Is Selena Gomez avoiding ex boyfriend Justin Bieber's constant calls?

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2018 had been a roller coaster journey for exes Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Towards the start of the year, Jelena were very much happily dating but by March 2018, they broke up, yet again. Bieber was quick to move on to Hailey Baldwin, and by June 2018, the couple was engaged to get married. Justin and Hailey officially got married at a New York courthouse on September 13, 2018. On the other hand, Selena suffered from low white cell count and had to seek treatment in rehab for multiple mental breakdowns.

Post her treatment, Selena is working towards a happy and healthy lifestyle, which means cutting ties with her past. This includes Justin. However, JB very much wants to reconnect with Selena and is desperate for a run-in, according to Radar Online. "Justin has been trying to get in contact with Selena through mutual friends, as well as through her family. Obviously, her family has told him to stay away and that she wants nothing to do with him right now," a source revealed to Radar.



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Selena wants to move on in her life and start afresh in 2019. That will not be possible if Justin is still a part of it and hence, the Heart Wants What It Wants singer wants the Sorry crooner to leave her alone.

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Meanwhile, both Selena and Justin have started working on new music and plan to release their albums in 2019.


Anonymous : The story is not true. Just click bait.
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Anonymous : Let exes back together working out together as a friendhip / mutual or go back in the being
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Anonymous : I m one of the biggest selena gomez fan and a big hater of JB since i like charlie puth more as a singer so i think selena is doing the right thing she should start new life forgetting about justin beiber.......
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Anonymous : What a circus!
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