Selena Gomez worried about ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber's consecutive emotional meltdowns?

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were amongst those power couples who were loved and adored by millions. Jelena fans would be in for a roller coaster ride every single time their favourite pair would be on-again or off-again. As of now, Justin and Selena have split for good with the former getting married to Hailey Baldwin. On the other hand, Selena had two emotional breakdowns, owing to the complications of her Lupus disease as well as the life-threatening kidney transplant the singer-actress had back in September 2017.

The Taki Taki singer is doing much better now after receiving some treatment. Her body continues to remain fragile as she still lives with Lupus. The good news is that Selena is now feeling much stronger, healthier and happier. However, Selena has one person to be worried about and it is none other than her ex-flame Justin. In the recent past, the paparazzi has clicked the What Do You Mean singer having several emotional and public outbursts and Selena is aware of it, according to



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It was on October 11, 2018, when we saw a distraught Justin crying while inside his car with wife Hailey on hearing about Selena's mental breakdowns. A few days back, JB was seen crying yet again as he was confronted by Hailey as to why everything is always about Selena for him.

While Justin still has a shoulder to lean on with Hailey, Selena still worries about her once upon a time true love. "Despite Justin getting married to Hailey, Selena still has a lot of love for him. When she thinks there could be a problem with his health or happiness, she worries about him. She wishes him well," a source revealed to HL.


Anonymous : Selena Justin is a mistake you made, move past it
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Anonymous : Selena should realize he gives no eff to her. Pick up her self-respect and stop bleating about him. She was in a mental facility for a month, have you heard him utter any supportive statement for her? Even once?
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Anonymous : Yeah she needs to move on
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