Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif to REUNITE for Amitabh Bachchan's Satte Pe Satta remake? Details inside

According to the latest buzz, Shah Rukh Khan will play the main role in the remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s hit film Satte Pe Satta
News,Katrina Kaif,Amitabh Bachchan,shah rukh khan,Satte Pe SattaShah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif to REUNITE for Amitabh Bachchan's Satte Pe Satta remake? Details inside
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Shah Rukh Khan has been taking a break after the failure of his last few films. While fans had a lot of expectations with his last film directed by Aanand L. Rai, opposite Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, they were not very impressed with how the film turned out. So fans decided to eagerly wait for SRK to announce his next film. Now there are reports that Shah Rukh Khan will next be seen in the remake of Amitabh Bachchan's film Satte Pe Satta.

Satte Pe Satta starring Sr Bachchan and Hema Malini in lead roles, is a 1982 action comedy film. It is based on the American musical film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Amitabh Bachchan played a double role in the film, that of the eldest brother and his look-alike. The film is famous for one of its songs where Indu, played by Hema Malini, teaches basic etiquettes to her six brother-in-laws who are unruly but warm-hearted.

In a recent social media post, film trade analyst and critic Sumit Kadel wrote: “Satte Pe Satta remake featuring SRK is on cards as per strong hearsay in trade. Farah Khan might direct it. All rumours until things get official.”

According to reports, the remake of Satte Pe Satta will feature Katrina Kaif in Hema Malini’s role and the film will be helmed by Rohit Shetty and Farah Khan. We just can’t wait!

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Omg no way, SRK needs to reinvent himself need to work with good directors, this is a sure FLOP...

he is too old to play satte pe satta lead. same romantic lovestruck srk. the character would be much better played by smeone in his 30s. not too young not too old. his brothers were hooligans in their teens and early 20s which makes sense bcz u cant have that carefree behavior from people in their 30s unless they are tweaking the story and he will be shown as father of junglee kids. :P

AMITABH & SRK should do "SHAKTI" remake

I don't mind srk n Kat as long as Farah is directing. She has a good sense of humor. But not sure they should make a remake.
Personally I want a remake of andaaz apna apna with anushka n Katrina cause I love their chemistry together. Anushka will be Salman n Kat will be aamir.

That would be so cool!

I would love to see Srk and Juhi together on screen or even with Rani


If Kajol is casted this might still might work but kat who can’t act to save her life is a big mistake ...

Another flop in the making

I am absolutely not srk fan, I just love Salman. But this guy can be on nr one again. Choose the right movie, never ever work with Katrina. She doesn’t match with SRK. Accept that you’re slightly older and still you can do very good movies. So sad he is really good actor! I loved his Dilwale.

SRK looks shrivelled up. He can't play lead anymore. Time to retire gracefully.

Im so excited for this....! Love this pair and katrina will do a great jpb playing that strict character...!!!

How is audience bored of watching Deepika, Katrina or anushka. They are doing one film in a year and not in every other film like alia. They have their own fans army who waits for their film's release. How can audience get bored of watching them. Katrina still looks the most stunning actress onscreen, I love Deepika's eyes onscreen, will never get tired of her emotive eyes and Anushka is so brave to do different films. Anyday will choose these actress over alia, jhanvi etc who are here without any merit.

I'm not tired of Deepika, Katrina, and Anushka. I'm very proud of them for lasting a decade plus in Bollywood, even with marriages, star kids, Karan actually blatantly trying to sabotage their careers... These are 3 separate girls, but there's actually a long list of actors they haven't worked with. Deepika hasn't done a movie with Salman or Aamir, Anushka with Saif or Hrithik, Katrina with Ajay or Ranveer... it's a lot longer than that. SRK has a long list of girls he hasn't worked with either, or even girls he hasn't worked with in a decade or more that are still around.

Not this oldie please

Srk time over!

Please please dot do SRK, its a humble request from all of your FAN.

So many jobless low life aunties here, hate on her as much as you want she's unbothered, she will keep being cast in films and earn millions. lmao joke's on you

Jobless and liar Katrina aunty and her PR is exposed. She hasnt approached for this movie. Lol

Disgusting pair. We don't want them, we need some fresh faces not buddha and buddhi again. Pakka flop

Wtf I can't believe that directors are still interested in casting botox face aunty Katrina kaif. She's good at only one thing, cheap item numbers where she can show her body

Seriously? This oldie never learns from his mistakes. Wait for another flop lol

Another bakwas flop film by grandpa shahrukh who thinks he is still 25, move on to some chacha roles or retire. Your movies are not working at the box office anymore

no thanks, no one needs or wants this jodi

Srk is going to give another major flop .
Didn't expected from srk that he will also make remake at this stage of his carrier.
He should come with a new idea or a strong story .
Day by day bollywood is becoming worst than ever. I mean why only making bullshit lovestory and reamke and biopic , oh comon there are various things to make. Bollywood try something new. Or you will be kicked by the audience. Just look the newly released avengers endgame which have done a tremendous business leaving behind big hindi blockbusters just because it came up with a great script . In todays time no body wants to waste their money and time watching only lovestory . If you will not upgrade yourself then there are many other options for the public.

SRK should do a content driven film with Tabu who real talent and looks good too.

Only Farah Khan film I enjoyed was mein hoo na

Farah has ruined SRK

He’s secretly in love with Kat if he wants to work with her again

Thank you in advance for ruining my favourite childhood film.

No Kat. No Anushka.

Yes please but sign Kajol not Katy

Please Mr.king khan stop coping all big B movies try to do something else.Like a man who survives to get a normal life but world keep hitting him badly & then he turn to a bad guy & world blaming him or try something else.

Mahaan might be better or Kaalia. In any case, do NOT take Katrina or Anushka. Deepika, if it must.

Another zero in making!!

Please, God, no. SRK is so much better than this. Farah's last decent film was OSO. She's become super lazy and arrogant since. He should never have done HNY, but he wanted to keep her friendship.

Man, I've given up on Shahrukh Khan. Until he stops casting Deepika, Anushka, and Katrina in EVERY movie, he'll keep flopping. Granted they're better than the nepo-kids, but the audience gets tired. People like new pairings or seeing pairings they haven't seen in a long time.

Lol SRK is digging his own grave.

Srk must be totally lost it.

Arre yaar! Kab Tak yeh remakes! And kab Tak yeh anglicized Hindi sunna padega hum audience ko! Mazzak bana rakha hai humara

omg i love satte pe satte..yes pls with srk!!!! not sure how hemaji would feel about her

I love you SRK but please not again with Katrina. Get someone new!!

Katrina over active PR.

where the trade said its has Katrina? Her PR needs to chill.

Jobless kat started linking her to another movie.

Kat is a PR Queen for a reason.

Don't say about Katrina shut your mouth

Why does only Katrina aunty fandom has a right to troll other women? Cry baby cry

Sounds horrible. He needs to accept he got old.

So another FLOP for SRK?

Hope not, that is a horrible story

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