Shah Rukh Khan: I don’t think the simplicity has gone away but I have more life experience now

Shah Rukh Khan opened up about how new actors are in awe of him.
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Be it a fan or a fellow co-star, everyone at some point in time get awestruck by the presence of superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Many celebrities from different walks of life have spoken openly about their love for SRK.
When asked about how new actors have opened up about them being in awe of SRK, he stated to a leading daily, "You know, sometimes, a lot of co-actors and co-actresses tell me, ‘People don’t know it, but you are so simple’. But I always say that it’s [the perception] from the outside. A lot of them [actors and directors], when they start out, they don’t know me well, but when they work with me and become friendly enough, then they turn around and say that [I am simple]. That’s why I don’t think the simplicity has gone away, but yes, I have more life experience now. And I can’t deny that."
He was also asked about his warm and endearing personality, to which Shah Rukh replied, "I keep things very basic. So, there are no trappings but from outside, there might appear many of them. In fact, when a team member of mine or a director starts working with me for the first time, they have a bit of a perception that ‘arrey, yeh toh aisa hoga’ (He must be a certain kind). In fact, half of the time, new directors are extremely wary that yeh aisa dikh raha hai par aisa hoga nahi (he must not be in real life the way he appears).’ But after some time, they realise that I do nothing special."


It doesn't matter who and what you are.
In our eyes, you are a cheater..
Far from being simple, on the contrary pretty complex .
We like our queen --- the beautiful , committed mother, wife and friend .

Oh god! Self praise! Yes you're very simple ok. You're a little babe in the woods.

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