Shah Rukh Khan REVEALS he has still not watched his debut film Deewana; Read to know why

In a recent interview, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that he doesn't watch a film if he has not enjoyed the process of making it.
News,shah rukh khanShah Rukh Khan's debut film was Deewana in 1992 alongside Rishi Kapoor.
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Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is currently in retrospect as his last film Zero, alongside Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, tanked at the box office. He is reportedly going through scores of scripts and is probably wanting to play it safe. Rumours of him turning down the biopic on Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma have been doing the rounds. However, the actors fans are not complaining and cannot wait to see King Khan in his next film.
In a recent interview, Shah Rukh revealed that he doesn't watch a film if he has not enjoyed the process of making it. On an episode of the third season of Signature Masterclass, hosted by Viu, King Khan said that he never watched his own debut film Deewana. Known for surprising and delighting audiences with his energy, charm and wit, SRK definitely left us surprised with this revelation.

When asked why he hasn’t watched his debut film Deewana, which released back in 1992, he said, “If I don’t enjoy the process of making my films, I don’t watch them. It’s not because I hate or love it, I just feel that if I’m not having fun, and even if it goes really viral and people are all happy, I won’t want to watch it. It reminds me that the process wasn’t good.”




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The king of romance is known for his wittiness and straightforwardness. He added, “I work very hard on my film like everyone else. I want to enjoy my film while making it. It’s good if you reach your destination, but it is not a given. It’s not upon you. The destination is in the hands of your consumers who will use your products. The reason for the work you’re doing is the process of creating it. So films like Deewana have done extremely well and made me a star. But I didn’t enjoy the process. So I still haven’t seen it."

Well, this left us wondering which other films in which he stars has Shah Rukh Khan not watched. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

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That makes perfect sense to me. Anyone who has made any kind of film while watching it can't help but remember what happened while filming those scenes and such. If you have a lot of negative memories attached to a set, that's what you'll remember. It's impossible to detach yourself and just watch the movie unless it is something with a lot of special effects or animated, something you couldn't have seen in person. Still it was his very first movie, I wonder what upset him, maybe the director?

and we are not watching your current movies

He has lost his mind after back to back debacles.

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