Shah Rukh Khan on marrying early: Both luck and love came early with Gauri Khan

Lately, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have been showering their love for each other on social media pages. Yesterday, during an Instagram reaction, SRK spoke sweetly about Gauri.
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Since the time Instagram started the feature of asking questions to its users, people have been trying their hand at it. Bollywood celebrities who conduct fan interactions on Twitter started the same on Instagram too.

Yesterday, Shah Rukh Khan, who is often seen conducting #AskSRK on his Twitter page did the same on his Instagram account too. The superstar was flooded with unusual and cute questions from his fans and his replies to them will leave you in splits instantly.

One of the questions Shah Rukh was asked was, "How are you so fit? To which, he replied, "I don't smoke, sleep 10 hrs a day, lead a regular life & never lie!"

Sarcasm on point!

While another user asked him, "Why did you marry so early?" to which, King Khan had a sweet answer. He replied, "Bhai love and luck Kabhie bhi aa jaate hain. So both came early with Gauri."

How romantic!

Check it out below and tell us about it in the comments section.


Meanwhile, on the work front, Shah will next be seen in Zero which is helmed by Aanand L Rai. In the film, the superstar will be seen playing the role of a vertically challenged person. The movie also stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma as the female leads and is slated to release on December 21, 2018.

SRK will soon kickstart the shoot of his forthcoming film titled Salute. The film is a biopic which is based on the life of legendary Indian astronaut, Rakesh Sharma.

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It looks like the blinds were true. He and PC did end their affair and decided to move on. I guess he's making amends now. Ever since Sonam s wedding there's been glimpses of the old, pre PC Srk, the one who always held on to his wife and gushed about his family. During the PC period he was aloof and clearly uninterested in anything but Abram - add to that his horrible movie choices and he lost a fan in me. It's nice to see him capture back some of the old memories like his Dil se days. Even if its for show, it's preferable to the downright pitiful treatment of his wife few years ago

Clearly he’s a liar

Gauri supported him and she DOES not take credit for his success at all..she says its him and his hardwork..she knows it. She worked when they married..she was into fashion design used to do his costumes..etc..she never sat at home waiting for him to bring money in. She was always well offf.. he replied to a fan..he loved Gauri then and loved her now..its no PDA..they are not posting selfies and pics every day or going to events just to show or prove anything..attention seeking is not SRKs thing.

She worked when they married? Where do you get all these imaginary news? Some fans are really bind

Correct....only no pictures of them together last few years while he was with PC and him not at all talking about her or mentioning her as mother of his children and now suddenly gushing over her is all just a coincidence ! And there is no bigger attention seeker than SRK on this planet, blind fan!

God bless their marriage! If they have issues then at least they’re dealing with them instead of giving up. Not sure why that makes everybody angry. It’s LOVELY to see him praise his wife publicly!

That's a sweet response from SRK.

Absolutely it was. And everyone's giving him such a hard time for it. So unfair. I love them together!

He succeeded because a lucky wife, seriously? do you people think that he is what he is because of her luck? that's really stupid! The whole world knows how he worked and still do to keep everything going in his life and if anything bad or good is happening to him it because GOD will and she is not his god, he has lost his Mother when the wife was in his life, would you still call it luck?They keep putting these kind of ulterior motives in his mind to give her an important role in what he has achieved by his hard work! to all the poor guys out there, don't study, don't work, go find a lucky girl and marry her and you will be rich!

Kya Din aagaye!

I hope he is making amends with his wife & not being drama queen.. few years back he just used to acknowledge as a mother of his children.

Yeah....In many interviews few years back he spoke very less about his wife and was referring to her as his kids mother.... Now he is back to talking about his wife,probably to improve his family man image which had taken a beating some years back.... Hope the reconciliation is for real and not for promoting his upcoming movie Zero..

He really thinks he can flip attitude in his 50s and people will buy his crap

Chal be! He always gushed about his wife all his life. Don’t do fake revisionist history.

Should not get married so early. Same with like Saif. But then you end up like Salman, old and crusty and alone. Find a middle ground. Good that people aren't judged for living together anymore.

salman still looks better than you !!!! he looks Not at all in his 50s and he still can marry!!! sanjay dutt married manyata in his 50 and get his Twins in his 50s!!! so chill !!! salman still can Marry a 25 Year old get children and she gets the Money ans respect of the fraternity and the Children and a Good looking man

“OLd, crusty and alone”... you sound like a character of class. Salman didnt get married but he also didnt get married and CHEAT like all the other actors. So sit back down buddy

He's officially canceled

Buaaaahahahahahahahahaha kuch bhi

Love you srk!! Keep making everyone jealous. Live a blessed life with your wife and kids. Others can only keep slobbering and dreaming of having you.

LOL SRK fans are so delusional

There’s nobody better than SRK and everybody knows it.

He’s old and flop, everybody knows it

Shahrukh is love ❤️

Relax, your movies are flops.

They’re so lovely!

Srk is a cheater, he is a cheater, he is a cheater, he is a cheater !!!!

Flop flop flop. Next

Look how old he looks in that picture, I think it's high time he starts playing some bauji and chacha roles

So SRK finally realizes the fact. Luck and love came with Gauri and he had lost all that while having affair with PC. SRK take care of your wife and you will be lucky again. At least give us a good film to watch. You are a powerful performer.

SRK is flop because he makes bad movies. It’s not about luck, it’s about script sense which he doesn’t have. Without Karan Johar and Yash/Aditya Chopra he’s nothing

SRK has swades,Pardes,Devdas,Don etc which were not YashRaj or Dharma productions... SRK ends up helping his friends like Farah Khan,Aziz Mirza,Sajid Khan and ends up doing movies for them... SRK does have a good team which can help him in movie selection,but SRK takes decision from heart.. While some work,some wont.. I liked his performance in Dear Zindagi and Fan even if they are flops....

Love them! ❤️

He's trying to make priyanka chopra jealous lmaaaaaao

Priyanka who??

What's an SRK again???

He is irrelevant. Flop actor

Rote rote hasna seekho, haste haste rona!

The King is going to become a billionaire soon. You keep crying!

He once said that he isnt an easy person to deal with, I wonder how she managed to tolerate him all these years. Respect for gauri

I'm sure she feels the money more than compensates for it.. else she's have left ages ago.

Gauri herself doesnt take credit for any of the success SRK has achieved... You can watch her interview during her Goa Hotel launch... I think she is not too much into his stardom....

She has to think about their three children and various other aspects before heading for divorce.. If she wants money ,she can still get it in the form of huge alimony which she can demand and SRK might give her.... Also Red Chillies and many of SRK's properties are still in her name and she can keep them to herself even after divorce. Maybe they want to try and work it out and see if they can save their marriage.. I think it is not wrong to try reconcile with husband ....

And she didnt file for divorce for your money

He has an ego bigger than his nose

Flop srk

Gauri would have asked for a divorce but because of his wealth and power she's still with him. I mean who'll buy her jewelry, expensive designer clothes and afford her trips? She'll be a nobody without him, what a smart woman!!!

Absolutely right. Finally someone said it

BTW,Gauri can still get a lot of money from Alimony and She has good number of properties(including Mannat) in her name all over the world.. Even after divorce,she will still be the owner of those assets... If you think its just for luxury that she is still with SRK,then you also think what will be SRK's condition without her.... She is co-owner of Red Chillies which also looks into Kolkata Knight Riders, She is mother of SRK's children,her presence made SRK look like a family man and SRK milked this family man image the most... It will be SRK's loss if he divorces her... He will forever be known as a cheater and fake family man who once famously quoted that he doesn't know what infidelity means...

sounds like an extract from his upcoming book, finally cleared of any love and spirit, but Gauri, he himself has no identity anymore but will be recited

Lol did he say luck? Of course it must be her good luck and the fact what is happening with his movies despite puting her name as a producer

SRK's movies did good business when he was loyal to his wife.. From the time he started affair with PC,his career was heading downhill... Now he realized that he was happiest when he was gauri and has gone back to her... Having her name as producer has nothing to do with having her as part of his life... If your personal life is peaceful,it will show in professional life...

hahahaha all this pda by both PC and SRK makes me feel, there has been a break-up and both were deffo involved..
I always thought, they were just rumours... but now both parties are in overdrive promoting their happy life...UFF

Lovely couple


That no smoking and sleeping 10 hours a day was sarcasm? Or did you quit smoking?

He’s lying. SRK is a liar. Always has been

Najar na lage inshallah amin

somebody must be crying in

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