Satish Kaushik apologises to Boney Kapoor over Anil Kapoor-Sridevi's Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja debacle

Satish Kaushik, who began his journey as a film director with "Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja" 25 years ago, feels apologetic to producer Boney Kapoor for not meeting his expectations and delivering a box-office failure..
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Satish Kaushik, who began his journey as a film director with "Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja" 25 years ago, has apologised to producer Boney Kapoor for delivering a box office failure that left him broke.

"25 years ago it was a disaster at the box office, but it was my first child and will remain close to heart. Remembering madam Sridevi and my sorry to Boney Kapoor who gave me a break but was broke after the film," Kaushik tweeted on Monday.

He also shared the film's poster, featuring Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Jackie Shroff and Anupam Kher. The movie was made at a high budget back then, but failed to get the expected response despite its cast.

Kaushik's Twitter post generated mixed responses, with some social media users agreeing with him about how the movie fared, while some lauding it for its technical values.

However, Kaushik took it all in his stride.

"It is not about good or bad after 25 years. It is about owning your failures with your head high in the air. You must be a very successful person, but try owning your failures and I assure you, you will be more successful," he added.

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God, give her back.. please :(

I love that movie.... Lord knows why it didnt do well

Sridevi looks so pretty in the poster.

I like the title song a lot and watched it on the TV as a child. I still like the haar scene where Sridevi plays Madras ka chokri Shanta! Gotta love that one :D

Apologizing after 20 years on Twitter? Really? Just do it in person, weirdo.

the movie wsnt that bad..

I like madrasi shanta character of sridevi in this movie. I just love that part.

I think sridevi was the saving grace of this average movie.. just like many other films of hers

Sridevi looks so cool in the japanese costume in this movie. She must have wasted so many good movies to act in this. Its all fate..

I loved this movie when I was a kid - a heist, long lost brothers, revenge drama, a pigeon who saves the day and the divine Sridevi - what’s not to like!

That's very sweet of Satish to apologise but Boney should also take a major credit for the bombing of this movie. He made the movie most likely because he wanted to be near Sridevi the costs for the movie were sky high because he wanted to leave no stone unturned for a movie starring a woman he loved. In addition, I believe the movie and this is my theory that Boney delayed the completion of the movie so he could continue to be around Sri devi. The film did take around 9-10 years.

Yeah, he even did the same thing with Mr.India and done what not to impress her. Her mother asked for 10 lakhs and he gave 11, and 3-4 designers for a heroine is big thing. Satish kaushik said in a interview that boney use to take him for rounds around sridevi’s house in chennai.

This movie is a disaster but people still remember it and i usually prefer to see this movie whenever it’ telecasts

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