Shah Rukh Khan on the Me Too movement and what advice he would give to those in a relationship

In an interview with a leading daily, Shah Rukh Khan was asked about the Me Too movement. The #MeToo movement in Bollywood led to revelation of names in the industry who are sexual predators.
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This year proved a crucial year for the Hindi film industry because of the Me Too movement. After Tanushree Dutta shared her story of how she was sexually harassed by Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss in 2008, many women revealed the names of their sexual predators too. While some women came out in the open, many decided to stay anonymous. A lot of Bollywood celebrities came out in support of the Me Too movement.

In an interview with Indian Express, Shah Rukh Khan was asked about the Me Too movement and advice he would give to those navigating relationships between the sexes. SRK answered, "Three things: Respect, respect, and respect. I really believe that. Some of my women friends, whom I have known for years, find me too formal at times. But there is no romance and love without respect. Respect means equality, and I don’t mean the social media’s #equality. To me, equality is letting you know how weak I am, equality is asking you, can you take care of me? This is what I’ve done with my wife, and my women friends because I genuinely love them."

The superstar also shared the advice he gave to his elder son Aryan Khan and how he respects the privacy of his wife Gauri Khan and daughter Suhana. The Swades actor said, "I teach my 21-year-old son that disrespecting a person is not okay, and I don’t mean beating or the kind of things that #MeToo has brought out. I’m talking about basic respect. I’ve been married for 30 years — I’ve never looked into my wife’s purse. I still knock on the bedroom door if she’s changing; I knock on my daughter’s bedroom door. They know it’s me, but this is their space."

The Me Too movement helped women to speak up against sexual predators in Bollywood like Alok Nath, Anu Malik, Rajat Kapoor, Kailash Kher, Vikas Bahl and Sajid Khan.



Respect for what? He does enjoy playing with words of no strength. I have no respect for such weak men. Let him love his manipulating wife as much as he wants to and his fussy costars

It's all good, but where was he when MeToo happened and superstars' voices were needed? Now it's to late, it just looks like a desparate attempt to save his face after another flop

love me, take care of me, and eight ways to Sunday I will throw you under the bus. Puhleeeeeeze

One thing everybody should agree that no superstar had ever respected their female co-star as SRK did. SRK has been treating his leading ladies with so much respect and care, Kudos to SRK

Confused. How do you know what's going on in a room from outside?

Srk u rock.
If all men on this earth had such noble thoughts then, wowwww a heaven for all women.

Srk u rock.
If all men on this earth had such noble thoughts then, wowwww a heaven for all women.

Srk u rock.
If all men on this earth had such noble thoughts then, wowwww a heaven for all women.

Should openly stand up for the ladies in trouble as his words will be taken seriously by the public . And yes , SRK personally does not come across as a nasty bullying type with his female co stars . Never ever seen him go the 'patronizing superstar' way talking above them which lots of male actors are guilty of doing.

Aishwarya was one your female friends too...just saying!


Great SRK

Great SRK

Great SRK

Finally he speaks. Nicely articulated.

If everyone thought lyk dz!!!......

A gentleman is what a gentleman does - SRK just proves it!

Really a Hero

Really a gentleman in this era

Really a gentleman in this era

Srk is truely inspiration for young generation.

Really! how much respect shahrukh Khan Sahab gives to women. Like him.

What a nature he has <3


love you


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