business!! Why arent you feeling sorry for those abandoned kids!! Clearly, Sara has some resentment towards Kareena and her father's family!!! And, Kareena doesnt even anything to do with it!!! This kind of things happen when women put men on pedestals and what not!! I could understand, her resentment towards her father' mothers and siblings but you got to keep in mind, Amrita married a 20 years old when she was about 32 or something, see if your kid marries a woman in 30s, you would feel angry too!!! And, of course, this thing was going to happen, Saif isnt the faithful kind of guy, he so into himself, he even seems to be bored of Kareena now! He likes new young women and money a lot, arent most guys are like that, the difference is many of them dont have the situation to just leave and go, so they end of just living with the family out of this supposed Desi/Indian customs...just stop feeling sorry for these people, and I bet Amrita is a lot happier and luckier, you dont always need a man, she is rich, and most of all she has her kids and is healthy!! Look at the all the married women living in poverty and health conditions!!! Sara is so lucky and now because of her father's connections she has a job in Bollywood, famous and studied at Columbia...She probably already made the kind of money with one film than you guys have accumulated in your lifetime!!! So Just stop!!

You obviously are married to money and riches and don't value relationships. You seem very impressed by wealth. I thank God every day for my parents who love each other and set us the examples by which they want us to live. I cannot imagine any amount of wealth that would compensate for lack of parental love or having scums like Saif or Trump as father.

i think dingy and bebo have tried their best to make do with a painful situation. saif has not. he seems like a child himself

giving money after Amrita had to really fight for it shows the callousness of Saif. Even in the show Sara took slight digs @ him and no he doesnt make a good dad. Good dads are Aamir, SRK, even Salma the way he looks after his brothers and sisters, Ajay is a good father and plays low key. But Saif has played his games and is acting in front of the TV. And he is really immature making faces trying to be cool and stuff. Yes like some one here said, he cannot get any better than KKK. if he ditches her, he will have to do a Arbaaz sell yourself to some hot blond chick who will vapourize the money. And if you notice Sharmila Ji is also not close to Sara or Ibrahim. It is total Amrita's upbringing and kids maturing faster than usual to understand the situation. Yes he has paid dollars where Sharmila JI had to intervene. It was all over stardust and those old mags. If that is being a Dad then well he is. And if you observed well he cannot really keep eye to eye with his daughter...I mean they play acted obviuosly for a TV show and they maybe cordial to each other. But its not "its all love". Yes one thing KKK has helped in a great way for him to shape up like this. in my opinion i dont like the new srk, but yes he is the most intelligent of all the khans.

Amrita comes from a very very very rich family. Pls look up old interviews, Saif used to pay alimony in instalments. Amrita did kavyanjali on tv to survive. Saif is filth. See how none of his films hve done well aft his marriage. Even Kareena, all guest role types in movies

Your statement is contradictory, she is from a rich family but had to beg for work? I think Amrita played the game. She was accustomed to the Pataudi standard of living and was shattered when Saif walked, she put out empty hands in front of Sanjay Dutt and Ekta Kapoor because these were major public figures and she got a lot of good publicity as a victim. She was well over 10 years Saif's senior but somehow walked out a victim? That's in spite of having political clout and being a known firebrand? Not a coincidence. What happened between her and Saif was and remains completely private. And no Saif didn't actually fail to provide for his children, when he left he froze his assets, which mind you is a completely normal thing to do in a relationship breakdown the reason being is those assets need to be legally divided in accordance with each parties contribution to the marriage. Amrita and her children are still filthy rich, Ibrahim struts about like a peacock and Sara has an ivy league degree, who pays? Abba or Amrita?

Did he do a favor if he paid for his kids education? Is his 1st wife was 10 years older is that a crime? He married a woman more than 10 years younger so that is ok? Saif is a creep and fit for trashy Kareena. Hoity Toity Karrena got a 2nd hand.

Yes, it feels sad to hear that her mom dressed her up for her dad’s wedding but I guess the intention is to make it sound sad..

I thought the same. Mom dressed daughter for dad's wedding. Has a sad ...sorry...tone to it.

Amrita may have raised them single-handedly but Saif provided them with $$$ and why are people feeling sorry for these kids!! I feel sorry for kids who are abused even living with both parents or living in poverty, etc!! And, I am from West, I couldnt afford Columbia University, do you know, how expensive it is!!! It costs about $40,000 just for yearly tuition and it doesnt include housing and boarding, who has this much money!! And, Sara most likely did foreign student liberal arts program so she probably paid a lot more because she paid out of the state rate!!! So they are loaded, I have lived in the West most of my life and none of us can afford this,, so stop feeling sorry for these privileged kids!! And, as far their mother goes, obviously she married a wannabe actor at who was 20 years old and Saif isnt most of the faithful kind of guy anyway, he is all staying with Kareena because she is still beautiful/young, brings in mega dough and famous!! And, Saif is aging now, he cant do any better than Kareena, not even close!!
And, most people have hard time finding someone at later age!! Look at other women, where the husbands have left them after spending decades with them, and women need to put less faith in men than themselves!!

Columbia is a lot more than 40K a year. You seem to blame Amrita for marrying a younger guy but dont seem to have same issues with Saif marrying Kareena with who he shares a larger age difference. Sara can go to Columbia but she still will wear a bikini and do item number so why are you so impressed? It is not like she is using ivy-league education to set the academic world on fire. She does not need ivy league education to do two bit role and a item songs. Lastly we get it you are from West ( I am too and went to an ivy and with scholarship) so you should know there are many ways to fund your education. Moreover you really dont even need to go to an Ivy to get great education. Plenty of people find success even with a state school education. Apply yourself.

Don't know why my heart breaks thinking what Amrita went through dressing her daughter for her husband's second wedding.

Ladies look, here is the hard truth!! once your looks fade, most men are out of the door especially in Hollywood and Bollywood and especially if a man is 10 years younger!! LOve is not unconditional as they say and there is no such thing as "one true" love or anything, yes some people have a deeper connections and the reason women dont get divorced much in Desi culture is because they are ostracized in society and continue to live in a marriage they hate and bear the abuse of in-laws and what not!!! So before you buy into the guy loves you all that, first keep in mind, he loves you because you are young, rich, beautiful, etc, if not rich then young or beautiful, the combination varies, etc and it's not unconditional love and not many guys aren't saints, etc!! Look at the perverse Desi society, men stare at younger girls all the time, religious or not, they could be old enough to be your fathers and grandfathers...that's why, I prefer Western culture a lot more than this hypocrite Desi culture!!

Amrita is alone now? or has someone? its still tough for a single mother.

Amrita is a great mom. And Kareena seems to be a mature person too. Saif seems lost

Ladies, here is the hard truth, when your looks fade, especially when the guy is 10 years younger, he would want to leave especially in Hollywood or Bollywood, that's the truth!! There is NO unconditional love, yes some people have very deep bonds, but not all!! And, in India people get less divorced because women are ostracized in society and they dont have many options and they continue to live in abusive relationships!! This clearly happened in this case too and Saif probably also married Amrita because he probably needed a career boost too and once she hit mid 40s Saif divorced her!!! and that's how most men work so dont waste your time for a guy or change religions or what not!! Here is a fun fact on Wikipedia, Amirta's ex spouse is listed "Mike Tysen." LOL

Well, ladies here is the hard truth, when your looks fake and when a guy is 10 years younger, he would want to leave especially in Bollywood or Hollywood1

Well, ladies here is the hard truth, when your looks fake and when a guy is 10 years younger, he would want to leave especially in Bollywood or Hollywood1

there's so much sadness in that statement " my mom dressed me for my dad's wedding". much respect to amrita for raising her daughter so well. sara is well brought up and well-educated before entering bollywood

Kareena is clearly uncomfortable ....the pics say it all

Kareena got Amrita's hand me down. He cheated on Amrita multiple times. I hope he stopped now after his second marriage.

I dont feel Saif or his family ever cared for his 1st 2 children..Amrita brought them up single handedly, and she never expected Saif to help, that really commendable!

yes Amrita brought them up single handedly BUT Saif provided and is providing financial support for their kids education and stuff. without his help, things would have been very difficult for Amrita alone. Just because the kids dont live with their dad doesnt mean he is a bad dad or he doesnt love them.

He should provide support. It is not a favor. It is the law.

Much respect to Amrita for doing this . She had an acrimonious break up with Saif & like a lot of divorced parents could have messed up Saif's relationship with the kids. How many wives send off daughters to an ex husband's remarriage ?!!! Well done to Kareena too !

Why did they get divorced does anyone know?

He cheated on his wife with a foreign model/ item girl Rosa Catalano

Weird family. THE questions were surely given out to them in advance and the family told Sara what to answer. This whole episode looked like it was planned by Karan, Saif and Kareena to use Sara to praise them. Hypocrites

I have never heard aamir or kiran say such things because they are actually a real normal family still with reena and the kids. These people need to say a lot because it isnt so normal for them

My god. Saif being so inarticulate! Shows how much he meant it.

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