Shah Rukh Khan has the sweetest message for the man behind his debut serial 'Fauji' on his demise

The man behind introducing Shah Rukh Khan in the television show 'Fauji' passed away on Wednesday night. SRK wrote a really sweet message on social media remembering his inspiration, Colonel Raj Kumar Kapoor.
News,shah rukh khan,fauji,Colonel Raj Kumar KapoorShah Rukh Khan has the sweetest message for the man behind his debut serial 'Fauji' on his demise
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Colonel Raj Kumar Kapoor, the director who introduced the King Khan of Bollywood into the television industry, passed away yesterday. He introduced SRK in the old popular show 'Fauji'. The 87-year-old director died due to age-related issues on Wednesday night. "My father died at 10.10 p.m. yesterday. He was in a hospital for sometime, but his death was very sudden. He was otherwise in good health... He went quite peacefully," Ritambhara, who is one of his daughters said.
Shah Rukh Khan took to his Twitter handle and wrote the sweetest message for Colonel. He wrote, "He loved me so much. Encouraged me. And today if I am used to being mollycoddled on sets it’s because of this man who made a ‘Fauji’ out of a boy, like his own. Will miss you Sir...always. May u find peace in ur new mission."
In fact, Raj Kumar produced many serials and acted in several ad films. A few years ago, he published the novel "When Shiva Smiles". In the book, SRK - 25 Years of a Life, Raj had written a little note about the actor. He wrote, "I've been an actor, I've fought three wars, but all that anybody seems to remember is that I launched Shah Rukh 20 years ago. It amuses me to think that I'm given credit for something I played no part in. Shah Rukh's parents made him, I didn't. I didn't make a superstar; I simply chose the right man for a job I had. What happened before or after that in his life has nothing to do with me," he wrote.


So he made his passing all about him, how much he loved srk? What an egotostical bs

SRK is the best there is and will ever be


SRK was forgetting gradually what his parents made of him, he is now what Gauri Khan made of him - a man of stardom but virtues

Gauri is the best thing in his life

Did he even bother to attend his funeral? Put a message on twitter and be done?!!!!

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