Shah Rukh Khan on not signing films: My heart doesn’t allow me to, just want to spend more time with my family

Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in Aanand L.Rai’s Zero co-starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma and as of now, SRK hasn’t announced his next project.
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Shah Rukh Khan’s last outing, Aanand L.Rai’s Zero co-starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, didn’t perform well at the box office, and failed to receive critical acclaim. Post Zero, while all of SRK fans are eagerly waiting for him to announce his next project but looks like there is still time for him to start shooting for his next film. Although there were rumours that Shah Rukh Khan was to do Rakesh Sharma biopic, Saare Jahan Se Accha, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Sahir Ludhianvi biopic, and also Farhan Akhtar’s Don 3 but SRK, as of now, there is no confirmation on the same.

And as we speak, SRK is vacationing in London with Gauri and AbRam and during an interview, SRK opened up on his future projects as he said that he has not signed up any film. “I have no film with me right now. I am not working on any film. Usually what happens is when your one film is coming to an end, you begin work on your next film and I get involved within 3-4 months,” informed SRK. A few days back, SRK celebrated Eid with his legion of fans as she stepped out of Mannat to wave at the fans and while the paparazzi were clicking SRK, we also snapped American television host David Letterman with him. 

Since Suhana is going to college and Aryan is about to finish his studies, Shah Rukh Khan says that he wants to spend as much time with his family.  “But this time I am just not feeling like...My heart doesn’t allow me to..I just felt that I should rather take time out, watch films, listen to stories and read more books. Even my kids are in their college daughter is going to college and my son is about to finish his studies. So I just want to spend more time with my family,” SRK informed Filmfare. Well, like die-hard SRK fans, we will patiently wait for the actor to announce his next project because we are sure that he is going to be back with a bang. 



Thank u all for spending your Eid with me... May God bless u all with health and happiness. #EidMubarak

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He is lucky that chennai express and happy new year were released earlier otherwise in todays time both would have been flop, problem is shahrukh khan is one of the biggest superstars and the expectation are going to be too much high, if zero would have released five years earlier it would have done decent job in boxoffice

Swades, Chak De and Dear Zindagi were some of his best movies. He must focus on such content to bounce back!

He should work with age- appropriate actresses and his previous co-stars from the 90's. Then his films would work. Don't want to repeatedly see Anushka or Katrina. Fed up of them

grapes are sour. the reason for him no signing films is coz he has no offers. people are just tired of him...just like a new phone..people are looking for a fresh face

He is box office poison, ironic for King Khan.

His problem is the smoking which has made him lose muscle mass and making him look old.

As people said if he is so beloved among millions WHERE are they when his movies come out? Something aint right here.

Perhaps he needs to rediscover him self and go back to his roots.... Do a movie with Juhi chawla, the actress he started out with. Sometimes going back to where you started from Gives you better perspective.

Juhi Chawla was not the actress he started with. His first female co-star was late Divya Barti in his first two films. His second female co-star was Urmila Matondkar in Chamatkar. Juhi Chawla and Amrita Singh starred in his fourth film Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. Shilpa and Kajol came in his sixth film, Baazigar.

So, if he's to do a film with the actress he started with, who's alive, it's Urmila Matondkar.

Is he with kanika Kapoor now?

Why with her?

Shahrukh is not get old , he just get too slim .What he has to do now is to eat much more than unusual and to sleep like a normal person.The truth is that SRK was living for his work and fans only in a last 20 years .He was forgot that he is also human being.So now is a time to remember about himself and his family will help him.Why Shahrukh smokes too much in the last 20 years of his life , because he was feeling himself very lonely .For the first time in his life he spend a time with himself .I am so proud of him in any steps of his decisions .Shahrukh is the love of whole world .We love him from the bottom of our hearts .Only stupid and jealous people can speak something bad about him .Shahrukh is so sweet and talented .He just need to starts to look after himself .To be successful , you need to start to love yourself first ! And Shahrukh just starts to learn how to love himself .His family will help him better than anyone !

Get yourself enrolled in English classes, before you attempt to write a eulogy on your hamming idol.

Stop judging. You're just so jealous because that person said the truth. You can't have to seem your English writing skills so perfect by copying some fancy words from google. Get a life dude!

Without Yash Chopra and Karan Johar he is lost as they gave him his biggest roles and hits.

it is good SRK is spending time with his family, now he should only do meaningful roles, he has enough enough and already got fame, one cannot be on top all the time, let others also have chance, now Aryan should slowly join Bollywood.

Shame on srk fans to target ranveer singh because of two clashe.

Hope he will take the time to select a good project. The last few have been appalling.


Salaam how are you doing. I am good Allhamduliallah. Just read all the comments people posted. Rude. Disappointed. No manners. No respect. I am a fan but not a huge. Just watch some films. All the hard work people put to create a film.... Wow. We all need a break holiday so what's the big deal. He spend so much time away from his family due to work and missed out a lot of golden family time. We all deserve a break.


He can give up his King Khan title to Salman Khan because Salman is truly the biggest star in Bollywood right now.

Indian audiences will create you and will also not hesitate to humble you.

Happy he’s taking a break, being a fan I have watched every single movie of his, the last few were nothing to talk about..besides that celebrities go overboard with promotion and stuff, I for one get fed up with seeing the same faces all over the media

I think the problem w srk is his arrogance. That was his down fall. He was so high on himself when he was numb 1 which obv will happen when you have fans showering love on you like that. But he became arrogant and takes himself way too seriously. He picks bad scripts but still thinks he is the srk of the 90s. Hate him or love him Salman was able to sustain his stardom Bc he doesn’t take himself seriously or pretend to be something else. He is what you get at face value. Srk always cane acroos cold and greedy. Aamir did well Bc he chooses good scripts mostly. Srk is actually the better actor of all 3 but lacks Salmans charisma and aamirs ability to pick good scripts.

buddhe ko scripts nae mil rhi toh ese bolra hai

He lost his heart to greed.

Dont EVER post close ups of his old face. Thank you.

Karma hit him HARD.

He's sad his fans aren't stupid robots like Salman's. I'm a SRKian sure, that doesn't mean I'll go see every single movie in theaters. I have a life. They have to not look stupid. Bauaa Singh was an asshole... how could he not see that just by reading the script? And the movie had no ending. It takes 2 minutes to reject that script. Same with Fan. India doesn't understand conceptual movies like that with no heroine or song and dance. He needs serious help picking scripts.

Obviously hasn't been given a script he likes. The man's an outsider who worked like a dog to get where he is, he may as well take it easy at this point of time ! And I for one found it sad his son wants him to keep up with his stressful career at this age.

Thats why Srk fans tweet aganist another outiser like Ranveer and support nepo overrated products like Ranbir ?

He likes scripts that make horrible movies in the end. He clearly has no talent in chosing them. Everyone was an outsider to Bwood and then the kids start acting too, exactly
what is happening in Khan family as well. So he is participting in nepotism. Horrible.

Apparently his next is Operation Khukri, with Raj Kumar Rao and ayushman khurana

He has always been a good actor but for a long time he hasn’t gotten good scripts, I really miss his acting in movies like Swades, My Name is Khan, actors never retire anyway, he can do one good film in two years

good hes taking a break&hopefully he can bounce back recharged&not romance girls half his age&do more age appropriate roles now.

May b his last few films flopped but at least he is sensible to stop here. We have grown up watching his movies he has entertained us enough and has earned very hard for his name, fame and money. It’s his right to enjoy it now.

His ego cant handle it. He is used to blind worship and now people dont even care enough to pay to see his movies.

I am looking forward to Don 3, he just needs to get a good script and make sure that his love interest in the movie should either be Deepika or Priyanka but they have to be very relevant to the movie not just an arm candy role. Even Kareena or Kangana could be good too, but the script should be full of gun action, physical combat and car chases.

NO! No Don movies!

He is OLD. Salman is the similar age but he takes care of his body unlike SRK who smokesnsonmuch even his fingers are yellow. All of this shows on his body and face, he is ageing rapidly. Don3 would be ridiculous.

Sean Connery did some awesome remarkable roles in his 60s, the Rock, First knight, Rising Sun, Entrapment with the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.He needs fantastic locations, good scripts, blazing guns, martial arts, good arm combat and I will stress again the female lead should be kick ass like Michelle Yeoh in Tomorrow Never Dies. That is a first start, then ground breaking sound track and a thrilling suspense filled screen play, that will make Don 3 but the antagonist must be a real badosky when I mean bad, bad.

The Indian audience have been fed senseless popcorn crap for too long that they don't know when a different good film along. An audience that thinks the wooden talentless firangi Katrina is an actress, what do you expect.

so much negativity in comments section.he is a mega star.the whole world knows him.the one nane from India literaly the whole world recognized.still this is what respect yiu show him in his old age.he has worked realy hard and has earned his retirment.let him enjoy this phase of his life.this is exactly what a succesful man should be doing, its no failure.its his time to take a seat back and relax.he is an extremely succesful man.respect from Pakistan.

Lol, he is relaxing because for the past 10 years he is falling on his behind. One flop after another. Now he will have nepo kids, the daughter is too ugly to be a lead actress, looks just like him in a wig. Tough to be “King” Khan.

His career is on the decline hence his ego got bruised.

Thanks for Zero, it was a very funny movie, and remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I hope you work with TV actors, this would new and fresh, cuz many of them are excellent and have a huge fan following, yes even you, SRK have to prove the critics wrong,and quess what! my dear fans have been doing for years!

Did you look at yourself at the mirror chacha, do you think you're still 25? either play papa or uncle roles or retire. I guess you have made enough money now, your net worth is estimated to be nearly $1 billion

His fans are the worst. His films flop coz they do not go to see his films. They are fans on paper unlike Salman whose fans go and watch all his crap films and make them hit. Srk has no fans. If he had, his films wouldn't flop right left n centre. Period.

Your time is over grandpa. Accept it

The king of trash. Retire soon buddha

The official grandpa of bollywood

I wonder how SRK fans who are now speaking against KJO and his nepotistic ways will react once his son or daughter is launched in Bollywood. Ofcourse, I know they will turn big hypocrites.

Lol he's just afraid to fail again.

Do what your heart says .

It's fine srk.. we will wait.. your next film commit from your heart and it will reach the hearts of millions of your fans. Love you..and god bless you

Good luck Shahrukh!! You definitely need a big break to rejuvenate yourself. But please, from now on give utmost importance to scripts and stories rather than big banners, friends, successful directors etc., and please don't make a comeback with dumb sequels/franchise movies or south remakes.

"my heart doesn't allow" hahahaha. No one wants to waste money on u king of flops. U r finished. Now spend rest of the life with ur family.

Just retire granpa... your leather face and neck belong to zhe archives of Bwood.

Oh how the mighty have fallen

SRK is lucky he has a family to speak of. What he put Gauri through with his extramarital affairs is sickening.

So he wants to spend more time with his family? His huge ego doesnt allow him to admit he is such a failure for over a decade.

His neck is stuff of nightmares. He has gotten so old.

I don’t blame him and it was nice of him to be honest instead of saying not found a script, or will be announcing something soon. He’s a super rich man doesn’t need to work now, still has a fan following, son is probably going to be launched in movies in a couple of years.

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