Shah Rukh Khan is all 'Red' as he receives a warm welcome by the people of China ahead of Zero screening

Shah Rukh Khan is in China to attend the 9th Beijing International Film Festival where his film Zero will be screened. The superstar is overwhelmed with the warm welcome he received there.
Shah Rukh Khan is all 'Red' as he receives a warm welcome by the people of China ahead of Zero screeningShah Rukh Khan is all 'Red' as he receives a warm welcome by the people of China ahead of Zero screening
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Shah Rukh Khan is currently in China to attend the 9th Beijing International Film Festival. He landed in the country today and received a grand welcome by the people there. It is known to all that SRK enjoys a huge fan following all over the world. So, when he landed on the streets of China, his fans went crazy and showered him with love, gifts and flowers.

The actor took to his Twitter page to share a picture and thanking the people of China for a warm welcome he received there. The Dil Se actor tweeted as, "What a warm and happy welcome here in China by SRK UNIVERSE China. Thx for the gifts, the flowers and the kisses. I am Red all over!!"

Shah Rukh Khan is in China as his film Zero which released last year will be screened at the 9th Beijing International Film Festival. The film will be screened during the closing of the film festival. In a few videos shared by SRK's fan group, we can see the crowd going berserk on seeing their favourite superstar.

Check out SRK's tweet:

Directed by Aanand L Rai, Zero also starred Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles. 

In a statement earlier, Rai expressed his happiness about Zero being screened at the Beijing International Film Festival.

Rai had said, "The film is very special to us and this news is very encouraging. I hope the audience there enjoys the film."


King King King King King

He is actually a millionare who got his fortune not by talent/movies but by doing commercials for Arab countries. Everytime his movie bombs he does an ad for an Arab country. Sad way to get money.

Brother he himself made a man, whatever he do it's his choice wheather he makes money from movie or by doing commercial for Arab. It's none of your matter. He have that gesture that's the reason the world want him. I am sure that if you get the same chance you would go to the different world for the commercial for making money. So do not point any one because of jealous.

He is a billionaire. His cricket team alone is worth a BILLION dollars. Hurts that your irrelevant faves are getting nowhere, huh?

haters gonna hate. srk has that charm no one ever had

Time for PR Singh to release some fake articles about his international following now.

Love him to pieces.

No one like you sir!!

Thank you SRK for thinking out of the box and trying to make different movies. Anyone can make crap South remakes and masala crap for the box office. What you do takes bravery and heart and the world loves you for it.

Forever King of Bollywood..Shahrukh Khan Sir!!

Poor China has to watch the movie Zero, Haven't they suffered enough?

They're thrilled to see SRK and welcoming him with open arms. Jealousy will get you nowhere. Focus on your irrelevant faves and stop obsessing about SRK.

Amazing that this" king" has been failing for the last 10 years. No one in Bwood can relate with that failure.

SRK is a self-made BILLIONAIRE who employs thousands of people in his companies and provides them a good living. He's so much more than an actor. He's a phenomenon. No other BW actor can ever relate to his level of success. They will never achieve it either in reality or in dreams. Never ever.

Nobody will ever compare to you, Shah. You will forever be the King of BW.

Wow, he's looking super old.
The audience is gonna be so disappointed. The plot of Zero was ridiculous.

Do you think you will not be old?
Let people watch the movie and decide
Be positive

He looks fantastic.

SRK was live on Weibo for 15 minutes. 300,000 people watched the live broadcast! No other Indian actor can relate to the love this man gets.


badshah badshah hota he

How must it feel to be so loved?

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