Shah Rukh Khan REACTS to Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh's Wedding; avoids commenting on Priyanka Chopra

Shah Rukh Khan was asked at the Zero trailer launch about Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas' upcoming weddings. While SRK spoke fondly about how he called Deepika to wish her, the superstar avoided commenting on Priyanka.
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Shah Rukh Khan had double the reasons to celebrate today i.e. November 2, 2018. One was King Khan's 52nd birthday and the second was the trailer launch of his upcoming release, Zero. Directed by Aanand L Rai, Zero also stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in pivotal roles and will see Shah Rukh play the role of a dwarf character. Katrina will be seen as a troubled actress and Anushka will be seen as a scientist suffering from cerebral palsy.

At the trailer launch, Shah Rukh was asked about the upcoming wedding bonanza with Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas tying the knot. Shah Rukh had the entire crowd laughing out loud and gave a special shoutout to over custom-made 'Yay' and 'Nays'! For Deepika, Shah Rukh shared, "My love to Deepika and Ranveer. God bless them with happiness and goodness. I called Deepika the other day and said be as happy as I have been in my married life. Lots of love to them. We will all be there celebrating. As a matter of fact, both Anushka and Deepika started their career with me so, it becomes more special to me."

When asked what would he do in Deepika and Ranveer's wedding, the superstar said: "Everyone should get married but what I will do in their wedding? 'Begani shaadi mein Abdullah deewana'. They will get married, they will have fun and they will have kids so, what I will do in that? I have been married long ago so, should I get married again and again? It doesn't look good isn't it." 

After a round of laughter, Shah Rukh wished Deepika and Ranveer for their future, saying: "God bless them. I wish them all the happiness. I genuinely get really happy when my co-actresses gets married because first Sridevi ji and Madhuri ji got married when I started working in films then, I have only flowered as an actor and as a star because of the love, these ladies have given me. 

"After them, the second generation came along who got married and now this is the third set of ladies who are getting married. I really get emotional when they get married."

Anand L. Rai directorial "Zero" features Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Sheeba Chadda in lead roles.

It is slated to release on December 21.



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However, SRK did avoid commenting on PriCk's wedding and we wonder why!



Bae @nickjonas

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On the other hand, talking about Anushka's trend of starting the wedding fever post her nuptials with Virat Kohli, Katrina spoke fondly of how Virushka made her believe in true love.

Watch the video below:

What do you have to say about Shah Rukh's comment? Let us know in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, Zero is slated to release on December 21, 2018. Salman Khan will be having a cameo appearance in the movie, along with Shah Rukh. 

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I wish katrina gets a guy like Ranveer she deserves better than what she had

Anuhska why bitter .. still in love with Ranveer

For sure.

Right? It is so obvious.

Pc wedding nice

He should wish pc well

He is only making it more awkward and is also acknowledging the relation by not reacting to it. If you can't be mature in your mid fifties, you can never be. As he speaks of generations from Sridevi to Anushka, he should ponder if it's time to stop romancing women young enough to be his daughters.

To everyone who's been commenting how Nick Jonas is a 20-something white successful hot popstar.....LMAOOO. That guy is equally irrelevant in Hollywood as PC.

Lol srk’s Bots @ it bashing all to cover up as movie releasing soon. need to be family man now. On side note, katrina & anushka looking good.

Any article with the slightest mention of SRK and PC attracts the highest no of comment and views :) pinkvilla knows about it so trying to increase site traffic by makin a mountain out of molehill

He said ''My love to Deepika and Ranveer''.

Lol chubby face Kat looking like a matron and trying her best to fake gush about Anushka and make it trend somehow that Anushka's was the classy wedding etc. Fat Kat did you even see the insane levels of dizziness generated when confirmation news of DeepVeer broke? People LOVE them. They are the HOTTEST Bollywood couple and no one can steal their thunder so you better take several sofas to seat that big bottom of yours.

Ranveer and Deepika should rebuke those wishes. Sounds more like a curse.

I don’t wish SRK kind of married life for Deepika and Ranveer. RSDP deserves a happy married life. SRK had one mistress for many years and now another one. He has failed as a husband.

True love from Anu? Yeah, with Kohli's bank balance.

PC never loved SRK, it was business for her.. she loves Nick Jonas fur sure . SRK can’t accept she’s moved on to a younger guy.

Pc totally damaged his image.

Anuskha’s like SRK’s daughter’s age. Weird pairing

First of all, it's obvious you did not even see what happened at that press conference. Pinkvilla is making something out of NOTHING.

First he was asked that there are a lot of weddings coming up like Ranveer/Dp and Nick/PC and how Anushka is like a setting a trend and if he wants to say anything to the couples? He was just joking and laughing and saying who is he to comment - "begani shaadi mein abdullah deewana" type. Then they moved on. Later someone asked again but they only asked about Deepika and Ranveer. And he said he had called DP and wished her and they would all be there to celebrate with her whenever she calls.

He’s 53 not 52

What are people talking about here?!! Creating something out of nothing. Watch the video and you will see how good his response was.

PC was not even mentioned.

I dont know about srk. but indian men especially older indian men are the most bitter about the priyanka-nick thing. they all thought there kind was the one she would go for..-but she went for a white pop star in his 20's nearly a decade younger than her. this is just my obsrervation..but men in their 40's and 50's are bitter af about priyanka-nick. their entitilement to younger women is somehow ok for them and when they date girls 20 years younger as if it is acceptable there are no issues. but with can just see the jealousy come out!

Only a 20 something foolish white guy full of white guilt would marry Priyanka. Indians are having designer white babies. Pv post the hard hitting fact.

no one cares about priyanka nd her young boyfriend

Not true

SRK is just baiting himself out more and more

Wow karma! SRK gets asked about Priyanka all the time and he gets so uncomfortable. This will go on his entire life now.

No it won't. PC is already irrelevant. They are trying to create the last bits of gossip that they can and it will be forgotten soon.

Journalists aren’t scared of SRK and ask him about Priyanka all the time

I feel SRK’s wishes to Ranveer and Deepika are worse than no wishes at all. I sincerely hope their marriage is better than SRK’s marriage.

SRK is old and bitter. He gave an awkward response during the engagement time too. Priyanka doesn’t care, it’s obvious she’s happier than ever now. Nick is a great guy and they don’t need SRK’s wishes.

Of course they don't need SRKs wishes bcs they aren't in a relationship. Nick is gay. Believe me... muaaaah ;)

Don’t know why but there’s definitely zero chemistry between them. When you see Deepika and Ranveer together, you can just feel the love and warmth. Even with Anushka and Birat for that matter. With these two, it just looks so forced and awkward. It’s painful to watch.

Entire Bollywood laughs about Chopras promo freak show with a gay american boy. SRK is right to give a shit on this fake wedding. Well done!

I don’t like SRK’s wishes for Deepveer either! I hope Deepveer’s marriage is better than SRK’s!

Right? Even I was thinking this wish is so awkward. Who does he think he’s fooling?

Feel sad for gauri. This guy is enjoying both sides family man and his never ending games. All the recent tweets and pics to portray himself as the best husband material. I guess gauri has a lot of stake ( not talking money) but her grown up kids and her sanity invested which stops from going out. Sussane got out lucky, cuz these husbands only use them as trophies and not give them an identity.

Virat and this one; true love?! Ridiculous.

SRK is too old and bitter. Nick is young and handsome . PC moved on to bigger and better things .

She moved to a fake relationship. Her relationships are all fake.

So basically, SRK’s ex is getting married, Anushka’s ex is getting married and Katrina’s ex’s ex is getting married. What is bollywood even

Ranbir or Salman are getting married!?

Bro I said Katrina’s ex’s ex as in Deepika

KJO, Farhan and Hrithik who are friends with Srk have wished her & are cordial with PC. If she was wrong, i don’t think they would even be on talking terms with her specially KJO who’s best friends with Twinkle and Gauri and an apparent brother to SRK. Stop bashing a woman always. And men tend to get away with anything. Its just a meagre courtesy, said a congratulations and moved on. Now by doing these he wants people to think of it as a big deal and he is all saintly. I am not questioning his ethics May there Was nothing but he acting awkward says somethjng else.

Ok it doesn’t mean anything to KJO also if Pc was involved with his besties husband & breaking his family? Or they all integrated & ok with this & open cuz nobody cares.. lol... and then we say west is influencing..

Nobody is really friends with PC so that is wrong. They are just polite for the sake of maintaining some grace. SRK and Hrithik are not close friends anyway. They are just in the same industry so you see each other at events and say nice things to each other. SRK won't fight with Kangana either for Hrithik's sake. Why would he care? It's not his problem.

Exactly polite, cordial etc. he could have been is what was required & he could have handled more intelligently since he is the more witty one. Yes nobody is friends here. If he doesn’t talk to arjun whatever his reasons are even during a crisis to support, ofcourse yes cant expect him to wish PC.

First of all, it's obvious you did not even see what happened at that press conference. Pinkvilla is making something out of NOTHING.

First he was asked that there are a lot of weddings coming up like Ranveer/Dp and Nick/PC and how Anushka is like a setting a trend and if he wants to say anything to the couples? He was just joking and laughing and saying who is he to comment - "begani shaadi mein abdullah deewana" type. Then they moved on. Later someone asked again but they only asked about Deepika and Ranveer. And he said he had called DP and wished her and they would all be there to celebrate with her whenever she calls.

No one says it's okay for men! But a decent woman would never think about to start an affair with a married man who has three kids! Only for the career not even for love! End of the story!

Yeh true that’s why today SRK like some people write one man industry and PC is a mistress and don’t get work in India and gets sidelined and people hate. Yes if she was involved absolutely wrong but what i am trying to point is the double standards. And KJO who makes a big hoopla foe everything like wont talk to kajol, had issues with ajay, takes on Kangana ??? Why is he polite with his bestie’s mistress? Means he doesnt care or he is ok openly if gauri is hurt or is this pc/srk a myth. As men move on like look @ amitabh after 100 affairs still is the most talked about man. Yes people talk maybe his behind but does any one call him out? Does any one call out Dharmendra or a sunny who have the family man images lol. May be u and i don’t think but to many common people they do. And women face the brunt. Yes their wrong but men get it easy.

Question is about Deepika and Priyanka and somehow Katrina makes it about Anushka !!! WTH ? Post PV ! She is so jealous !!!

That’s why I always wish katrina well she needs it the most.

He doesn't want to mention her name simply coz he doesn't respect her.He doesnt want to give her the attention she always wanted coz she ruined his image and hurted his family A LOT.She is getting what she deserves!PV PLZ POST

Cheater SRK is no one to judge others. He’s lost all my respect long back.

You want Priyanka to care so much, when in reality she has been glowing with happiness and couldn't care less.

SRK is on cordial terms to wish Deepika & Ranveer though I don't know whether the Khan marriage is to be admired from a marital point of view. The Khans may still be a couple today but they have faced many storms in the past & maybe even today (if the singer gossip is true). As for PC , most people are polite enough to avoid articulating what they really think about her upcoming marriage. Jacket gate screamed the end of that relationship and he will be very careful in future.

If it was just a blind item, (cuz in one of the YouTube award video, pc acts like his character in my name is khan and you should see him love/appreciation written all over his face, and when she says sorry he says for you “sau khoon maaf”) he sure could have wished as a peer & no need to make drama. He didn’t even support arjun durinf his mom’s death & some point they were all thick. I am neither shah or pc’s fan. Its called social courtesy which would definitely avoid all the stupid speculation we are doing.if he is unsocial like saman or Hrithik i totally get it. But he is not. that’s how i see.

Lol at how Katrina says Virushka made her believe in true love.

SUhana khan got a vogue cover only cos of him.She even had the audacity to feature on it with zero achievements shamelessly. I am waiting for the day when the indian audience will give a befitting reply to these fake bollywood nepotism families.

And no nepotism kids like Priyanka Chopra try to catch a famous married superstar to support the career. This is better? Come on!

Wow! The fact that your hatred makes you blind to people's achievements is sad. I hope you succeed in life on your merit so you can acknowledge hard work when you see it.

Tried hard to catch a married movie star and failed and now PC and her stans (all 5 of them) are bitter.

lol who cares DP & Ranveer & PC & Nick are living their best lives. Have all found true love. Best wishes to both the couples

Agree, who cares! But I only can wish Deepika and Ranveer all the best. Chopras wedding is only a big PR show, nothing else!

Srk and deepika are so cute together please do Chennai express 2! Return of thangabali :)

Good. She should be ignored.

This tells how hurt he is from the bitter break-up. Salman never refrained commenting or taking names of his exes coz he moved on and he does not feel guilty about it. If there was no serious affair SRK would laugh and joke about it. But nope he never took Priyanka's name which indicates how serious their relation was and how bad their break-up was.

A few months ago he reacted funny and was sentenced to make jokes. Now he is silent, and everyone condemns him again! Strange

He seemed bitter then and he seems bitter now. Mature people would wish well and move on but he can’t.

Scorpions take forever to let go. Sad, but true. I think it's terrible to cheat but you can develop strong feelings for someone regardless of marital status.

Sit down, Priyanka. He never had feelings for you and you couldn't handle it. You should move on now and focus on your fake gay boyfriend. Nobody else cares about it.

Guilty feeling.

So he allegedly cheated on his wife but said he wishes them to have a happy marriage like him. Such a liar-

Its alleged!!!!!! Not a fact!!!! 6 years of an affair and no proof oh ok lool

it's not bitter break up neither he is jealous it's just that he doesn't want to take kali billi name and give her a publicity and importance because she tried to hurt his family

Priyanka is marrying a hot, young guy and she said she is happier than ever. SKR is bitter old toad.

Lol, a hot, young guy? More a lil kid. And only to stay in the news after her career failed. She's so calculating! This boy should run away as fast as he can!

I know SRK wishes Deepika all the best, but those are some weird blessings. i hope Deepveer's marriage is a lot more happier and successful than SRK-Gauri's, no offense.


They must have had a very bitter breakup...SRK and PC...

There was no relationship to begin with. A one-sided obsession from Priyanka's side is a not a relationship. All there is her planted gossip articles and blind items.

Srk should have wished Pc too.

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