Secret Superstar Box Office Report: Aamir Khan's film releases in Hong Kong on a phenomenal note

Secret Superstar minted a collection of around of 117.61 million dollars in China while in India, the film did Rs 63.40 crore (approx) business.
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Aamir Khan-Zaira Wasim's second film together, Secret Superstar, created a storm at the Chinese box office after doing a great business at the Indian box office. Secret Superstar has now released in Hong Kong and it has collected around Rs 4.28 crore in just four days. 

Secret Superstar minted a collection of around of 117.61 million dollars in China while in India, the film did Rs 63.40 crore (approx) business.

Earlier talking about her character in the movie, Zaira in an interview to Pinkvilla said, "Secret Superstar is a beautiful script and I have been very lucky and blessed to have worked with Aamir Khan twice. About the character, Insia, she is a girl with a lot of dreams. The film is about the relationship between a mother and a daughter and the struggles of just every other woman which they are unable to express most of the times."

On performing emotional scenes, Zaira added, "If you have seen the trailer, the father holds me up by my chin, that scene, in particular, was very difficult for me because I did not know how to react to it and it was very disturbing for me."

Further, she recalled, "There were so many moments when I had an emotional breakdown because this film is so intense. When the story was narrated to me, it was so intense that I was almost in tears. When I was shooting that one scene where Insia is breaking the buckets and yelling, it was very intense for me. The kind of actor I am, I am not that brilliant that I can get into the skin of the character. What I do instead is build an emotion or go back to thoughts or any past incident to achieve the closest emotion I had felt to make the scene look convincing."

Helmed by Advait Chauhan, Secret Superstar released in India on October 19, 2017.

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beautiful movie..touches a lot of emotions esp with we all have go thru at some level what the protagonist goes thru in her life..sadly our society is still pretty regressive..

Movie had many flaws specially the end

Such a shame that a flop overrated Newton got National Award whereas a genius movie like Secret Superstar which on budget of 10-15 crore minted over 1000+ crores got nothing in National Awards. If Secret Superstar was nominated for Oscars, atleast it wouldn't have brought shame like Newton did.

aamir has been killing it worldwide!

Lovely movie I was bawling like a baby by the end ...Wanted to give Meher Vij a giant hug

aamir is a creative stalwart in the industry. Success comes to him because he does things with integrity and not necessarily to achieve success specifically.

aamir is

Wow amir is really a mastermind

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